Review of Embelle Hair Color Shampoo With Video

Hi guys!

How have you all been? If you guys have been following me on Instagram then you would know that I had received Embelle hair color shampoo for review(Hint for you to go and follow me on Instagram If you don’t already😅) At the first glance, right after reading its name,I actually thought  that it’s a hair color,and then,it said hair color shampoo and I was like what has shampoo got to do with a color😄Then I saw it says that there is no need of any shampoo after using it. How foolish of me😁!

Hair plays an very important role in everyone’s personality. People that are 40,they don’t sit around at talk about grey hair and how it covers their hair. They talk about highlighting :mrgreen:! If you want to color your hair then this hair color is the perfect solution for you. You can easily color your hair and  there is no need to use any shampoo. So simple, within 5 minutes you will be ready with a perfect shade of color you wish! I had received black hair color shampoo; let’s see what this product claims-


Love coloring? Discover a whole new you with the Embelle Instant hair color shampoo. Guaranteed results every single time with Embelle’s proven color formula.

Embelle Hair color shampoo 100% grey coverage Long lasting colorSafe & easy to useProtects, nourishes and repairs hairShiny & resilient hairUsage:- Wet hair with both hands. After washing hair, dry well with a towel. Put on hand gloves to protect the nails. Dispense the required amount of product onto palm and mix it. Recommended to use double dosage of the required shampoo while using for the first time. Apply on hair and massage thoroughly for 3 – 5 min (Natural black) until the foam turns dry. Apply for 5 – 10 minutes for a darker shade. Rinse hair thoroughly with water. There is no further need to shampoo your hair.
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Features & details

Instant Hair Color5 minutes onlyNatural Black 1.0No AmmoniaWith goodness of Bellflower & Ginseng
Product Information Pack of 5
ManufacturerEmbelle Item part 

Important Information

Safety Information: :
Since the shampoo is made from herbal essences avoiding common allergy causing substances such as ammonia, allergy risks are negligible. However, it is important that, similar to using any cosmetic product, an allergy test is done before use. In the rarest of scenarios, the colorant and preservatives used in this product may cause allergies. If in the case of discomfort or itching, wash with plenty of cold water and seek medical help if necessary.

Where to buy-  This product is easily available on Snap deal and amazon. Link is-

Price-  INR
190 for 5 sachets

Rating-  4.5/5

My Views- This hair color shampoo is totally a time saving,money saving and instant hair color shampoo and the best part is you don’t need any other shampoo after color your hair . As there is no one with white hair😁 in my home that’s why I referred it to my mom and she is really happy to use it as it is  very convenient to use and now she doesn’t need to ask anyone to help her to color hair.  Very quick and you just color your hair by using your hands. It not only color evenly on your hair but also just color your hair instantly(only in 5 minute :))

You can also see its review on my YouTube video. Link is-

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Aagman Agro’s Suji/Semolina Review With Recipe And Video

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all are doing great in this New Year:)! Well, today I am going to review suji/semolina from Aagman Agro Foods. What comes in your mind when you want to make halwa?? 😱 Suji??  Isn’t it?  I really remembered those days when my daughters were toddlers and I usually fed them this gruel made with roasted suji and cooked in milk with adding a little sugar in it. It is the instant nutritious food which I used to give them instead of giving packaged baby food. Sometimes I even add some carrot juice to make it more healthy. So for me its a must essential food item which should always be available in my kitchen. 

This product is manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO, BORIVALI, MUMBAI

Price & Quantity –

INR 32 for 500gm

Consumer Care No. –


Distributor’s Contact Details-

Webstore for ordering and browsing

My Views-  As Semolina/Suji is a must have ingredient in my kitchen and it help me to prepare some instant dishes whenever needed. So it is my favourite product. This Aagman product which I received is roasted. Generally when we purchased Suji ,it is not roasted. The shelf life of suji can be increased by roasting. So you are getting a good product at reasonable price. One of my tip to store suji for a long time is that roast semolina or suji(even if you buy roasted suji) at dry vessel for a while and store it in a dry container. If you store them as you purchase, very soon it will be insect infested.                                       So from my view, it is a good product. 

Recipe of Khasta Suji Kachori-

I tried many dishes from this product. Khasta Suji Kachori or semolina kachori is very much different from other one.  Crispiness of semolina kachori is awesome. It can be served as a tea time snack & it is an easy to make snack. It is a tasty North Indian snack which is made with semolina.

Method-    For method just click the link given below. Full procedure is given in this video. If you like my video then please like it, share it and subscribe to my channel – cradle of joy.  Thanks!  See👇

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Review of Original Spice Science And The New Creole Seasoning Spice Science

Hi friends! 

How have you all been??  Anyone of you could imagine your food without any spice😱. Unimaginable, is it??  Spices can make your cliche dishes into tempting one. It is fun to be little creative & give a different taste to your dishes by adding different spices. Spices are known as one of the most remarkable ingredients of the Indian cuisine. Today I am not discussing about any Indian spice but reviewing two different products of foreign spice. Spice Science is a brand name in SAN DIEGO in the field of spices. 

Coming on Spice Science is a brand that makes spices& spice blends for anybody in the kitchen,from the home cook to the restaurant chef. 

Contact Details-

Visit their website –

My Views-

You can’t imagine cooking without spices. Spices are the very heart of cooking. You can give a new flavour in your dish while using different spices. As I received samples of Original Spice Science and the New Creole Seasoning Spice Science,both are unique. As they say that their spices are so good from meat to vegetables. It enhances and brings out the best in your food.   Its true!

Tasty pasta😄

Yummy masala chicken

I used their spice while making pasta and masala chicken. It goes well with all dishes. You can see that I used Creole seasoning in masala chicken and as well as in rosted chicken legs. Both dishes are yummy and delicious.It is not available in India but  my US readers can easily grab  it because its shipping is available in US  :mrgreen:

 Good seasonings are waiting you,guys! Just go and grab it👍!

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Review of Mustard&Oregano Flavoured Butter And Chilli Cheese Spread of That Food Co. 

Hey guys!! 

Hope you all are doing great! Well friends, tell me one thing what would you think about to eat when you are in hurry or when you want to cook the  most easiest dish which could be served in breakfast or as a evening snacks😱?? I think the answer is bread or pizza which is even better for busy or beginning cooks😄!  So chill, If you are following me on Instagram then you would know that a few days ago  I had received these two products of That Food Co. 

Moving on, Mustard and oregano flavoured butter and chilli cheese spread are the two amazing products of That Food Co. It is a Mumbai based company.

Price and Quantity –

Chilli  Cheese Spread-INR 239 for 200gm

Mustard and Oregano Flavoured Butter- INR 199 for 200gm

Contact details-

Just click their website-

Their products are also available on Amazon. 

My views- 

Sometimes we are fed up of eating same flavoured dishes on breakfast.You can give a different taste to your dishes while using different products. Generally we all lives in a nuclear family and all are working. So there is not much time to cook something special but while using these spreads you can make something special or different. Every bite of this sandwich offers a burst of flavours abd nothing short of ecstasy!! But be cautious, its only for those who love chilli. 

Chilli Cheese Spread is good and tasty but is little spicy, so if you like spicy or chilly flavour, just go ahead with this one as it will suits you perfectly. Just apply it on bread and bake it. Full of chilli and cheese!!!!

Now if we  talk about Mustard and Oregano flavoured butter then its also a very good replacenent of ordinary breakfast. You can apply it on bread or also on pizza, as I used while making pizza. 

Without doing any hard work you can increase the flavours in your daily routine meal:mrgreen:!!

If you are interested in the full detailing of that food co. products then you can see the full review  in my link given below as I had already reviewed its products in my blog.

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Review of Rangat:Home Delivery of Food Products

Hi guys, 

Hope you all are doing great! Today,I am going to review an online retail home delivery  food products service  in Mumbai. As for mumbaikers,  there is no need to search for any online retail shop for food products because I am telling you about a more reliable and prestigious brand of online retail home delivery service, Its none other than RANGAT:HOME DELIVERY  OF FOOD PRODUCTS 

Going to the grocery store is a major time drain. If you lives in Mumbai then have you ever thought about using a grocery delivery service like RANGAT HOME DELIVERY??If not, then give it a try because delivery services are great for all of their products. As online grocery delivery services are popping up everywhere and if you are not taking advantage you’re missing out something. You will get the most bang for your buck if you want to try this  delivery service. 

Being a homemaker, I can easily understand the importance of the quality of food products which we used in while making food for our family. All the food products, be it spices, grains, pulses,dry fruits or oil, should be of unique quality. If you can easily get all these things at your door step  by just log on to their website within a limited period for a few bucks on top of your normal bill amount then for me it is well worth. 

RANGAT HOME DELIVERY  is a premium brand nowadays as they not only offer premium brands of products to their customers but even they offer many more facilities to their customer. Their customer can be a part of their RANGAT PARIVAAR GROUP and participate in their weekly and monthly contests by posting different innovative recipes prepared by using their product item. 

The deliveries above INR 500/- are free in Thane and above INR   1000/-  for Mumbai

Contact Details-

RANGAT_Home Delivery Of Food Products-




For more assistance you can call or ping  on Sweet cell  9870001040

You can select  the  product categories  on their website(Just click and see all products, really love their products which they offer:))

As I had already reviewed many products on my blog as Galaji spices and Aagman agro food products. All are great. You can even see the reviews and recipes of different products of Rangat Foods  on my previous blogs. 

Courtesy Saumill Thakkar

There are many more products which I reviewed on my blog. Its not possible to share all in one blog.  You can see their recipes as well. All the products which I used are of good quality. So for me, you can go through it without any doubt👍👍

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Review of Flaxseed Spice Mix : Recipe With Video

Hi everyone! 

How all you are?  Hope you all are doing great!  Today I am going to review Flax Seed Spice Mix.  As you all would be aware of the fact that flax seed is a wonder seed which is full of omega 3 fatty acids. I came across this spice while reading up on kids health. It is not only beneficial for kids but also for men and women. So it is fully power packed seeds which  is equally beneficial for all. 

Moving on,this spice is manufactured by M/s Swanky Foods, Khar, Mumbai, India. 

Price and Quantity –

INR 140/- for 15o gm


Roasted Flaxseeds, Garlic, Kashmiri Chillies, Tamarind, Rock Salt, Cumin Seeds& Asafoetida(Hing)

What the product claims-

 This product is blended with the best quality flaxseeds and spices .This wholesome Flaxseed Spice Mix is made to be added to everyday meals for taste and nutritive goodness. 

 My views-

As the right diet should include different colours in one plate.Diet doesn’t need to be boring and rigid. So you can make a change and increase its nutritional value by adding this spice. As it is in powder form and there is no preservatives. So its very easy to use in salads, dal, sandwiches,curd and also in chapti or paratha. It is an easy source of getting all the vital nutrients and vitamins from natural source. As flax seeds are good for skin, cancer prevention, facilitate weight loss, reduce menopausal symptoms. It also help women with irregular periods and those with extreme symptoms of PMS for ex. headache ,anxiety  and mood swings. So for me its a good product because in our busy schedule we hardly have time to take care of our health so, by including this in our diet we can get all essential vitamins and nutrients, which are necessary for our health. 

 Rating-  5/5

Healthy Salad Recipe/ Diet food-

As nowdays where all are diet conscious then here is a very healthy recipe. Its salad recipe in which I include all germinated dal and other veggies which are very beneficial for everyone. 



For method just click the video and see the exact way of preparing this healthy and nutritious salad:)

I also tried this spice in curd and it gave a totally new flavour and also increased its nutritional value. 

The spice also goes well with paratha and dal-

Enjoy the spice in all your dishes!! 

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Aagman Agro’s Rava Lapsi Review With Video

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing great!! In India, where everone is worried about the currency problem nowadays😱,it seems we all are sitting on a rollercoaster ride, what will happen next is the biggest worry now. To make you stress free and to refresh ,here is a very tasty, healthy and nutritious recipe for all of you.

So now coming to the topic,  If you are following me on Instagram then you would know that I had received some products of AAGMAN AGRO FOOD PRODUCTS. Rava Lapsi/dalia is one of them. Rava Lapsi or dalia is a famous Gujrati sweet dish made from broken wheat(dalia). As dalia doesn’t undergo refining so its very healthy and nutritious.

Moving on, this product is manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO FOODS,BORIVALI,MUMBAI.


Wheat ( No additives and preservatives used)

What the Product Claims-

This product is best to use for nutritious and delicious food like halwa, upma, kheer and porridge  etc. It is prepared from the best quality Wheat grains.

Price and Quantity –

INR 32/- for 500 gm

Contact Details-


Customer care no. – +919821986698

You can also contact their distributor through


Their is also a webstore for ordering and browsing their product, link is-

Instagram –

My Views-

As I used this product in making many dishes as lapsi halwa, lapsi burfi, khicdi and milk dalia. All recipes which I tried from this one are really tasty. Its grains are truly very fine and are of good quality. It comes in a attractive pack. As dalia is in my daily routine meal. I generally take it in breakfast as it is good for health. All dishes which I prepared are tasty . Very fine and good quality grains add a new flavor in my all dishes. So from my point of view its a good product.


Recipe of lapsi rava halwa and dalia burfi-

Generally you prepare khicdi and porridge . But have you ever tried halwa and burfi from this rava lapsi. If not then I am giving you the recipe of making easy,healthy, nutritious and homemade halwa and  burfi from this Rava lapsi.


Dalia/rava lapsi- 2 cups

Sugar-.2 cups

Water- 4-5 cups

Cashews-2 tbs

Almonds-2 tbs

Coconut-3 tbs

Cardamom – 2tsp

Khoa/mava-2 cups


For method just click the video below and see the exact way of preparing  both halwa and burfi. 

watch the video here – Easy Rava Lapsi recipe



Yummy halwa:mrgreen:

Delicious rava lapsi/dalia burfi😄

I tried moong khicdi with this rava lapsi/dalia by adding different veggies like carrot, peas, corn and potatoes. Believe me, its very yummy ,healthy and nutritious too.

Healthy khicdi:)

  I also tried milk dalia from this rava lapsi. 

All delicacies in one plate😍

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Review of Juicifix Products

Hi guys, 

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! Last few days went very fast! Due to festive season my daily schedule was really very tight. Now I have  came  back again with a bang! So now, today I am going to review Juicyfix Products. They are also famous as Juicewala in Mumbai. As basically this is a mumbai based company which sells different juices which are natural and healthy. 

While surfing I came across this brand whose products are really healthy and nutritious. Being a food blogger, I always try to know about new products which are unique and healthy too. As its a known fact that our busy schedule and overdependence on processed and fast food becomes a main source of many diseases. A healthy diet is incomplete without natural fruits and vegetables. Juice is an easy and fun way of consuming all the nutrients and goodness of vegetables and fruits without spending time on cooking. If we get natural things in  an attractive pack and at a reasonable price then I think that’s a great deal. 

Let’s see what their website says

Juicing is required on a daily basis as it provides humans with an easy access to the vital nutrients required by the body, Do we require these nutrients on a daily basis? Yes. Do we consume these nutrients on a regular basis?No!… Enter Juicifix.  

Introduction to Juicifix:

Our vision at Juicifix is to make healthy convenient, to provide people with really tasty nutritional juices at affordable costs and do whatever we can to help people in need of health for e.g: cancer patients, diabetics, children and overall people with a busy lifestyle. The idea is prevention, take care of your health today rather than pay exorbitantly for the cure tomorrow. 

Concept : A subscription plan that ensures a different fruit or vegetable juice personalised as per your diet plan arrives at your door-step every morning, taking care of your vital nutrient intake for the day.

Juicifix Cleanse : A complete reboot, a flush out of all the toxins in the body, through a 6 to 8 juice a day cleanse that would last up-to 3 days. 

Our Nutritionist and Celebrity dietitian Radhika Karle says, “Fruits are very important in a daily meal plan.They are a natural source of sugars so are best for immediate energy.They provide lots of vitamins and minerals – strawberries, oranges, and kiwis are great sources of vitamin C. And fruits also provide fiber which helps keep your stomach full for longer and aids in digestion.” – Radhika Karle

Juicifix uses fresh local, seasonal  produce which makes it very palatable. They focus on constantly creating new flavours based on what is available and also what would be suited for the client. For example, the Very Veggie for the diabetic or Beet That for the common vegetarian with  low iron levels.

Cold press engineering allows vitamins, minerals and enzymes to remain intact through the juicing process thus allowing for a much superior product in terms of nutritional content.

Juices are a great way to re hydrate, get instant energy, and Juicifix cold pressed juices have the added advantage of fiber!

 Brand philosophy :

We wake up everyday knowing that we are going to do a good deed, it’s a great feeling to wake up to. At Juicifix we feel most content and that’s what keeps us going, happiness. Happiness is knowing that someone, somewhere is healthier because we have made the  juice that keeps them healthy. Happiness is knowing that the juice we make can make this world a better place, a place of giving. Happiness is understanding that the health quotient in our juice will never be compromised on. 

So here’s to –  skin to cleanse, hearts to touch, minds to heal, fat to burn and the fit to just ”Fit in’.  Here’s to good health and heart beats, quicker feet and clearer thoughts, diabetics and cancer patients, to cholesterol and obesity, that healthy does not have to be boring. That we can make a change, start small and be the change you want to see. 

Contact details-

Juicifix phone no. –


For more information click on their website-

My Views-

Being an ayuerveda lover, I always prefer and advice everyone to take fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily routine. But due to busy schedule sometimes we ignore many things which can harm our health.You have already heard a saying,  HEALTH IS WEALTH, so never compromise . So for me, it’s a good product👍👍! 

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Review of That Food Co. Products

Hi guys,

How have you all been? Now Diwali celebration is over. All are now back to work and daily routine starts as usual😑.I think a homecook job  is really tough as how to make their routine meal tasty and delicious? Isn’t it?? So for those who want to change the taste of their daily meal and add a new flavour in their homecook foods ,here is a solution for them. While surfing,I came across a very new range of products which really impressed me. These are the products of That Food Co. Really impressive and different blend of flavours. Today I am going to review the products of That Food Co. 

Basically,this is a Mumbai based company and their products are easily available in mumbai. They have a wide range of cookies dips, flavoured butters, sauces&pickles.

Let’s check out the information of various products on their website(I really love the  way of information they share:mrgreen:) Just have a look-

About TFC

The products by TFC are unique in their combination of flavors and recipes. The key and most important feature of the products lie in its applicability. Though the flavors seem gourmet at the outset, they have been tweaked to enhance the daily eating experience of consumers.

The TFC team, having been exposed to delectable cuisines, has the perfect blend of novices, experts and in-betweeners to create the right product using obscure and clichéd ingredients on planet earth. TFC aims to be a company that has an ever evolving range of trend setting, unique and progressive products that engages with the consumers on an on-going basis.

Our focus points

Desi-foreign blend – The products are tweaked with a mix of global and local flavors and ingredients to meet the evolving Indian palate, thereby giving us Indians the experience in a form we can get comfortable with

Versatile – Our relishes can be used on many dishes, in almost any food combination you can think of. Instead of offering one particular condiment for a specific type of dish, our products represent food for all occasions. The products have been designed keeping the diverse range of consumer tastes in mind. (Aloo-Gobi with some Peri Peri flavoured Butter, anyone?)

Accessibility – Our products blend common ingredients with otherwise gourmet seeming ingredients and makes a premium offering accessible to an average middle class Indian.

Have you ever heard of mutton pickle, if not then give it a try and enjoy.,just have a look-

Mutton Pickle:)

 My Views

As the taste and flvour of any dish depands upon the masala or spices we use, so we can even make a simple dish to a scrumptious dish. These products  are very much compatible with Indian foods. You can add a new flavour or taste in your all daily routine dishes. So,  for me its a total power combo pack of adding taste in Indian cuisine. So go ahead without thinking it  twice👍.


Veg Products Range –

199-299 INR


249-299 INR


600-1250 INR

Lovely Gift Pack

Contact details-

For seeing their variety of products, just click-

Their products are also available on AMAZON. 

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Review of beanstalk & leaves 

Hi guys, 

How are you all?  Hope you all are doing well!  Today I am going to review beanstalk & leaves, a amazing  product of filter coffee.  I think maximum number of people are those who can’t wake-up without taking tea or coffee😁, isn’t it?  There day starts only after charging themselves  by tea or coffee. I am not a tea addict but I really love to drink coffee. The taste of this filter coffee is really different. 

They have  three varients of filter coffee:  Valvet Dew,  Shotgun and Smooth Operator.  But I am going to review Valvet Dew and Shotgun.  Both are awesome but Shotgun really suits me much better as I don’t like strong aroma but Valvet Dew is now favourite of my hubby as he likes strong aroma of coffee. So,  I think they launch all varients by studying a lot of the taste of people. For making filter coffee you need a percolator as seen in the picture-

Now, let’s see what their website says about their product with my views.

Two hot shots on a run to take over the world! 

And for that we needed lots of coffee (and Tea) but there was a problem. We didn’t know where the coffee was coming from and so our first mission was to look for the source, and so we headed into the jungle, looking for coffee plants whilst fighting tigers. Yes fighting tigers ! After months of fighting it out, we finally came upon something called a ‘coffee estate.

The people who were running these ‘estates’ were really nice and the coffee they offered us was exquisite. After a lot of thinking and a change of heart, we decided instead to get into e-commerce and deliver to the world this elixir of goodness.



Premium Blended Coffee Powder

Wakes you up with a bang only to make you the most efficient sentinel being who has achieved hundred percent efficiency.Basically what we are saying is that you get stuff done.

 Price and Quantity –

INR 335 for 250g

 MY VIEWS- As the decoction of shotgun is not so strong, it really suits me well. I really like the aroma. It’s great!  So just go ahead with this blend without giving any second thought! 


Product discription

Premium Blended Coffee

This blend is engineered to bring out the best in you and makes the world a better place to live in. Helps in putting your angry neighbours, girlfriends and your ex-girlfriend in a good mood.

Contents: Coffee Powder & Chicory 


INR 355 for 250g

MY VIEWS- As the decoction of valvetdew is strong so It’s the favourite of my hubby. So its a good product. I had also taste their third varient, smooth operator.Its aroma is also very good and the favourite of my daughter. So you can go ahead with their products without thinking twice. 

My younger daughter persisted me to serve this amazing coffee in her toy tea set. Just see-

PACKAGING – it comes in a resealable packet which is very convenient to use. You can keep your this packet in your fridge also. Whenever you need just take it out and after using it, keep inside the fridge. You don’t need to change in any container. So, a big thumbsup to them👍!

I always works late at night so its a perfect drink-

Just visit their website :

http://beanstalknleaves. com/

You can also purchase their product by Amazon- Beanstalk&Leaves

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