Paneer Bhurji/Chena Bhurji Recipe With Video

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Hope you all are doing great!! Well, today I am going to share paneer bhurji recipe which is also called Chena bhurji in Bengal. Chena or paneer is Indian Cotrage cheese, which is very healthy and nutritious. This is a very quick and easy recipe. Sometimes we have no time to cook any curry, then you can instantly make this tasty paneer bhurji😊!

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1. Paneer/Indian cottage cheese-200 gms

2. Onion- 1(cut into small pieces)

3. Green chilli-1

4. Green coriander- 1/4th cup

5. Black pepper- as per taste

6. Salt- as per taste

7. Oil- 1 tbs

8. Tomato-1


1. Take a sauce pan on a medium flamed burner with oil in it.

2. Put cut green chilli and onion. Stir it till it became brown.

3. Add tomato and cook.

4. Mix mashed paneer or chena. Add salt and black pepper. Mix it well.

5. Add green ciriander and tasty paneer fry or chena fey is ready to serve.

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Chilli Paneer Recipe With Video / How to make Chilli Paneer 

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Hope you all are doing great. Festive season is gone now. Just have to follow daily routine work😊 ! But for a refreshing change you can make this super tasty chilli paneer. It is really delicious and yummy😍! You can serve it with roti, naan or rice. It is very much easy to make this recipe. I am sharing you the very simple and easy recipe. 

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* Paneer- 250 gm

* Cornflour- 4tbs

* Capsicum- 2 medium sized

* Onion- 2 medium sized

* Gatlic- 3-4 cloves

* Coriander Powder- 3 tsp

* Salt- as per taste

* Soya sauce- 2 tsp

* Tomato sauce- 2 tsp

* Vineger- 1/2 tsp

* Black Pepper- 2 tsp

* Oil- as per requirement


* Wash and cut capsicum & paneer into small pieces. Keep aside.

* Make a thin paste of cornflour by adding water, salt and pepper. Fry all paneer pieces in a kadahi. Keep aside.

* Cut onion into thick pieces. Take a kadahi, add oil. Now pour garlic, let it brown,stir it well. Add onion pieces and capsicum . Cook it for 10 minutes.

* Add coriander powder, soya sauce, tomato sauce, vineger, cornflour paste, salt & black pepper. Add water according to the consistency you needed.

* Mix fried paneer pieces. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes. 

Now your tasty chilli paneer is ready to serve .

Kadahi Paneer Recipe/Without Onion Garlic Paneer Recipe/Restaurant Style Paneer Curry With Video

Hello Everyone !

Hope you all are doing great! Today I am going to share restaurant style paneer curry recipe with thick gravy. You can prepare it very easily at home. Recipes of paneer is always all time favourite dish of everyone as generally it is liked and loved by all age groups. Isn’t it😊! Soon I will share kadahi paneer using onion & garlic. Here we go-

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* Paneer- 250 gm

* Tomato – 250 gm

* Melon seeds- 2 tsp

* Cashews- 2 tsp

* Khuskhus/Poppy seeds- 2 tsp

* Coriander powder- 2 tsp

* Turmeric- 1 tsp

* KashmirI lal mirch- 2 tsp

*Asafoetida- a pinch of

* Cinnamon powder- 1/2 tsp

* Big cardamom – 1

* Green cardamom – 2

* Salt- as per taste

* Bay leaves- 1

* Ghee/oil- 3 tsp


* First cut paneer into small pieces and keep aside. Now make powder of  big cardamom & green cardamom. 

* Make a paste of poppyseeds, Cashews, Melon seeds & tomatoes.

* Take a nonstick kadahi and pour Ghee or oil. Put bay leaves & Asafoetida.  Stir well. 

* Add the smooth paste of dry fruits & tomatoes.  Add all spices as Coriander powder, turmeric & red chilli. Stir well until oil or Ghee separates. 

* After roasting it well on medium flamed burner, add 2 cups of water. Add cardamom powder, Cinnamon  powder & salt. Boil it for 5 minutes. Add paneer cubes and let it boil for 2 more minutes.

Now your tasty kadahi paneer is ready to serve.