Review Of Cold Pressed Oil From Indic Wisdom With Video

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How are you all? Well, friends, a very good saying ‘ Diet and good cooking are two pillars’  is absolutely right. If you cook your food daily then you would know the fact that taste & nutrients of your food somehow depends on the quality of oil generally used in cooking. Nowadays where everyone is health conscious and follow a strict balanced diet then don’t ignore the quality of the oil .  There is no need to ask your body for detoxification if we eat healthy while doing proper exercise. Many diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure could be prevented if we stay with simple and natural food habits. Sometimes we consider every good thing in cooking except considering the quality of the oil. Well, today I am going to review Cold Pressed Oil From Indic Wisdom.

Moving on, I had received six products from Indic Wisdom. All are different types of cold Pressed Oil. Nowadays there have been quite other oils that have come under the spotlight and taken up the pride of place in a contemporary kitchen. Cold pressed oil is one of them.

Packaging-  All oils come in a plastic bottle which is very convenient to use.

Price- You can check out their price on their website. Price is a little bit high from the usual refined oils as it is cold pressed and needs special.techniques to extract oil to retain their all properties. You can also see the full review on this video-

What is Cold Pressed Oil-

Cold Pressed oil is the oil which is extracted by using low heat methods.  When we get oil by using low heat then the quantity is less but the quality of the oil we get is flavoured and full of nutritional quality.

Contact Details-

Checkout their website for amazing products-

You can easily get these products by contacting them on this number-


My Views-  If you are my consistent follower then you would know that I am a true lover of Ayurveda. By Ayurveda for the development of body quality of food intake is important than the quantity we take. As anyone’s personality itself reflects his/her food intake. All things matter a lot ,be it cooking/ method of cooking & the things we used while cooking. We can improve immunity even by strictly following a vegan diet. Everyone should keep in mind that oil change when heated- not just the texture,color and taste,but more importantly the nutritional properties.  So, cold pressed oil is best. I am telling you all about the oils I have received-

Edible Flaxseed Oil-   

Flaxseeds oil has a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids & has high nutritional value which helps in digestion. Just keep in mind that it has a low shelf life and can’t be used in high temperature.

Flaxseed oil should be taken raw to maintain its nutritional qualities. You can used in oil dressing or a last minute addition to cooked vegetables or soups.It is advice able to have with yogurt,rice,cottage cheese or skimmed milk to get maximum benefit out of it.

Edible Coconut Oil-

The oil which I have received is 100% pure extract & no preservative used. Generally coconut oil is known for its cosmetic properties and as a hair oil. It is one of the best versatile oil used for both cooking as well as medicinal purposes. It is helpful to increase metabolic rate and suppress appetite. It can be used for many purposes- from deep frying to baking and making sweets and goodies.

Sesame Oil-   In Indian cooking sesame oil has its own popularity since ancient times. It contains high level of Vitamin E ,B6, magnesium, calcium and iron. This oil is good for health.

Using cold pressed oil, you will get all nutrients. It has a nutty flavour which complements all kinds of dishes.

Groundnut Oil-  Groundnut oil is extracted from peanuts and used in cooking and making soaps. Cold pressed peanut oil is a healthy vegetable oil used to roast food.

It reduces cholesterol level, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure , protect the skin,prevent cancer, boost cognitive function & protect heart health.

Safflower Oil-  This oil can be used to Cook food at higher temperature. Most suitable oil to cook food at higher temperature without destroying the beneficial compounds is safflower oil.

It is ideal choice for many recipes as it has a neutral flavour. I found this oil best for cooking.

Mustard Oil-  Mustard oil is obtained from mustard seeds. It has so many health properties like  appetizer, antibacterial, antifungal,hair vitalizer & insect repellant. It is very much beneficial in body massage.

It is used for everything sauteing, deep frying & tempering. It also goes well with western foods.

So using these Cold Pressed Oil in your kitchen for cooking foods is best option to take care of your health. There is also a saying, HEALTH IS WEALTH .  So we should always try to add healthy food items in our grocery list😀.

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Review of  Lemongrass Tea  From CC Tea,Manipur With Video & Method

Hi everyone!

Hope you have been well !  I think Rainy days☔ should be spent at home with a cup of tea ☕and a good book📕 ! Am I right😊??  Tea gives you divine pleasure and tea has some magical power to keep you active again. I know some people who can’t wakeup without sipping a cup of tea. Tea has the power to cool you when you are too heated, will cheer you when you are depressed and calm you when you are excited.In Asian cooking Lemongrass used as a prevalent herb. Lemongrass is more warming than our average black tea as it is caffeine free and very easy to prepare.

Moving on, I had  received lemongrass tea from CC Tea, Manipur. It is a very reputed brand. They prepare 100% caffeine free tea which has so many health benefits.

Packaging-   The packaging of their product is nice. You can get this tea either in the form of loose tea or also in tea bags.

Anyone can use whatever suited them best. See the above pics👆 . Loose  tea can easily be store in the same plastic box in which they send. It is manufactured & packed by –

The Sui Generis Inc.                                        Kwakeithel Landing Leikai                            Imphal- 795001, Manipur.     

Price-  INR 399/- for 100gm of tea.

If you order tea bags then will get 100 tea bags in one pack.

How to Prepare Lemongrass Tea by using CC Tea-  

To prepare a cup of lemongrass tea by using this CC Tea is so simple and easy. It’s a very quick and healthy way of getting all benefits from a cup of tea. Method is shown in the video. Link is-

Contact Details-  You can easily check their product on the given website-

You can also contact them through their Facebook. Link is-

Benefits of CC Tea –

Refreshing drink-  This is a caffeine free, pure & organic Cymbopogon citratus which has a calming aroma and refresh your mood instantly.

Energy Booster-   This tea has a power to clean or purify action on the entire body system which increases the efficiency of the digestive system and helps in flushing out the toxins which in turn helpful in weight loss.

Rich in Flavonoids & Antioxidants-

It boost the immune system, fight environmental damage and help arrest cellular decay. Many diseases could be kept in bay as risk of cancer,heart problems & the aging process.

Natural remedy- This is one of the most effective all purpose natural remedy. God gifted natural healing power to cure cold and cough, lower high blood pressure, helpful in lowers uric acid level and help to maintain healthy skin and eyes.

My Views-  Lemongrass tea has so many potential health benefits. If you are a healthy food lover and want to get the 100% benefits from a cup of tea then this one is the best choice as Fresh Lemongrass is not available everywhere. You can get the same flavour and aroma and benefits of fresh  Lemongrass if you are using this naturally caffeine free CC Tea . Availability of Fresh lemongrass is not possible every time and storing this tea is very much easy. You can use and store for a long time. You can easily and quickly brews up into a delightful, lemony flavoured tea by using CC Tea. It is very easy to prepare, caffeine free and more warming than your average black tea blend.

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Review of Genius Abacus Kids Academy (Washington)

 Hi guys, 

As the strength of a building can be measured by its foundation, same is true in case of measuring the capability of a man. Kids are like wet soil, in which shape we mould them, they will be turn  like that. It’s the duty of parents to develop good habits or good knowledge in their children so that they will be successful in their life. Never waste  time while thinking that your kids are too small, this is the right  age ( From 4- 12) when they can understand different techniques. In general, kids get their first lesson from their home and their parents are there teachers. Only they can nourish good habits or good things in their child. 

Well, my today’s post is for my readers who are from Washington. An academy is going to start in your area in   which Abacus will be taught and Handwriting skill will be developed. The link is-

First of all I want to discuss about Abacus.
Abacus is the most ancient tool used for the purpose of calculation. It is simply a device for helping a human being to calculate by remembering what has been calculated. It is simply a manual aid to calculating that consists of beads or disks that can be moved up & down on a series of sticks or strings within a usually wooden frame. A child could learn difficult mathematical techniques easily  & while playing. 

It’s true that Handwriting is the mirror of anyone’s personality. You can judge anyone’s nature & behaviour by seeing or analysing their writing. We can help our child to improve their writing by learning some techniques. 

Genius Abacus Kids Academy provide such an environment to your kids so that they will learn all things in a easy way. Don’t leave this opportunity. You will easily get all the information and contact details by clicking their link mentioned above.

Admissions are open now. Don’t leave the chance . 

Review of French Press Coffee Maker From InstaCuppa With Video

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How are you all doing?

Coffee☕ is always a stress reliever for me. Drinking coffee is the favourite time of my morning or evening. I don’t understand how can some people not like coffee😄! But do you know what makes a great cup of coffee? If you are a true lover of coffee like me then you can easily understand the difference between filter coffee and instant coffee. We look for smoothness and complexity alongwith the superb top flavour. Many things plays an important role to make an  awesome cup of coffee. I love filter coffee as the taste,flavour & aroma is out of the world and It gives me instant relief and energy. I need to have a cup of coffee everyday now. Coffee lover here😄

I came to know about this amazing French Press Coffee Maker from InstaCuppa. I was very interested & they were kind enough to send it to me. If you are a coffee lover then you would know that the type of filter you use when brewing coffee does matter a lot!

You can see the full review in the video with the method of making perfect filter coffee. Link is-

Packaging-  I must say that packaging of every product from InstaCuppa is superrrr awesome😀!

There is 200% guarantee of breakage free and timely delivery of their product.  You can see their packaging in the photos given above. Hats off🎩🎩 for the super duper packaging and the product.

Qualities-  There are so much qualities , I try to explain some of them which are essential.

1.  Stainless Steel & Rust free frame- 

which helps to keep the glass beaker safe from any breakage.

2.  Borosilicate Glass- 

The glass beaker is of high quality Borosilicate & 100% safe for  the hot water.

3. Smooth plunger mechanism-

 The plunger is very much smooth . You can easily press out grounds with this plunger.

4. Heat Resistant Handle-  The handle is totally heat resistant .

5.  Substantial Capacity-  This French Press capacity is 600ml which is more than enough. You can make about 6 cups of coffee at a time.

6. FDA Approved-  All components are food safe as while brewing coffee never comes into contact with any plastic which is very much essential for health.

6. Superior Filter-  

It contains 3 part superior filter so brewing is perfect. No residue of coffee grounds will be in your cup😊!

Price-  The price of the product is very reasonable. They are also offering some discounts . You can check it out their product online and be a part of happy buyers list.

Contact details-   



There products are easily available on Amazon & Flipkart.

You can purchase this product by the link given below-


My views-  

I have seen many of my coffee lovers friends who are fed up of the residue floating in their cup of coffee. A perfect cup of coffee should be measured by the smoothness and the unimaginable flavour. This coffee filter is perfect for making 6 cups of coffee at a time, which saves a lot of time if you have to serve filter coffee to your family members or friends. Roasted Coffee beans are needed to make a perfect filter coffee. I always used coarse coffee powder made by roasted coffee beans.  Generally my schedule is very much hectic.  I used to have coffee to get rid of the hammering headache and now I’m addicted. So this French Coffee Maker is perfect for me.

I want to give thanks to them for sending such a nice product and I am sure you all would not be disappointed by getting this amazing stuff. Perfect look and wonderful work make it a must buy product. 

Rating- 5/5

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Review of InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Bottle With Video & Recipe

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great! Summer is on its peek and one needs a variety of fluids to beat the summer heat and drinking plain water does get boring😑everyday, isn’t it ?  Now get your own DIY water!   As nowadays almost everyone is health freaky and that’s why home-made flavoured water is a good way to hydrate the body without pilling on the sugars,chemicals or artificial agents. You can make your own elixier.

Moving on, a few days before  I had received this Fruit Infuser Bottle from Insta Cuppa. It is really awesome. I am going to review it only after using it that’s why I am saying it’s a very nice product of InstaCuppa.

You can see the full review with recipes on my video , Link is-

Packaging-  If we talk about its packaging then its really great. You can see it in the picture and in the video too. It came in a box and bottle was packed again by a bubble sheet to protect it from any damage.

I had received so many products from various brands till now but If you will asked me to give marks then I would certainly like to give double marks as 200/100😀 only for its great packaging. A great thumbs up 👍 !

Qualities-  There are so much qualities , you can also see it on its box.

Tritan, Copolyster material, Full Length Infuser Rod, 1000 ml, Highly Durable and Impact, Resistant, Leak Proof, Custom Anti Sweat Sleeve, Convenient Carrying Handle, Food Grade Plastic Lid, Easy to Clean( hand washing recommended- top rack dishwasher safe) , Eco Friendly- 100℅ , BPA Free, Recyclable, 100% satisfaction, Guaranteed

Contact Details-  This product is easily available on Amazon & Flip kart. No need to go anywhere.



You can easily get your product by clicking this link-


How to Infuse Water-  This bottle is very beautifully designed that allows you to take healthy & nutrient rich fruit Infuser water. There are endless combinations which you can choose according to your taste .

Some combinations are also mentioned on the box. Your options are endless .

I have also shown the various creative ways to infuse your water so that It can also help you to detoxify your body. So now guys, give up your plain water habit.

You can reused the fruits many times before the flavours starts to dissipate. Just choose the way to add fruits as you like, you can even use tea and herbs (as Green tea is almost everyone favorite). Mix it with lime and mint and enjoy the unexplainable aroma of the drink. For getting the full flavour infused fruits for atleat 3-4 hours before drinking.

My views-   I really like it because flavoured water is basically a more appetising way to consume more water, and more water soluble vitamins and minerals.


* The bottle is beautifully designed .

*   Infusing  chamber is a decent size.

*They also give a spring by which you can blunder your shake or protein shake.

* A flip-top lid and well designed drinking spout makes it easy to drink water even when you are driving.

* Easily holding facility which is non-skid. You can carry it very conveniently.

* A cover of a bottle is also given.

* The bottle is made from high quality Tritan plastic which is also BPA free and make it more durable.

*  It is leak proof.


I had not find any demerit except one that  bottle is available in only one color but trust me it is the best suited color I have seen . Anyone can carry it . 

So for me, It is the must buy product for those who want an eye on their health and also for those who want to reduce their weight because this product help you to detox your body since most of these water have natural, mild diuretics like cucumbers or lemons which help you to flush out extra water weight.

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Review of Lavender Oil & The Aroma Diffuser Necklace  From RAYANA Stores With Video

Hello people.

Hope you all are doing great! Coming on the topic , as you must have guessed by the title, this post is a review on Lavender oil. Everyone love natural fragrance and  if  it assure appreciable skin and hair benefits too then it will be like  icing on the cake ( soney pey suhaga)😊 . Essential oil serve this purpose very well and that’s why I love it. Lavender  essential oil �..! lavender es has been used for medicinal & religious purposes for many years.      You can also see its review on my You Tube channel-


The packaging of the product was really very good to protect it from any breakage.

  I also received an aroma diffuser necklace with five different colourful pads , a card offering 15℅ discount on the next purchase and a pokemon card😁  ! The oil comes in a glass bottle as plastic bottles react with the ingredients used in making essential oil and It has a dropper style cap which makes it really very convenient to use ( no need to break your nails while opening the lid😊)

Product–  BIOAQUA Lavender Essential Oil Brand Face Skin Care Liquid Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Oil -control Moisturizing 10ml + Free UNISEX Aroma Diffuser Necklace.

Price–   INR 520/-

Aroma Diffuser Necklace-

The necklace is really very pretty. I love it😍 ! Changing of color pads is really very easy. Just take out the pendant from the chain,open it ,change the color pad according to your choice and again put it in the chain. Sooo easy😀 !

Now if you want a soothing aroma then drop some oil on the pad and enjoy it.
Contact Details

It is easily available on online. You can get their products by clicking the links given below. There is a wide range of variety of other products too, please just have a look.

Website-  www.rayanastores.PW

You can also ping at-  9563481025



Anurag Roy, 5b, the crescent road,Burnpur,Burdwan,West Bengal,

Pin: 713325

My views-    People who provides a certain soothing sensation , mostly liked by everyone as they have a unique personal touch. I really love Lavander oil because of its antiseptic, anti inflammatory,antifungal,anti depressant,antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Lavander oil is the best essential oil which can be used in aromatherapy. I used it directly on my skin as a disinfectant and it is the only essential oil which can be used directly on the skin without any side effects. It is 100℅ pure and contains no additional substances . I also like the necklace very much. It goes very well with western wear. In short, purchasing of this product is totally worth.

Necklace and me😀


Relieving property.                                 Perplexing/ Excellent.                           Light bendableness.                             Adoptable/Multi skilled.                       Unmingled.                                               Smells amazing.                                        

Cons-                                                                   The  Price is a  little bit high but can be avoided because they offer a sooo beautiful aroma diffuser necklace along with this😊

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Review of Curcumin Turmeric From Bagdara Farms With Video & Tips To use Turmeric

Hello people.

How are you all doing today?

Now , as you must have seen the title, I’m reviewing the Curcumin Turmeric from Bagdara Farms today. My this article will surely be loved by those who are organic freak😊!As you all would know that Turmeric is known for its therapeutic properties and Its numerous health benefits. But the turmeric that we get from the market these days, are they absolutely healthy😱 ? No, they are filled with chemicals and all its nutritional benefits get reduced this way.  Turmeric is not only just a spice but it’s a powerful herb which can fight and potentially reverse any diseases. Curcumin  is the active compound which has many health benefits and healing properties. Curcumin inhibits the molecules known to play a role in inflammation and it neutralizes free radicals. It can cure depression, pain, diabeties , Arthritis and  now it even help in curing cancer.

Here is a video in which I review the product. Just have a look-


Bagdara Farms produces absolutely organic turmeric which has high nutritional value.

Moving on , Curcumin Turmeric is an amazing product of Bagdara farms. Bagdara Farm is located in the beautiful jungles of Bandhavgarh, in the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. They sow & nurture their produce organically by inhibiting the use of any chemicals, pesticides & harmful fertilizers.

Varieties of Turmeric they Produce

There are different varieties of organic turmeric they produce.  Just have a look-

  Packaging-   The packaging of the product which I received was really good. The turmeric is packed in a glass container and the glass container was nicely packed in a cute thermocol box to save it from any breakage. Keeping spices in glass bottle is always best according to ayuerveds and I really love it because I am an ayuerveda lover😀!

Turmeric in thermocol box

So cute and safe packing 😊

Price-  INR 323/- for 60 gm.

How to  place order-  

This product is easily available online. Just click the link and get natural organic product at your doorstep. Link of their website and Facebook is given below and you can easily place your order.

Facebook –


My Views-     I just remember those days when my mom generally used turmeric to cure my wounds when I used to get hurt, but till then I didn’t  know its antibacterial quality but now I myself do the same thing with my kids😊.  Nowadays where nothing is pure and fresh then It has just came as a ray of hope. Its always better to go with the purest version of any product. The only drawback is its price. The price is really high but when I see the packaging and the quality of product (It is organic and pure), then I think Its worth to spend money on this amazing stuff. As it is organic and natural, It retains all the qualities of turmeric which are essential.  Turmeric is a miraculous spice which everyone should include in their daily routine to keep themselves away from many diseases and to get positive effects on the body. I have tried it in various ways.

Golden milk/ liquid gold/ Turmeric tea

It is the most easiest but effective way to use turmeric in your diet. Haldi doodh or Golden milk can beat the everyday tiredness and anxiety. It is also very effective in cold and cough.

How to make Golden milk-


Milk- 1 glass,  turmeric- 2tsp,  black pepper- 1/2 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1/4 tsp, honey /sugar- about 1 tsp

Method-   Veryyyyy easy to make turmeric tea or Golden milk.

Boil milk in a saucepan.

When the milk start boiling mix black pepper,connamon powder and turmeric powder. Stir well. After the milk starts boiling then turn off the gas. Mix sugar or honey only after turning off the gas. Pour in a glass without straining. Wow!! A great remedy for sooooo many diseases is ready.

Effective Face Mask –    It is a very effective home face mask which not only give you a clean, fresh and beautiful skin but also make your skin acne free.


Curd- 1 tbsp, Gram Flour/ Besan- 2 tsp, Honey-1 tsp, Black pepper- 1 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1/2 tsp, Turmeric- 1 tsp.


Mix all the ingredients and apply it on your face for 30 minutes four times in a week. You will definitely get a perfect skin.

Remedy to Cure Cough and Cold-

  A very common disease but an irritating one😬! Here is an easy home remedy to cure cough and cold.


Honey-  1tbsp, Turmeric- 1 tsp, Black pepper-  1 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1 tsp.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and take it 2-3 times in day . It is a great remedy to cure cough and cold.

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Review of Coconex Oil With Video

Hi guys!

How are you all doing? I have literlly been so busy for the  past one week. But yeah, now I conpleted a lot of pending work and now loads of post pending and so, expect a lot of reviews in the coming month😍! If you have been following my blog for a while now, you would know that I love natural product💕💕💕. Coconex is just that.

See the full review in the video😀

Link is-


I received Coconex oil. It is  Cold Pressed coconut oil which is very much different from expeller pressed coconut oil.

I have been using it for over 10 days now. It really works very well. Sometimes I really frustrates as I do have breakouts very often and it leaves behind marks. So honestly, I do everything I can  to prevent them. This stuff is full of antifungal and antibacterial fatty acids that help to kill acne bacteria.

Ingredients- Amazing ingredients to make this oil special are-

Virgin coconut oil- 93℅

Aloe Vera- 4.5℅

Jojoba oil-  2℅

Vitamin E-  0.5℅

Vitamin A- 2000IU/10mL

Usage of cold pressed virgin coconut oil-

 Protect hair against damage, moisturize skin and function as sunscreen.

Also best for baby’s skin 😘😘💕💕(you can also get soft soft skin like baby by using this one😍😍)  

You can also use it to lighten your dark circles just rub it on your dark circles and soon will get rid of it.

Price-  INR 170 for 60ml

Contact Details-



My experience-  As virgin coconut oil is best to enjoy the health benefits which you can’t get by using refined stuff. I urge to use organic,extra virgin and unrefined coconut oil.  From my point of view, refined coconut oil works fine for cooking but if you’re going to put it on your face or body it’s better to go with the purest version available.

Coconex  is one of them. It also helps to reduce the appearance of free lines,wrinkles and dry skin. It is amazing and so many benefits !  I also love that it’s natural and super simple- Just one ingredient 😊. I use it to cleanse my skin 1-2 times a week in the shower using the oil cleansing method. I really like it because it gently takes off all my make up & my skin is left feeling super soft and fresh. I have also used this coconex oil after sunburn and after dermorally and it really sooths the skin and leaves it soft and smooth. My husband started using it as a after shave lotion😀! It is for all skin types and my skin honestly feels so great after using it😍💕💕💕.  It is very affordable and the best thing is, It works great. It is a great buy & I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 

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Review of Medhya Products With Video

Hi guys!

How have you all been? Hope you all are doing great! Nowadays where everyone is  fitness freak and very much conscious about their personality and never compromise with impure and unhygenic products then the name of MEDHYA PRODUCTS  is a ray of light which not only give pure and healthy snacks bites but there products are 100℅ natural and sugar free.

I came to know about this product from such a health freaky and medal winning marathon racer who takes one of these healthy bites to remain energetic.

Only then I approached to Medhya’s and they were kind enough to send their product for review:mrgreen:! It is suitable for all age groups. No boundation regarding age and gender.

You can even control your weight by exercise &  adding pure and good products in your diet.

Product Details-  Medhya is the name of a brand which manufactures original natural products. Medhya itself means clean & fresh which amptly suit it. There products are made with finest quality whole ingredients which helps to deal with stress and ailments. I received a combo pack in which five different types of snacks are packed . They are-

1. Moringa Choco Bites

2. Brahmi Bites

3. Almond Fig Bites

4. Amalki Bites

5. Dried & Tangy Amla

Here is a video regarding review of  Medhya’s Products. Link is-


Moringa Choco Bites-

It is a smart snack that helps to naturàlly enhance iron levels and comprehensively support your body. It is the best source of vitamins to effectually metabolise the proteins and is helpful for building muscles.

If you are vegetarian and love  gluten free food like me :mrgreen:then it is amptly suitable for you.

Brahmi Bites- 

 Brahmi in Ayuerveda is known as a brain tonic and it also supports healthy skin,lymph and circulatory functions.

If you are an ayuerveda lover then you will be well aware of BRAHMI , that nourishes the brain and encourages healthy cell generation. It is a good source of omega-3 and the vitamins present in it help to build brain tissue. It also supports the body’s natural healing process and helps in  healthy blood circulation.

So if you want to increase your mental attentiveness and enhance your  mood, then try this one. It is more convenient to take this as it’s very easy to carry and take when needed. It is best suited to everyone’s age group.

Almond Fig Bites- 

 Almonds have a high content of Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant and figs are a good source of fibre & they could aid in weight management.

Its totally a myth that if we want to control weight then we should not take nuts. Moreover including nuts in diet is a healthy way to tackle stress and exhaustion and helps to maintain the calmness of mind.    Pairing of almond and figs is totally perfect because figs are healing fruit  and almond are powerful antioxidants. Those who want to check their weight ,Almond Fig Bites is totally perfect for them. It is 100% natural ,free of added preservatives and sugar.

There is no need to take sugar laden foods. These bites gives energy to the body and provides more than 20% of the recommended minerals, calcium and magnesium.

Amalaki Bites- 

These bites are feel full energy snacks.  The richest source of getting Vitamin C  is taking Amla .

It cures many diseases such as acidity, indigestion and skin disorder. These Amalaki Bites are loaded with richness of amala nutrients. It is the convenient  way of taking right amount of nutrients during exercise and recreation :)!

Everyone should not compromise with their health related issues and food plays a very vital role. We wouldn’t need to think twice before stuffing ourselves with these scrumptious and healthy bites.

Dried And Tangy Amla-

I love eating chatpata amla and as this product is made by Medhya which is famous for its natural ,ayuervedic  and sugar free products so there is no need to worry about its quality. As amla cures acidity, indigestion and skin disorder but taking amla directly is not possible for anyone.

Our urban lifestyle doesn’t permit us to spend too much time on ourselves but to stay healthy we have to search for natural and good products.Medhya’s Amalaki Bites is such a product which you can consume without thinking twice.

Chatpata tangy flavour is really great. As Amla is very much good for health so I want to reap the benefits  of  it with a little bit of  change in it. sweet and furn with a wee bit of  crunchyness . Kids love its flavour and taste. A very nice product with lots of vitamins:) !

Where To Buy-  Just click their websites for browsing their amazing products-

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You can also  easily purchase it on Snap Deal-


 Price of Medhya Bite Assortment Box is     425/-  . No shipping charges if the order is above 400/- . 

My Views-  If you are my consistent reader then you would know that I am an Ayuerveda lover and products based on ayuerveda always fascinate me. I always feel an attraction or a curiosity whenever I see any new natural ayuervedic product. I can’t control my fascination regarding this😁! So when I came to know about this from a well talented person then I thought to taste it and if it’s a good product then review it. I am very satisfied after taking it as it is not only suitable for a racer but also for everyone. If you are a housewife and don’t get time to take anything by doing so many work then just take this ,you will get all nutritions which are very much essentisl . If you are working then simply put in your pocket 🙂 or purse and whenever you feel hungry just take it. These bites are economically money saver, healthy and easily available at your door step. Any person who is health conscious can’t ignore it. I strongly recommend all of you to try this product atleast one time.

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Review of Prakrti Products

Hello people,

How have you all been? So,before I begin I would like to ask you what is the most important thing which you would like to keep in mind while selecting any food item😱? I think the answer is purity or the good quality. Today I will tell you about some products which are really pure. Well, If you have followed me on Instagram then you would know that I had received four products from PrakrtiKitchen needs pack, Kitchen wants pack, Roasted coffee beans and Green tea.

   When  I had first heard this name the only one thing that instantly struck my mind  was that what a unique name it is .Prakrti means nature which itself means pure . To be very honest these all things which I had received are too good and  I am doing the review only  after using it so ,its an honest review from my side:).  

Packaging- The  four products which I had received were nicely packed in a packet and all the spices were again well packed  in a bubble sheet so that they remain safe during transportation.All the products were packed in resealable friendly user packets. So its very convenient to take out the spices from the pack and use it. If you want to keep the spices fresh for a long time then you can store  it in your fridge or you can also read my blog on this topic. Link is-

Where to Purchase-  
These products are easily available on amazon . 

Website Details-   You can not only  easily see all their products on their website but can order it as well. Just click the  link  and  you will get all information about their products-

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Green Tea-  

Well, I think there is nothing better than a cup of tea. I even know people who can’t wakeup without a cup of tea. Are you one of them:mrgreen:? Then this is the perfect choice for you. Well, frankly speaking I am not a tea addict or a tea lover but adding green tea in your daily routine is absolutely a great idea as green tea is the healthiest drink in the world. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on our body. Aroma and the flavour  of this brand is also unique. You can add lime juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder to make it more healthy :)!

 Roasted Coffee beans- When I got to know about this brand of coffee beans , I was very interested & they were kind enough to send it to me. Imagine my happiness when I received it :). I find the aroma of the coffee as very  therapeutic.

If you want to get relief from your hectic schedule and want to get rid of hammering headache then nothing is better than  a cup of filter coffee. 

For making coffee you have  to make  powder  of the roasted coffee beans in your food processer . After grinding it you need a filter coffee maker.

The link of the video , how to make filter coffee at home is given below

Kitchen Needs Pack- 
First of all tell me one thing , do you like your food without spices😱? 

The spices which I have got in kitchen needs pack are whole cinnamon, whole cloves,whole black pepper,whole star anise and whole cardamom. As cooking is my passion so I really know that if you want to add a unique flavour and taste in your dishes then, always try to use fresh and good spices. Spices are known as one of the most remarkable ingredients of the Indian cuisine.  These spices are really very fresh and adds the taste in the dishes in which I used it. You can see that I have used these spices in various dishes and they add  flavour in all my dishes. As you know that The way to go to someone’s heart goes through the food you serve☺!

Pua:)( Special dish for holi in Bihar)

As I had received these spices before Holi so I have tried it in various dishes . The above one is the all time favourite sweet dish of my hubby:mrgreen:


Kitchen Wants Pack-

This is the  pack which everyone wants to have in their kitchen :mrgreen:! In this pack you will get whole turmeric, whole nutmeg, whole mace and dried ginger.  Turmeric is not only used as a spice but it has many medicinal  properties. You can make fresh turmeric paste at your home by using this whole turmeric.

Method to make Fresh Turmeric Paste at Home –

   Soak this whole turmeric overnight and  in the morning ,first wash it and cut it  into small pieces  through knife and put all the pieces in the mixer grinder and add some filtered water to make a paste . Then put this paste in a glass bowl and keep it  inside the fridge. Whenever you need turmeric for use, this is the original and fresh turmeric paste. 

You can also see the full review in my video. Link is –

All the spices are very  necessary for making dishes. If you are health conscious and want to include fresh and good spices then just grab it as these spices are very fresh and the aroma is too  refreshing . To use these spices grind them in a mixer grinder and keep the powder in a airtight container and use  it when you need.  Some dishes that l have made by using both the packs-

Punjabi Chhole

Aloo Dum-

Peas Pulao-

If you don’t want a pack of mixed spices and want some specific spices  then you can also order it separately:)! 

Hope you all will like my review. If you have any suggestions then please share it.

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