Fried Litti Recipe With Video/ Easy Fried Litti Recipe

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Hope you all are doing great ! Well, today I am going to share a world famous dish from Bihar. Yes, it is none other than litti recipe. Sattu or roasted black gram is the main ingredient which is used in making filling in wheat dough.  Readymade sattu is available at many places but somehow in any case if you don’t get it  or If you don’t know how to make sattu at home then you can see the video relating to it. The link is also given at the end of this video. Today I am going to share fried litti recipe which is very much easy to make at home. It is  tasty, yummy, easy to make and generally liked by everyone.  Traditionally litti is prepared by roasting it in the clay stove. It takes very much time to make and it is not easy to make with that style. But you can easily make litti by this style. If you are not willing to deep fry it then make litti by this method and bake it in a oven. Litti is generally served with chokha but you can serve this litti with any sauce or chutney which is easily available at your home. So just chill and enjoy the taste of world famous bihari cuisine😀 !

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INGREDIENTS– (For 30 pieces)

* Sattu/ Roasted black gram- 300 gm

*Wheat Flour- 1 kg

* Kalonji/Kala jeera- 2 tsp

* Carom/Ajwain- 2 tsp

* Mustard oil- 2 tsp

* Red chilli powder/Green chilli- as per taste

* Salt- as per taste

* Oil- For frying


* Take a large bowl with  sattu. Mix kalonji, Ajwain, salt & Mustard oil. Mix it well and add water and make filling which should not be too dry or too wet.

* Take wheat flour in a big bowl . Add 2-3 tsp oil and salt. Mix well and knead the dough with water. It should not be too soft or too hard.

* Take a large kadahi or patila with water and put it on medium flamed burner till it boil.

* Make small balls from the wheat dough and spread it by making shape of katoris so that you can add filling. Add filling and close it well. Keep aside. Make all litti like this.

* When water start boiling then put all litti in it. Don’t cover it, let it boil for 7-8 minutes on medium flame. 

* After 8 minutes, turn off the flame and keep all litti outside from water. Let it cool down or just dry it from a kitchen towel. 

* Take a kadahi, put oil for frying. When it becomes hot then put  litti one by one. You can fry 6-7 litti at a time. If you don’t want to deep fry it then bake it in the oven . When it becomes brown then take it out in a serving plate and serve with chutney, sauce or chokha as per your wish.

Your easy to make litti is ready to serve

Amawat Chutney Recipe With Video/Aam papad Chatni Recipe/Multipurpose Chutney Recipe

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Hope you are doing great! Today I am going to share a very quick & tasty amawat chutney recipe😊! Amawat or aampapad is also known as aamsotto in Bengal & amba vadi in Marathi. Amawat is generally made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun dried.  I don’t know that you love it or not but it’s my favorite. I really like its sweet and sour taste, soooo yummy😃 ! Well, here is a recipe of an instant chutney which is generally prepared in every festive occasion in Bengal. You can serve this chutney while serving samosos,kachoris, chaat or dahi bada.

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link-


* Amawat/Aampapad- 200 gm

* Sugar- 100 gm

* Raisins- 15-20

* Black salt- 1 tsp

* Kashmiri red chilli Powder- 1 tsp

* Cardamom Powder- 1/4 th tsp


* Take a nonstick pan with 2 cups of water. Add sugar and let it boil.

See amawat looks like this-

* When sugar melts then mix amawat, kishmish or raisins, salt & red chilli powder. Let it boil until all amawat pieces mix it well in the sugar syrup.

* You can take more or less water according to your choice as what consistency you needed. Stir it well.

* When all amawat pieces mix it well then add Cardamom powder and turn off the flame. 

Great!! Your chutney is ready to serve.

Tamarind Chatni Recipe With Video/Imli ki Khatti Meethi Chatni

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Hope you are doing great ! Chatni & Pickles are always a best supplement of food. They make our simple & ordinary food tasty. I really love different kinds of chatni 😊and Imli chatni is one of them. This chatni goes very well with samosas, pakodas, kachori, chaat & dahi bada . You can even serve it along with dinner or lunch and can give a new taste. It is very much easy to make this chatni at home . You can keep thiscahtni for a longer time as for 6 months. For this you have to keep it in a glass container and store it in refrigerator. Today I am going to share a very easy & simple way to make this chatni. Hope you all will like & enjoy!

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Ingredients –

* Tamarind/imly- 150 gm

* Sugar- 300 gm

* Jaggery/ gur- 200 gm

* KashmirI lal mirch- 1 tsp

* Black salt- 1 tsp

* Garam masala-3/4 th tsp

* Ginger juice/ dry ginger powder- 1 tsp

* Dates/khajoor- 10-12

* Raisins/Kishmish- 15-20

Method –

* Soak Tamarind or imly 2 hours before in normal water or if you forget then Soak it in warm water for 15-20 minutes. After that madhu it well and strain it in another bowl. 

* Take a kadahi or a pan add this Tamarind water with 1 cup of normal water on a medium flamed burner. Mix sugar, Jaggery, salt, lal mirch, ginger juice or dry ginger powder, dates and raisins. Keep stirring. 

* Let it boil till it thickens and reach the 1 thread consistency. Add garam Masala and switch off the flame. 

Your tasty imly chatni is ready to serve.

Moong Daal Kachori Recipe With Video/Khasta Karari Moong Dal Kachori 

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Hope you all are enjoying! I always like different types of Kachori but Moong dal Kachori is my favorite😀 as you can preserve  its taste and crispiness for a longer time . I prepare it quite often  when there is a festive occasion or if I have to serve it to my guests. The best part to store these kachoris to store in a big aluminium foil and keep it in deep freezer. Whenever needed keep outside before 2 hours and then heat it up in the microwave. It will give you the same fresh taste. 

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link-


* Moong daal- 1 cup

* Refined flour- 4 cup

* Ghee- 4 tsp

* Gramflour/besan- 4 tbs

* Salt- as per taste

* Asafoetida- a pinch of

* Fennel seeds/Saunf- 1 tbs

* Coriander seeds(crushed)- 1 tbs

* Cumin- 1 tsp

* Green chilli- 1

* Red chilli Powder- 1 tsp

* Dry mango powder/amchoor- 1 tsp

* Oil- for frying


* Soaked Moong daal for 2 hours. After 2 hours strain the water and make a paste. It should not be smooth paste. Let it crushed by grinding in a grinder 2-3 times.

* Take a big bowl with refine flour. Add ghee and 1 tbs salt. Mix it and knead a soft dough with adding water. Cover it & keep aside.

* Take a nonstick frying pan. Add 1 tbs oil. After heating it, add Hing, chilli, cumin, crushed coriander, fennel seeds. Let it cook for a while. Mix coriander powder, chilli powder and besan/gramflour. Let it roast well for 4-5 minutes. 

* Add the mixture of daal,salt and cook it well. Then after cooking mix dry mango powder. Let it cool for a while.

* Take a small part of Maida/refined flour dough. Smooth it and roll it by a rolling pin. Fill the little part of filling and then again roll it softly by a rolling pin or by pressing your hand.

* Take a kadahi with oil. Let it hot on a low flame. Flame should be low while making these kachoris otherwise you could not find crispiness.

* Fry all kachoris till it becomes dark brown.

Great your tasty crispy, flaky , yummy kachoris are ready to serve.

Moongfali Chikki Recipe With Video/Easy Recipe of Peanut Bar or Gajak 

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Hope you all are doing great ! Now its the beginning of winter season. I love this winter season because of so many new varieties of different food. Chikki or gajak is one of them. I really love all types of Chikki but Moongfali Chikki is one of my favorite😄!  This Chikki will remember you your childhood days. As the flavour taste & crispiness is exactly like market style. You can make this Chikki very easily at home within 15 minutes.  You will not buy Chikki from market if you taste it. 

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* Peanut/Moongfali- 1 cup

* Sugar- 3/4 th cup

* Jaggery- 2 tsp(crushed)

* Fennel seeds/Saunf- 2 tsp

* Ghee- 1 tsp


* Take a nonstick kadahi, pour ghee. Add sugar and Jaggery-. Let it melt, Stir well on medium flame.

* After melting sugar, check it pouring one drop in a water bowl. If it is crispy it means it is ready. Turn off the flame. Be careful don’t overcook sugar. Just wait for the melting of sugar, there is no need of any one thread or two thread consistency of sugar syrup.

In the meanwhile grease the rolling board and the back of a steel bowl very well, please see the video.

* Add peanuts when sugar is melt. Mix it well and then turn it on the rolling board.

* Immediately flattened it with the help of greased bowl continuously. After flattening sprinkle fennel seeds or saunf and flattened it again.  Now  cut it with the help of a knife otherwise after cooling it down it would be difficult to cut according to your choice. Do immediately without waiting.

Wow !! Great , here is the crispy Chikki 

Chilli Paneer Recipe With Video / How to make Chilli Paneer 

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Hope you all are doing great. Festive season is gone now. Just have to follow daily routine work😊 ! But for a refreshing change you can make this super tasty chilli paneer. It is really delicious and yummy😍! You can serve it with roti, naan or rice. It is very much easy to make this recipe. I am sharing you the very simple and easy recipe. 

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* Paneer- 250 gm

* Cornflour- 4tbs

* Capsicum- 2 medium sized

* Onion- 2 medium sized

* Gatlic- 3-4 cloves

* Coriander Powder- 3 tsp

* Salt- as per taste

* Soya sauce- 2 tsp

* Tomato sauce- 2 tsp

* Vineger- 1/2 tsp

* Black Pepper- 2 tsp

* Oil- as per requirement


* Wash and cut capsicum & paneer into small pieces. Keep aside.

* Make a thin paste of cornflour by adding water, salt and pepper. Fry all paneer pieces in a kadahi. Keep aside.

* Cut onion into thick pieces. Take a kadahi, add oil. Now pour garlic, let it brown,stir it well. Add onion pieces and capsicum . Cook it for 10 minutes.

* Add coriander powder, soya sauce, tomato sauce, vineger, cornflour paste, salt & black pepper. Add water according to the consistency you needed.

* Mix fried paneer pieces. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes. 

Now your tasty chilli paneer is ready to serve .

Thekua Recipe/Bihari Khasta Thekua Recipe With Video

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Hope you all are doing great! After Diwali🎆🎇, now the time to celebrate Chaath Puja. Chaath puja is basically celebrated in Bihar. It is a very big festival to thank Sun God for showering His blessings for the peaceful and happy life. Thekua is made on this puja. It is compulsory to offer Thekua to God. Today, I am going to share the recipe of Khasta Thekua. Not only on festive days this Thekua can be made on any ordinary day as it is very tasty & yummy. You can keep it for a longer time in a airtight container.

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the recipe link.


* Wheatflour- 2 cups

* Semolina/suji- 2 tsp

* Sugar- 3/4 th cup

* Green Cardamom- 4-5

* Fennel seeds/ Saunf- 2 tsp

* Ghee- 3 tsp/ 50 gm

* Oil- For frying


* First make powder of cardamoms. Keep aside.

* Take a big bowl. Put flour, mix cardamom powder & fennel seeds or saunf. Add ghee and mix it well with hands.

* When we tight our fist with flour and if it binds then it is ready to add sugar. Add sugar and mix well.

* Add water slowly . Flour should be hard. So take care of adding water. Add water very carefully. It generally required 1/4 th cup of water to bind 2 cups of Flour. We should not make a dough like roti dough. It should be very hard.

* Now keep the dough covered for an hour or two.

* After an hour or two, you will see that the dough is now more moist than before. Now take a little part of flour and make the shape of thekua. You can see it in my video too. In the market design mould is also available. Keep the dough on the design mould and press it well. 

* Now heat the oil in a kadahi on low flamed burner. When oil becomes hot, put 2-3 prepared Thekua in the kadahi. Fry it well. When it becomes brown from both sides, take it out.

Your tasty Thekua is ready to serve.

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Lauki Barfi Recipe/ Bottle gourd Barfi Recipe With Video

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Hope you all will be preparing for Diwali celebration 😊 ! Diwali is a very big festival of Hindus. We can’t relate this great festival with only one religion. This festival is equally important for Sikhs & Jains. My opinion is to celebrate festival without connecting it to any custom or caste. I love Diwali as it is a festival of light. There are so much varieties of sweets generally offered to everyone. As I love cooking & making different types of sweets at home is my hobby. Well, today I am going to share Lauki ki Barfi or Bottle gourd Barfi Recipe. It is very much easy to make this Barfi at home . You can also make it on your fasting day. 

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. 


* Lauki/Bottle gourd- 1 kg

* Sugar- 2 cups

* Green Cardamoms- 4-5

* Ghee- 2 tsp

* Mawa- 250 gm

* Almonds- 8-10

*Cashews- 8-10

* Coconut Powder- 1/4th cup


* First cut almonds & cashews into small pieces, keep aside.

* Make powder of cardamoms.

* Cut Lauki into two halves and peel off its outer layer. Wash it and then cut out its middle part of seeds. Now grate it and squeeze it. Put squeezed part in another bowl.

* Take a nonstick kadahi, pour ghee. Now put cahews and coconut. Roast it well.

* Put squeezed lauki in it and roast it on medium flame. It will take generally 10-12 minutes to be roasted . Stir it well.

* Add sugar and khoya. Keep stirring until all the mixture become dry.

* Greese a tray or a steel plate. Put the mixture in this plate. Smooth it well and press all almonds pieces equally.

* After cooling it, cut the pieces of Barfi and your tasty, health Barfi is ready to serve.

Kadahi Paneer Recipe/Without Onion Garlic Paneer Recipe/Restaurant Style Paneer Curry With Video

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Hope you all are doing great! Today I am going to share restaurant style paneer curry recipe with thick gravy. You can prepare it very easily at home. Recipes of paneer is always all time favourite dish of everyone as generally it is liked and loved by all age groups. Isn’t it😊! Soon I will share kadahi paneer using onion & garlic. Here we go-

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel. Here is the link-


* Paneer- 250 gm

* Tomato – 250 gm

* Melon seeds- 2 tsp

* Cashews- 2 tsp

* Khuskhus/Poppy seeds- 2 tsp

* Coriander powder- 2 tsp

* Turmeric- 1 tsp

* KashmirI lal mirch- 2 tsp

*Asafoetida- a pinch of

* Cinnamon powder- 1/2 tsp

* Big cardamom – 1

* Green cardamom – 2

* Salt- as per taste

* Bay leaves- 1

* Ghee/oil- 3 tsp


* First cut paneer into small pieces and keep aside. Now make powder of  big cardamom & green cardamom. 

* Make a paste of poppyseeds, Cashews, Melon seeds & tomatoes.

* Take a nonstick kadahi and pour Ghee or oil. Put bay leaves & Asafoetida.  Stir well. 

* Add the smooth paste of dry fruits & tomatoes.  Add all spices as Coriander powder, turmeric & red chilli. Stir well until oil or Ghee separates. 

* After roasting it well on medium flamed burner, add 2 cups of water. Add cardamom powder, Cinnamon  powder & salt. Boil it for 5 minutes. Add paneer cubes and let it boil for 2 more minutes.

Now your tasty kadahi paneer is ready to serve.

Besan Laddo Recipe/Gramflour laddu Recipe With Video

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Happy Karvachauth to all of you! Today is a very auspicious day for ladies. On this day married ladies do fast for the long life of their husband. It is a one day festival celebrated by Hindu women in Northern India, in which married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety & longevity of their husband. I am a true believer of God and I also do fast for the long life of my hubby😊! Well, today I am going to share a recipe of besan laddu which can also be prepared on Karvachauth or any occasion. I made this laddu on Karvachauth and want to share recipe. 

You can also see the full video on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link-


* Besan/Gramflour- 200gm or 2 cups

* Ghee- 200 gm

* Sugar/Tagaar/ bura- 2 cups or 200 gm

* Green Cardamom- 5-6

* Cashews- 15-20

* Almonds- 8-10

* Pistachios/ pista- 8-10


* First cut all the dry fruits and keep aside.

* Take a nonstick kadahi and pour ghee. Add besan or gramflour and roast it on a medium flame burner. Stir it continuously.

* When besan becomes  brown or a nice smell start to come then add 1 tsp of water to make it grainy. 

* Again roast it for 5 minutes. Add dry fruits .Then keep it in other vessel and let it cool . 

* If you feel ghee is less then you can add more. Now when mixture cool down then mix cardamom powder and sugar/Tagaar. Make laddus.