Review of Vitamin Supplements by Super Gummy With Video

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How have you all been? Sorry, for the delay of this post as I was enjoying my holidays and it really prove an energy booster for me😊 as now I am feeling fully energetic and enthusiastic. Generally routine daily  monotonous work make your life dull and boring , same is true in the context of meal. Specially kids mother faces problems when their kids are picky eaters😞 ! Well, today I am going to review Vitamin Supplements from Super Gummy.

Super Gummy is famous for the vitamin Supplements made for kids. Kids are the most beautiful creation of God and mother-kid relationship is divine and unexplainable. Every mother on this earth want their child  be healthy,smart and active . It can only be possible when your kids eat everything but generally kids are  very much choosy and fussy eaters. They generally eat those items whose look and taste are pleasing to them. So they don’t get all nutrients and vitamins which are essential for them.

You can also watch a full review on this video, link is-


Super Gummy make chewable Supplements which make your kids smarter,stronger and happier😊!

Coming on, Super Gummy is manufactured & marketed by Genmedic.

Product- I received four types of products from Super Gummy.

You can see all of them-

Super Gummy’s Iron+ Vitamins-

Everyone knows that Iron is essential for the growth and development of a person and for kids who don’t take iron rich food they should opt for the Iron+vitamins as it helps to build muscle & cognitive functions. 

Super Gummy’s Calcium+ Vitamin D-   

It helps to build strong bones & joints. Your kids will get all round development by taking these chewable Supplements.

Super Gummy’s Multi- Vitamins-

It helps to build total health means all round development of kids be possible by giving these attractive multi-vitamins by a reputed brand.

Super Gummy’s Zinc Vitamins-

It helps to build immunity. At a younger age immunity of children is week that’s why they will suffer many seasonal diseases. To protect your kids from various diseases we have to try our best to increase their immunity level and opting this one is the smarter choice.

Price-   Price is very much reasonable and affordable😊 !

INR 129/-

Contact Details-   For shop or more details please visit-

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The packaging of these vitamin Supplements is really nice. All come in a resealable packet which is very much convenient to use. All gummy bears are separately packed so from the hygiene point of view its very good. You will get 30 gummies in a single pack.  I am totally satisfied by the packaging.

My views-  Being a mother I really aware of this hard fact that kids generally avoid those foods which are full of nutrients and sometimes it really annoying😣 ! Then there arise the question which product can rev up our kids flagging energy with a jolt of vitamins and minerals. We already know vitamins and minerals are good for us but which ones our kids really need and which are suitable for our lovely kids? As kids are growing at lightning speed so required amount of nutrients is essential for them and Super Gummy sales all these supplements   in a cute  gummy teddy bear  shape which children would love to eat. All these nutrients are essential for any child .

The look and taste are pleasing to children so kids generally eat without making any excuses. These gummies are really attractive and taste is also good so its a great choice for you to select these supplements for your kids as these multivitamins are within  your budget.  So for me I really suggest my readers to choose these supplements for their kids.

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Home Remedy For Hair Fall

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How are you all doing in summer? I am enjoying my holidays nowadays and its so relaxing. Today I am going to share the home remedy for hair fall as one of my friend asked me . May be many of you are also facing the same problem and I must say hair fall

is the most annoying problem and it’s also true that women are more sensitive towards their look. So here is a most effective remedy for hair fall which not only cures falling of hair but also help you to get long and thick hair. You can also see it on my You Tube channel- cradle of joy . Link is-


Onion- 1 medium sized

Ginger- 6-7 inches

Aloevera- a small piece/ Aloevera gel- 1 tsp

Lemon- 1 medium sized


Peel off the skin of aloevera, ginger and onion. Squeeze the juice of lemon. Now put all the ingredients in a mixer jar and make a paste without adding water. Now apply this paste on your scalp for one hour and after that wash it with  normal water by using any herbal shampoo. You will see that hair fall would reduce instantly.

Hope you will like it. Share your problem with me.

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Aagman Agro’s Basmati Rice Review With Recipe And Video

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Hope you all are doing great! Today I am going to review an another product of Aagman Agro. It is Basmati Rice. As I lives in Kolkata so rice is an integral part of our daily menu 😝! Variations in dishes can be possible while including rice in menu.

Coming on,this product is manufactured and packed by AAGNAN AGRO FOODS, BORIVALI, MUMBAI. 

Price And Quantity –

INR 120 for 1kg

Contact Details-


Customer Care No. –


You can also contact their distributor-


Website for ordering and browsing-

My Views-

If you are following me consistently then you would know that I would always like to  give opinion on any product only after using it in various dishes. I always like to innovate new dishes  while using different spices and ingridents. This time I used this product in making two dishes and both were tasty. Rice is long, slender-grained aromatic rice which is the quality of Basmati rice. So from my point of view ,quality is good . I really love the aroma😍 !

Nutritious Vegetable Pulao Recipe-

It is quick, easy and full pot meal. By adding different veggies, you can increase its nutritional value. You had already tried many pulao recipes but have you ever tried it while adding flax  seed powder and nuts ? If not,then please come with me to get a full recipe with video. Very colourful dish which surely would tickle your taste buds. Generally mothers have a problem relating to kids foods because kids are very much fussy about eating. You can add it and it will not effect the flavour in your dish whereas it increases the aroma and taste.  So guys, there is no need to worry about about how to give nutritious diet to your kids as well as other ones. Being a mother I think my this recipe will surely help you:)!


Basmati rice, carrots, french beans, peas, onion- ginger-garlic paste, cumin and coriander powder,  bayleaves, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, roasted flax seed powder, salt, oil, ghee, sugar, roasted cashews and raisins, coriander leaves. 


For the right method of cooking vegetable pulao, just see the video. 

Just see the proper way of cooking pualo:):)

I also prepared Aloo Biryani! It was yummy :)! 


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Aagman Agro’s Maida /All Purpose Flour Review With Recipe and Video

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How are you all. Are you tired of  standing   in long queues  in front of banks or ATM’s:'(?? its really a tough time for all but soon we will come out of this phase.  I can’t be with you but my best wishes are always with  you(Needs your wishes too because I am also feeling tired while standing in queues :'(). Now try to forget all your worries and come with me as I am sharing a new recipe with Aagman Agro’s maida/All purpose flour. So just chill and enjoy:)!

Moving on, this product is manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO FOODS, BORIVALI, MUMBAI. 

Price and Quantity –

INR 29 for 500gm

Contact Details-

Customer Care No. : +919821986698

You can also contact their distributor through-

Website for ordering and browsing-

Facebook page-

My Views-

As All purpose flour is in our routine life whether we want to make cake, paratha, naan, bread, samosa, biscuits and puri. The list is unlimited. Varieties of product could be made by using this flour. So the quality should be upto  the mark if we are going to  try any recipes .I prepared many dishes from this product and all are really very delicious and yummy:)! The cake which I prepared was awesome! You can also try it. So from my point of view its a good product. Price is also reasonable and packing is good.You can undoubtedly go with it. 

Recipe of Vegetarian Mawa Cake-

 Mawa cake is something different and unusual from other one. It is really very spongy and taste was awesome 😍! Recipe is easy and simple. I am also going to share its recipe through YouTube video. If you like my video then please subscribe to my channel. 



For method just click the video and see the right procedure. If you like the video then please subscribe to my channel:)!

Enjoy the yummy and spongy 🎂 

I also try moong kachori/marwari kachori/Indian puffed flatbread filled with moong dal  from this product and all one liked it too much. 

Also tried in making bhature😍!

Tasty biscuits made with this product:

Whatever you want to make, you can easily try without doubting about its quality. 
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Its such a nice feeling that I am a part of this amazing family. You all are amazing writers and people. Thanks for accepting me.

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My First Award

Hello everyone, first of all i want to thanks Pujjya who nominated me for Liebster award. Its my first award and i am very excited😄. Pujjya is an awesome blogger and please visit her site. Link is-


The Rules of Liebster Award-
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11 Facts About Me-
1.  I love to read books. I don’t like  to read on internet but only like to read books.
2.  My two daughters are my whole world. I can do anything for them.
3.  Cooking is my hobby. I always try to make something new from usual recipes.
4. My  dream is to go on world tour😜.
5. I can’t hurt anyone intentionally. 6.  I love to hear old Hindi song.
7. I don’t like pets but i have to bear them because my husband and daughters like pets very much(its a other matter that pets becomes as close to me as my kids😄.) At present we have a guinea pig which is veeery cute.
8.  I want to do something new in 
9. I am a spiritual person who believes in the presence of God.
10. I like to see sunrise every morning silently.
11. Its a my weak point that sometimes i cannot speak while i know that the person is wrong. (I think its a tragedy of every married woman😜)
  Ohh! Its very difficult to say something about myself. 
Answering those 11 questions from the person who nominated me –
1.  Is life short or long?
• For optimistic people life is short and for pessimistic people its long.
2. Why do you think the colour pink is thought to be girly?
• As pink colour resembles loving,kind ,generous and sensitive to the needs of other, these qualities match to girls 😜. (Ya, i know there are some exceptions also. )
3. Which is better mountain or sea?
• l love sea.
4. Who is your favourite person?
• My younger sister who always inspires me to do something for myself and my brother who always supports me in every situations.
5. If asked to sing a song what will
     It be?
• I am a very bad singer but i like to sing old Hindi song Na Jao Saiyan Chhuda Ke Baiyan -from Sahib Bibi Aur Gulam.
6. Do you believe in ghosts?? If so then
•  After seeing some horror movie,i becomes so much afraid that everyone seems like a ghost to me 😫😫.
7. What is your favourite drink?
•  Lemonade.
8. Who do you think to be a better contestant for USA? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
• Donald Trump
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•  To the end of universe.
10. What is your favourite blog post till date and why?
• Choco Vanilla Mango Delight because my daughters love it very much.
11. Why did you start blogging?
•  To express myself and to do something new.
  My 11 questions –
• What is the nicest thing anybody
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• What are your three weaknesses?
• Which is more logical to follow –                                              your heart or your mind??
• Are you over smart?
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• Do you believe in God?
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Remedies to cure defective vision

Hello friends,today i am talking about the most common eye problem. Myopia or short-sightedness refers  to the inability to see far off objects clearly. It is widely prevalent condition.



    Myopia begins with blurred vision, particularly with regard to far-off objects. The blackboard at school,the screen in a cinema hall or the TV screen may look blurred and the eyes of the sufferer may start watering due to strain. There may be itching and heavyness in the eyes and the patient may suffer from a mild headache.
CAUSES-1.  Mental strain
                2.  Wrong food habits
                3.   Improper blood and
                       nerve supply.
               4.  Reading in dim light.
               5.  Excessive reading.
               6.  Watching more TV.


1. Vitamin A:-  For improving vision vitamin A plays a very important role. The best source of this vitamin are raw spinach,turnip tops,milk cream,butter,soya bean,green peas,fresh milk,oranges,carrots,cabbage,lettuce,oranges and dates.
2. Triphala:-  Triphala is considered beneficial in the treatment of myopia. This preparation consists embelica myroblam(amla),chebulic myroblan(harad),and belleric myroblan(bahera).We should made a mixture by taking thirty grams of Triphala in half a litre of water and should be taken by mouth and also used for washing the eyes twice a day. We should continue it for some days.


3.  Chicory:-  Chicory contains food elements which are constantly needed by the optic system. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin A which is very useful for the eyes. The addition of juices of carrot,celery and parsley to chicory juice makes it a highly nourishing food for the optic nerve and the muscular system. The formula combination are 200ml of carrot juice,150 ml of celery juice ,
75 ml of endive juice and 75 ml of parsley juice to make half a litre of this combination


4.  Liquorice:-  Half a teaspoon of powder of the root,mixed with an equal quantity of honey and half the quantity of ghee should be given twice daily with a cup of milk on an empty stomach for the treatment of this condition.

1.  Natural,uncooked foods are the best diet for defective vision.
2.  Fresh fruits such as oranges,apples,grapes,peaches,plums,cherries and green vegetables.
3.  Root vegetables such as potato,turnip,carrot,onions and beetroot.
4.  Cereals are also necessary.
5. Genuine wholemeal bread is also the best and most suitable.
6. Jams,cakes,pastries,white sugar,white bread confectionery, tea,coffee,meat,fish and eggs play havoc with the digestion and the body and should therefore be avoided.
The following measures are also beneficial in the treatment of defective vision:
1. Sun Gazing:  The person should sit on a bench facing the rising sun with his eyes closed and gently sway sideways several times for ten minutes. He should open his eyes and blink about ten times at the sun and look at some greenery.
2.  Splashing: Plain cold water should be splashed several times over closed eyes. The closed lids should then be rubbed briskly for a minute with a clean towel.
3. Swinging:  The person should stand with his feet twelve inches apart,hands held loosely at his sides,his whole body and mind relaxed. He should sway his body from side to side gently,slowly and steadily,with the heels rising alternately but not the rest of the foot.  Swinging should be done in front of a window or a picture,so that the window or picture appears to be moving in the opposite direction of the swing.