Phool Makhane Ki Kheer/ Makhana Kheer Recipe With Video

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As we are celebrating Navratris nowadays to welcome Ma Durga. Generally most of us do fast for nine days. During fasting we can take fruits,milk products, dishes made by Kuttu ka atta, Singhara ka atta, sabudana and some vegetables by adding sendha namak/rock salt. But today I am sharing you the makhana Kheer recipe. It is very tasty and you should try this.

Here is a video of makhana Kheer recipe-


* Phool makhana- 2 cups

* Full cream Milk- 1 litre

* Sugar- 3/4 th cup

* Almonds- 8-9

* Raisins/kishmish- 9-10

* Green Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp

* Khoya/mawa- 3/4 cup (optional)

* Ghee- 1 tsp


* Cut makhana & almonds.

* Take a nonstick kadahi, pour ghee and roast makhana till it becomes brown, keep aside.

* Take a heavy bottom pan, pour milk. Let it boil. Add makhana and cook for five minutes.

* Now mix almonds, raisins and Mawa . Cook for 10 minutes.

* Mix sugar and stir it well.

Turn off the flame and your tasty makhana Kheer is ready to serve. First offer to Ma Durga and then serve to all.

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Kadah Prasad/Atte Ka Halwa Recipe With Video

Hello Everyone !

A very hearty welcome to Navratris to all of my readers ! Now the days to welcome Ma Durga ! For Kolkatans (like me😀), these are the days of full masti and dhammal. Ma Durga comes with her children once in a year, so these are the special days for everyone to worship Ma Durga. Ma always have a hand on her every child without making any discrimination so this is the time when we should show our love towards her by making so many dishes. Today I am going to share a recipe which is must for every Puja it is none other than Kadah Prasad or Atte ka Halwa. 

Here is the link of the video. You can see the full recipe.


* Wheat Flour- 1 cup

* Sugar- 1 cup

* Ghee- 1 cup

* Water- 2.5 cups


* Take a nonstick kadahi, pour ghee and wheat flour or atta.

* Roast it well on low to medium flame until it turns brown.

* Add water and let it dry till it dry.

Your tasty Kadah Prasad is ready .

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Panchmel Dal/Pulses Recipe With Video

Hello Everyone !

Hope you all are doing great. You all have heard of this saying, ‘ Dal bhaat khao Prabhu key ghun gao’ ! In Indian kitchen dal has its own special place. Today I am going to share Panchmel Dal recipe. As it’s a known fact that dal is very much nutritious & healthy. In this panchmel dal, as the name itself indicates it is made from the mixture of five different dals/pulses. 

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* Arhar dal- 2 tbs

* Chana dal – 2 tbs

* Moong dal- 2 tbs

* Urad dal – 2 tbs

* Masoor dal – 2 tbs

* Onion- 1

* Cumin- 1 tsp

* Cloves- 2-3

* Big Cardamom- 1

* Green Cardamom- 1

* Coriander Powder- 2 tsp

* Turmeric Powder- 1 tsp

* Dried red chilli- 1-2

* Tomato- 1

* Bay leaves- 1

* Curry leaves- 8-10

* Asafetida- a pinch of

* Salt- as per taste

* Ghee- 2 tbs


* Soak all pulses or dal for 2 hours, wash it and keep aside.

* Cut onion & tomato in small pieces. Make powder of big cardamom, green cardamoms and cloves.

* Boil dal in a pressure cooker while adding salt. Pressure cook for 4-5 minutes after one whistle.

* Take a kadahi. Pour ghee, add  cumin, bayleaves,curry leaves,onion, Hing  and onions. Stir till onion become dark brown. Mix tomato,stir it well. 

* Add coriander powder,turmeric powder. Stir it well till oil separates.

* Mix boiled dal . Add powder of cardamoms, cloves and salt. Let it boil for 4-5 minutes on low flame.

* Mix Coriander leaves and your tasty dal is ready to serve.

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Paneer Khurchan Recipe/Instant Paneer Khurchan Restaurant Style With Video

Hello Everyone !!

A great welcome to all of you with a very tasty restaurant style Paneer recipe😊! Paneer or cottage cheese is mostly liked by everyone. You can prepare it in your daily meal or for your guests. It is always appreciated or liked by every age group of people. We can make so many dishes by using Paneer or cottage cheese. Paneer Khurchan is one of them. 

  You can see the full recipe video on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. If you like it then please show your love by pressing like button and by subscribing it. Here is the link-


* Paneer- 250 gm

* Red capsicum- 1

* Green capsicum – 1

* Yellow capsicum – 1

* Tomato puree- 1 cup

* Onion – 2

* Turmeric- 1 tsp

* Coriander Powder- 2 tsp

* Cumin – 1 tsp

* Ginger paste- 1 tsp

* Salt- as per taste

* Sugar- 1 tsp

* Cardamom Powder- 1 tsp

* Coriander Leaves – 1/4th cup

* Oil- 2 tsp


* Cut onion, capsicums & paneer in thin slices after washing. Keep aside.

* Take a kadahi. Pour oil and put cumin & green chilli.After crackling , add ginger and onion. When onions become brown, add coriander powder, turmeric & tomato puree. Stir well .

* Add all capsicums and cook for a while till it becomes tender.

* Add some water and salt for a thick gravy. Put all paneer pieces, Cardamom powder & sugar.Cook it for 5 minutes. Garnish it with coriander leaves.

Tasty & delicious paneer Khurchan it ready to serve.

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Besan(Gram Flour) Halwa Recipe/Non-Sticky Besan Halwa Recipe With Video

Hi guys !

Hope you all are doing great. Generally, halwa is liked by everyone. Halwa can be prepared by using wheat flour, semolina or suji and by besan. Besan halwa can also be taken when you are suffering from cold and cough. Today I am going to share besan or gramflour halwa recipe which can be easily prepared by using milk. Generally, when we make besan halwa it is sticky but by following this recipe you can make non – sticky halwa.

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* Besan/Gramflour – 1 cup

* Ghee- 1/2 cup

*  Sugar – 3/4 th cup

* Milk- 2 cups

* Almonds- 7-8

* Cashews – 7-8

* Green Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp


* Cut all the dry fruits and make powder of green cardamoms. Keep aside.

* Take kadahi, pour ghee and besan/gram flour, roast it well on low flame.

* It will take about 15-20 minutes for roasting. Don’t roast it on high flame.

* When it becomes brown then mix sugar, roast it for 1 minute. Add milk , dry fruits and cardamom powder and keep stirring till it becomes dry and halwa like consistency.

Great, your halwa is ready to serve.

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Pattagobhi Manchurian Recipe/Cabbage Manchurian Recipe With Video

Hello everyone !

Hope you all are doing great. Selecting a recipe for your daily menu is a great task😂, isn’t it ?? Well today, I am going to share a recipe which will be liked by everyone. It’s Cabbage Manchurian or Pattagobhi Manchurian Recipe. This dish  has an awesome flavour & taste. You can even serve it to your guests.

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel-


* Cabbage(Finely chopped)- 250gm

* Cornflour- 4tbs

*Refined flour/ Maida- 2tbs

* Capsicum- 1 medium sized

* Onion- 2 medium sized

* Tomato sauce- 2tbs

* Soya sauce- 2tsp

* Red chilly sauce- 2tsp

* Vinegar- 1 tsp

* Green chilli- 1-2 as per taste

* Garlic- 3-4 cloves

* Ginger- 3-4 inches

* Black pepper- 1tbs

* Coriander leaves- 1/4th cup

* Salt- as per taste

* Sugar- 1 tsp


*, First of all, cut all the vegetables. Cabbage/ pattagobhi should be chopped finely and cut the onion into small pieces also cut capsicum into small pieces. Remove the skin of garlic and ginger. Cut garlic into small pieces and crushed ginger.

* First we have to make pakoris of pannagobhi. Take cabbage/pattagobhi in a bowl. Mix ginger, salt, Maida and cornflour. Leave one tbs corn flour for making the paste. Now mix all the ingredients very well and if needed then add water.Take a kadahi and pour oil for frying pakoris.  Make small sized pakoris and keep aside.

* Take a second kadahi . Pour 1 tbs of oil. Add garlic and green chilli. When garlic becomes brown then add onion. Stir it well. Add capsicum and let it cook for some time. When capsicum cooked then add tomato sauce, soya sauce, red chilli sauce & vinegar. Mix sugar and stir well.

* Make a paste of 1 tbs cornflour by adding water in the cornflour. Pour it in the kadahi and let it cook for 4-5 minutes on low flame. The consistency of the gravy should be thick. Add cabbage pakoras in the gravy. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve.

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Mawa Modak Recipe With Video (Without using Mould & Food Color) 

Hello, everyone!

Hope you all are doing great! Modak is the most favorite sweet of Lord Ganesh. Whenever we hear the word Modak then automatically we remember Ganesh ji, isn’t it?? It’s a famous dish of Maharashtra where everyone prepares Modak on Ganesh Utsav to please Him. Different types of modak can be prepared & Mawa Modak is one of them.

Well, today I am going to share the recipe of mawa modak without using any mould & Food color. It  is very easy to make. I tried various types of mawa modak as – Chocolate Modak, Kesar Modak, Coconut Modak & Pink Color Modak (Pinky Modak😊) You can see the full recipe on my YouTube channel,  here is the link-


*  Mawa – 250gm

* Powdered Sugar/ Tagar- 200gm

* Elachi Powder- 2 tsp

* Saffron strands – 7-8

* Coconut Powder- 2 tbs

* Turmeric Powder – 1/2tsp

* Beet juice- 2-3 tsp(For pinky modak)


* Roast khoya in a nonstick kadahi and roast it well until it dried.

* After roasting let it cool well.

* Mix sugar & elachi powder when mawa cool down propmawa .

* For Chocolate Modak-

Separate some mawa from the roasted one ,add chocolate powder and make modak by giving shape.

* For Kesar Modak-

Take some roasted mawa, mix Kesar strands already dip in water &turmeric. Give shape of modak.

*For Coconut Modak-

Add coconut powder in the roasted mawa &sugar mixture. Mix it well & make modak.

* For Pink Color Modak-

Add beet juice in the roasted mawa-sugar mixture . Make modak.

Your tasty modak are ready to serve.

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Review of Vitamin Supplements by Super Gummy With Video

Hey guys!

How have you all been? Sorry, for the delay of this post as I was enjoying my holidays and it really prove an energy booster for me😊 as now I am feeling fully energetic and enthusiastic. Generally routine daily  monotonous work make your life dull and boring , same is true in the context of meal. Specially kids mother faces problems when their kids are picky eaters😞 ! Well, today I am going to review Vitamin Supplements from Super Gummy.

Super Gummy is famous for the vitamin Supplements made for kids. Kids are the most beautiful creation of God and mother-kid relationship is divine and unexplainable. Every mother on this earth want their child  be healthy,smart and active . It can only be possible when your kids eat everything but generally kids are  very much choosy and fussy eaters. They generally eat those items whose look and taste are pleasing to them. So they don’t get all nutrients and vitamins which are essential for them.

You can also watch a full review on this video, link is-


Super Gummy make chewable Supplements which make your kids smarter,stronger and happier😊!

Coming on, Super Gummy is manufactured & marketed by Genmedic.

Product- I received four types of products from Super Gummy.

You can see all of them-

Super Gummy’s Iron+ Vitamins-

Everyone knows that Iron is essential for the growth and development of a person and for kids who don’t take iron rich food they should opt for the Iron+vitamins as it helps to build muscle & cognitive functions. 

Super Gummy’s Calcium+ Vitamin D-   

It helps to build strong bones & joints. Your kids will get all round development by taking these chewable Supplements.

Super Gummy’s Multi- Vitamins-

It helps to build total health means all round development of kids be possible by giving these attractive multi-vitamins by a reputed brand.

Super Gummy’s Zinc Vitamins-

It helps to build immunity. At a younger age immunity of children is week that’s why they will suffer many seasonal diseases. To protect your kids from various diseases we have to try our best to increase their immunity level and opting this one is the smarter choice.

Price-   Price is very much reasonable and affordable😊 !

INR 129/-

Contact Details-   For shop or more details please visit-

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The packaging of these vitamin Supplements is really nice. All come in a resealable packet which is very much convenient to use. All gummy bears are separately packed so from the hygiene point of view its very good. You will get 30 gummies in a single pack.  I am totally satisfied by the packaging.

My views-  Being a mother I really aware of this hard fact that kids generally avoid those foods which are full of nutrients and sometimes it really annoying😣 ! Then there arise the question which product can rev up our kids flagging energy with a jolt of vitamins and minerals. We already know vitamins and minerals are good for us but which ones our kids really need and which are suitable for our lovely kids? As kids are growing at lightning speed so required amount of nutrients is essential for them and Super Gummy sales all these supplements   in a cute  gummy teddy bear  shape which children would love to eat. All these nutrients are essential for any child .

The look and taste are pleasing to children so kids generally eat without making any excuses. These gummies are really attractive and taste is also good so its a great choice for you to select these supplements for your kids as these multivitamins are within  your budget.  So for me I really suggest my readers to choose these supplements for their kids.

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Home Remedy For Hair Fall

Hello guys,

How are you all doing in summer? I am enjoying my holidays nowadays and its so relaxing. Today I am going to share the home remedy for hair fall as one of my friend asked me . May be many of you are also facing the same problem and I must say hair fall

is the most annoying problem and it’s also true that women are more sensitive towards their look. So here is a most effective remedy for hair fall which not only cures falling of hair but also help you to get long and thick hair. You can also see it on my You Tube channel- cradle of joy . Link is-


Onion- 1 medium sized

Ginger- 6-7 inches

Aloevera- a small piece/ Aloevera gel- 1 tsp

Lemon- 1 medium sized


Peel off the skin of aloevera, ginger and onion. Squeeze the juice of lemon. Now put all the ingredients in a mixer jar and make a paste without adding water. Now apply this paste on your scalp for one hour and after that wash it with  normal water by using any herbal shampoo. You will see that hair fall would reduce instantly.

Hope you will like it. Share your problem with me.

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Aagman Agro’s Basmati Rice Review With Recipe And Video

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all are doing great! Today I am going to review an another product of Aagman Agro. It is Basmati Rice. As I lives in Kolkata so rice is an integral part of our daily menu 😝! Variations in dishes can be possible while including rice in menu.

Coming on,this product is manufactured and packed by AAGNAN AGRO FOODS, BORIVALI, MUMBAI. 

Price And Quantity –

INR 120 for 1kg

Contact Details-


Customer Care No. –


You can also contact their distributor-


Website for ordering and browsing-

My Views-

If you are following me consistently then you would know that I would always like to  give opinion on any product only after using it in various dishes. I always like to innovate new dishes  while using different spices and ingridents. This time I used this product in making two dishes and both were tasty. Rice is long, slender-grained aromatic rice which is the quality of Basmati rice. So from my point of view ,quality is good . I really love the aroma😍 !

Nutritious Vegetable Pulao Recipe-

It is quick, easy and full pot meal. By adding different veggies, you can increase its nutritional value. You had already tried many pulao recipes but have you ever tried it while adding flax  seed powder and nuts ? If not,then please come with me to get a full recipe with video. Very colourful dish which surely would tickle your taste buds. Generally mothers have a problem relating to kids foods because kids are very much fussy about eating. You can add it and it will not effect the flavour in your dish whereas it increases the aroma and taste.  So guys, there is no need to worry about about how to give nutritious diet to your kids as well as other ones. Being a mother I think my this recipe will surely help you:)!


Basmati rice, carrots, french beans, peas, onion- ginger-garlic paste, cumin and coriander powder,  bayleaves, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, roasted flax seed powder, salt, oil, ghee, sugar, roasted cashews and raisins, coriander leaves. 


For the right method of cooking vegetable pulao, just see the video. 

Just see the proper way of cooking pualo:):)

I also prepared Aloo Biryani! It was yummy :)! 


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