Hara Bhara Aloo Dum/Harey Dhaniye Vaala Aloo Dum/Vrat valey Aloo

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Hope you all are doing great! Dhaniya or coriander is easily available in winter days. Including few leaves of coriander increses the taste of any recipe. Today, I am going to share hara bhara aloo dum recipe. I really like the taste of this sabji. It is generally a popular recipe of North India.

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1. Coriander-100 gms

2. Boiled Potatoes- 8-10 ( small sized)

3. Green chilli- 1-2 as per taste

4. Ginger- a small piece

5. Cumin- 1 tsp

6. Amchoor powder/mango powder- 1 tsp

7. Oil- 2 tbs

8. Salt- as per taste


1. Hard boil the potatoes, make paste of corainder, chilli & ginger. Keep aside.

2. Take a non-stick kadahi with oil in it. Heat the oil add cumin. Put potatoes and fry till golden brown.

3. Add the paste with salt in it. Cook it for 5-7 minutes. Mix amchoor or mango powder. Your dish is ready to serve.

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