Adrak Ka Halwa Recipe/Ginger Halwa Recipe With Video ( Video in Hindi)

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How have you been all? As the rainy season is going on & so many of us are facing seasonal health issues. Isn’t it?? Cough, cold & fever is common in these days. Elder, as well as younger ones, are facing same health issues. Adrak or ginger is very much effective in curing many health issues. Our kitchen itself is a small medicine shop & we can cure so many diseases while using our spices wisely. Even you can sort out many health issues as indigestion & stomach related diseases while taking ginger in desired quantity.

Well, today I am going to share a very much healthy halwa recipe which you can take in winter days and also when you are suffering from the seasonal cold. It will help you to get well soon😀. So friends here is also a video, you can see the full process of making adrak halwa/ ginger halwa recipe with very useful tips in Hindi.


*  Ginger/ Adrak- 1 cup (grated)

*  Flour/ Atta – 1 cup

* Sugar- 1 cup

* Date/ khajoor- 1/2  cup

*  Turmeric/ Haldi- 1tbs

* Black Pepper- 1/2tsp

*  Ghee- 2-3 tbs

* Water- 2.5 cups


*  Pour ghee in a kadahi , add ginger/ adrak. Roast it well till it turns brown.

*  Add flour and dates/ khajoor and again roast till flour becomes brown.

* Now add sugar and water. Let it dry like normal halwa.

Great! Your halwa is ready to serve.

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How to cure cough and cold

Cough and cold is probably a most common disease found in every households. It causes mainly during changing season and to those who have low immunity power,specially kids. According to medical science there is no medicine for catarrh and coryza i.e. for cough and cold. Allopathic medicines just suppresses the disease and doesn’t really cure it. In this articke I’m listing some homemade remedies which i used for my kids and got great results.

Basil leaves-

Basil or tulsi leaves have a magical power to cure cough and cold. Take some tulsi leaves and crush it to  get juice and give it to the patient.


Ginger can cure cough and cold very effectively. Taking one teaspoon of ginger juice two times daily can cure cough and cold.

Black pepper-

By taking one fourth teaspoon of powdered black pepper and one teaspoon of honey, can give relief to both kids as well as adults from cough and cold.

In short you can mix these three ingredients tulsi,ginger and black pepper then add honey. Taking this mixture gives you instant relief.

Calcined borax or suhaga-

Borax is known as suhaga in hindi. You have to roast it before taking it .Its dose is half gram for child and one gram for adults. It gives you istant relief when you have a running nose. It is totally safe and effective and i have tried it myself. Trust me,it works wonder.

Borax Powder

How to roast suhaga– Just take an iron vessel or kadhai and put suhaga and roast on high flame. When it melts just turn off the gas.Keep stirring. When it becomes cold then crushe it to make fine paste and fill it in a glass bottle. Now it is ready to consume.

Do’s and dont’s-

1. If you have cough and cold then fasting for a day gives you better result.

2. Constipation is also a cause of cough and cold, it can be cured by taking triphala powder.