Instant Jalebi Recipe Without Yeast & Color With Video

Hello everyone !

‘Rimjim barrish mein garamagarm jalebi miley toh majha hi aa jaye’😀 Isn’t it?? You can easily enjoy this lip smacking sweet dish at home.  Instant jalebi / quick jalebi can be made instantly without making so much preparation. There is no need to make batter eight hours before enjoying the taste of jalebis. So it’s a perfect recipe because I have not used any metallic food color while making these jalebis. Instead of using the metallic color I  used fruit juice to make it more nutritious. Here is a recipe of Instant jalebi without using yeast & color.You can easily see this recipe on my YouTube channel with full tips-


Maida / All purpose flour- 1 cup

Smooth paste of urad dal- 1/4th cup

Baking Powder- 1/3 tsp

Beet juice(For color)- 3-4 tsp

Sugar- 2 cups

Water- 1.5 cups

Elachi Powder/Cardamom Powder- 1tsp

Lemon juice- 1 tsp


*  First soak urad dal for 2 hours and make a smooth paste. Keep aside.

* Take Maida in a bowl. Add urad dal paste,baking powder & beet juice. Make a smooth batter by adding water. Generally 3/4 cup of water is required to make this batter. It should not be too thin or too thick.

*  Take a pan on a medium flamed burner. Add water and sugar for making sugar syrup for jalebis. The consistency of sugar syrup will be less than one thread. That is when it becomes thick and going to make one thread consistency syrup, switch off the flame . Add elachi powder/cardamom powder and lemon syrup. Keep aside

*  Heat oil in a flat bottomed kadahi on a medium flame. Take a reseal.pack for making jalebis. Put this packet in a glass and fill it with the batter. Now pour it in the kadahi by giving shape of jalebis.

*  Stir it well. When they become brown , take it out and put them in the sugar syrup. Keep in the sugar syrup for 8-10 minutes. After that take it out and serve them.

Make all jalebis like this.

Great! Without using yeast and color your tasty jalebis are ready to serve.

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Singhara Atta Halwa Recipe With Video

Hello Friends,

Shravan or Savan is the holiest month to worship Lord Shiva . In this month generally Hindus do fast on Monday to please Lord Shiva . So today, I am going to share a recipe which is totally perfect for   fast. Generally Singhara atta  halwa is made on navratras or on any fast days. Singhara atta is easily available at every grocery shops in India and Indian departmental stores in foreign country. So anyone can give it a try.

You can easily checkout this recipe with very useful tips on my YouTube channel, link is-


Singhara atta- 1 cup

Sugar- 1 cup

Ghee- 3 tsp

Cashews- 2 tsp(optional)

Raisins- 2 tsp

Water- 3 cups


*  Take a non-stick kadahi . Pour ghee on a medium flamed burner.

*  Add singhara flour and roast until it become dark brown.

* Turn off the flame ,add sugar and mix water.  Add dry fruits & stir it well.

*  Turn on the flame and stir it until it becomes dry like normal halwa.

Now your halwa is ready to serve.

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Caramelized Suji/ Semolina Halwa Recipe With Video

Hello Friends,

Coming back with a very tasty,delicious & yummy 😍 caramelized Suji/semolina Halwa recipe which is very much different from the usual halwa. Same ingredients but different method, gave you a lip smacking sweet dish and a perfect recipe on this full moon day🌕! Halwa is mainly a North Indian sweet dish and is prepared on every festive occasion. So generally every  Indian woman know the method of making halwa. But you can give a new taste and flavour in your usual halwa dish. Just have a look-

You can see the full recipe on my YouTube channel-


1. Semolina or suji-   1  cup

2. Sugar- 1 cup

3. Ghee- 1/2 cup

4. Milk- 2 cups/ 2.5 cups

5. Cashew nuts –  1/4 cup

6. Raisins- 1/4 cup

7. Cardamom powder- 1-2 tsp

Pour the ghee and sugar both in a nonstick  kadahi on a medium flame.Stir well, when sugar becomes dark brown then put semolina or suji with milk in kadahi. If the milk is less then you can mix water. Cut cashewnuts and then pour it with raisins in the  kadahi. Then put cardamoms which are finely grinded in mortar-pestal and husks discarded. Stir continuously and take care of its consistensy.When the  colour becomes dark brown,turn off the flame.Pour into the serving bowl and now it is ready to eat.

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Review of  Lemongrass Tea  From CC Tea,Manipur With Video & Method

Hi everyone!

Hope you have been well !  I think Rainy days☔ should be spent at home with a cup of tea ☕and a good book📕 ! Am I right😊??  Tea gives you divine pleasure and tea has some magical power to keep you active again. I know some people who can’t wakeup without sipping a cup of tea. Tea has the power to cool you when you are too heated, will cheer you when you are depressed and calm you when you are excited.In Asian cooking Lemongrass used as a prevalent herb. Lemongrass is more warming than our average black tea as it is caffeine free and very easy to prepare.

Moving on, I had  received lemongrass tea from CC Tea, Manipur. It is a very reputed brand. They prepare 100% caffeine free tea which has so many health benefits.

Packaging-   The packaging of their product is nice. You can get this tea either in the form of loose tea or also in tea bags.

Anyone can use whatever suited them best. See the above pics👆 . Loose  tea can easily be store in the same plastic box in which they send. It is manufactured & packed by –

The Sui Generis Inc.                                        Kwakeithel Landing Leikai                            Imphal- 795001, Manipur.     

Price-  INR 399/- for 100gm of tea.

If you order tea bags then will get 100 tea bags in one pack.

How to Prepare Lemongrass Tea by using CC Tea-  

To prepare a cup of lemongrass tea by using this CC Tea is so simple and easy. It’s a very quick and healthy way of getting all benefits from a cup of tea. Method is shown in the video. Link is-

Contact Details-  You can easily check their product on the given website-

You can also contact them through their Facebook. Link is-

Benefits of CC Tea –

Refreshing drink-  This is a caffeine free, pure & organic Cymbopogon citratus which has a calming aroma and refresh your mood instantly.

Energy Booster-   This tea has a power to clean or purify action on the entire body system which increases the efficiency of the digestive system and helps in flushing out the toxins which in turn helpful in weight loss.

Rich in Flavonoids & Antioxidants-

It boost the immune system, fight environmental damage and help arrest cellular decay. Many diseases could be kept in bay as risk of cancer,heart problems & the aging process.

Natural remedy- This is one of the most effective all purpose natural remedy. God gifted natural healing power to cure cold and cough, lower high blood pressure, helpful in lowers uric acid level and help to maintain healthy skin and eyes.

My Views-  Lemongrass tea has so many potential health benefits. If you are a healthy food lover and want to get the 100% benefits from a cup of tea then this one is the best choice as Fresh Lemongrass is not available everywhere. You can get the same flavour and aroma and benefits of fresh  Lemongrass if you are using this naturally caffeine free CC Tea . Availability of Fresh lemongrass is not possible every time and storing this tea is very much easy. You can use and store for a long time. You can easily and quickly brews up into a delightful, lemony flavoured tea by using CC Tea. It is very easy to prepare, caffeine free and more warming than your average black tea blend.

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Review of Genius Abacus Kids Academy (Washington)

 Hi guys, 

As the strength of a building can be measured by its foundation, same is true in case of measuring the capability of a man. Kids are like wet soil, in which shape we mould them, they will be turn  like that. It’s the duty of parents to develop good habits or good knowledge in their children so that they will be successful in their life. Never waste  time while thinking that your kids are too small, this is the right  age ( From 4- 12) when they can understand different techniques. In general, kids get their first lesson from their home and their parents are there teachers. Only they can nourish good habits or good things in their child. 

Well, my today’s post is for my readers who are from Washington. An academy is going to start in your area in   which Abacus will be taught and Handwriting skill will be developed. The link is-

First of all I want to discuss about Abacus.
Abacus is the most ancient tool used for the purpose of calculation. It is simply a device for helping a human being to calculate by remembering what has been calculated. It is simply a manual aid to calculating that consists of beads or disks that can be moved up & down on a series of sticks or strings within a usually wooden frame. A child could learn difficult mathematical techniques easily  & while playing. 

It’s true that Handwriting is the mirror of anyone’s personality. You can judge anyone’s nature & behaviour by seeing or analysing their writing. We can help our child to improve their writing by learning some techniques. 

Genius Abacus Kids Academy provide such an environment to your kids so that they will learn all things in a easy way. Don’t leave this opportunity. You will easily get all the information and contact details by clicking their link mentioned above.

Admissions are open now. Don’t leave the chance . 

Review of French Press Coffee Maker From InstaCuppa With Video

Hi Guys!

How are you all doing?

Coffee☕ is always a stress reliever for me. Drinking coffee is the favourite time of my morning or evening. I don’t understand how can some people not like coffee😄! But do you know what makes a great cup of coffee? If you are a true lover of coffee like me then you can easily understand the difference between filter coffee and instant coffee. We look for smoothness and complexity alongwith the superb top flavour. Many things plays an important role to make an  awesome cup of coffee. I love filter coffee as the taste,flavour & aroma is out of the world and It gives me instant relief and energy. I need to have a cup of coffee everyday now. Coffee lover here😄

I came to know about this amazing French Press Coffee Maker from InstaCuppa. I was very interested & they were kind enough to send it to me. If you are a coffee lover then you would know that the type of filter you use when brewing coffee does matter a lot!

You can see the full review in the video with the method of making perfect filter coffee. Link is-

Packaging-  I must say that packaging of every product from InstaCuppa is superrrr awesome😀!

There is 200% guarantee of breakage free and timely delivery of their product.  You can see their packaging in the photos given above. Hats off🎩🎩 for the super duper packaging and the product.

Qualities-  There are so much qualities , I try to explain some of them which are essential.

1.  Stainless Steel & Rust free frame- 

which helps to keep the glass beaker safe from any breakage.

2.  Borosilicate Glass- 

The glass beaker is of high quality Borosilicate & 100% safe for  the hot water.

3. Smooth plunger mechanism-

 The plunger is very much smooth . You can easily press out grounds with this plunger.

4. Heat Resistant Handle-  The handle is totally heat resistant .

5.  Substantial Capacity-  This French Press capacity is 600ml which is more than enough. You can make about 6 cups of coffee at a time.

6. FDA Approved-  All components are food safe as while brewing coffee never comes into contact with any plastic which is very much essential for health.

6. Superior Filter-  

It contains 3 part superior filter so brewing is perfect. No residue of coffee grounds will be in your cup😊!

Price-  The price of the product is very reasonable. They are also offering some discounts . You can check it out their product online and be a part of happy buyers list.

Contact details-   



There products are easily available on Amazon & Flipkart.

You can purchase this product by the link given below-


My views-  

I have seen many of my coffee lovers friends who are fed up of the residue floating in their cup of coffee. A perfect cup of coffee should be measured by the smoothness and the unimaginable flavour. This coffee filter is perfect for making 6 cups of coffee at a time, which saves a lot of time if you have to serve filter coffee to your family members or friends. Roasted Coffee beans are needed to make a perfect filter coffee. I always used coarse coffee powder made by roasted coffee beans.  Generally my schedule is very much hectic.  I used to have coffee to get rid of the hammering headache and now I’m addicted. So this French Coffee Maker is perfect for me.

I want to give thanks to them for sending such a nice product and I am sure you all would not be disappointed by getting this amazing stuff. Perfect look and wonderful work make it a must buy product. 

Rating- 5/5

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Easy & Instant  Aloo Biryani ( Eid Special)

Hello everyone!

Eid Mubarak to all of you! Today I am going to share a very quick & easy Biryani recipe which anyone can cook without any hassle.  It is very tasty & can be prepared instantly . Just have a look-


Basmati rice- 500gm

Potato- 4-5 ( as per your choice)

Onion- 3 large sized

Ginger-  a small piece

Garlic- 7-8 cloves

Bay leaves- 2

Curd- 125gm

Biryani masala- 4 tsp

Meetha Iter( sweet edible essence)- 2 tsp

Kewada essence- 2 tsp

Oil- 4 tbs

Salt- as per taste

Water- double of rice


Peel off potato, wash it and fry it in a non-stick kadahi (oil absorption is less). Keep aside. Now make a paste of onion,ginger and garlic. Take a pressure cooker, pour oil and add bay leaves-onion ,ginger & garlic paste,saute it  , add Biryani masala . Saute it  until oil separates. Mix curd and fry it for 3-4 minutes on medium flame. Now mix fried potato. Wash Basmati rice and drain it . Mix rice in the cooker , stir well. Add sweet essence, kewada essence, salt & water( as if you have taken 2 cups of rice then add 4 cups of water). Close the cooker lid . After one whistle , cook rice on the low flame for 3-4 minutes. Put off the flame and your tasty, delicious and instant Aloo Biryani is ready to serve.

Review of InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Bottle With Video & Recipe

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great! Summer is on its peek and one needs a variety of fluids to beat the summer heat and drinking plain water does get boring😑everyday, isn’t it ?  Now get your own DIY water!   As nowadays almost everyone is health freaky and that’s why home-made flavoured water is a good way to hydrate the body without pilling on the sugars,chemicals or artificial agents. You can make your own elixier.

Moving on, a few days before  I had received this Fruit Infuser Bottle from Insta Cuppa. It is really awesome. I am going to review it only after using it that’s why I am saying it’s a very nice product of InstaCuppa.

You can see the full review with recipes on my video , Link is-

Packaging-  If we talk about its packaging then its really great. You can see it in the picture and in the video too. It came in a box and bottle was packed again by a bubble sheet to protect it from any damage.

I had received so many products from various brands till now but If you will asked me to give marks then I would certainly like to give double marks as 200/100😀 only for its great packaging. A great thumbs up 👍 !

Qualities-  There are so much qualities , you can also see it on its box.

Tritan, Copolyster material, Full Length Infuser Rod, 1000 ml, Highly Durable and Impact, Resistant, Leak Proof, Custom Anti Sweat Sleeve, Convenient Carrying Handle, Food Grade Plastic Lid, Easy to Clean( hand washing recommended- top rack dishwasher safe) , Eco Friendly- 100℅ , BPA Free, Recyclable, 100% satisfaction, Guaranteed

Contact Details-  This product is easily available on Amazon & Flip kart. No need to go anywhere.



You can easily get your product by clicking this link-


How to Infuse Water-  This bottle is very beautifully designed that allows you to take healthy & nutrient rich fruit Infuser water. There are endless combinations which you can choose according to your taste .

Some combinations are also mentioned on the box. Your options are endless .

I have also shown the various creative ways to infuse your water so that It can also help you to detoxify your body. So now guys, give up your plain water habit.

You can reused the fruits many times before the flavours starts to dissipate. Just choose the way to add fruits as you like, you can even use tea and herbs (as Green tea is almost everyone favorite). Mix it with lime and mint and enjoy the unexplainable aroma of the drink. For getting the full flavour infused fruits for atleat 3-4 hours before drinking.

My views-   I really like it because flavoured water is basically a more appetising way to consume more water, and more water soluble vitamins and minerals.


* The bottle is beautifully designed .

*   Infusing  chamber is a decent size.

*They also give a spring by which you can blunder your shake or protein shake.

* A flip-top lid and well designed drinking spout makes it easy to drink water even when you are driving.

* Easily holding facility which is non-skid. You can carry it very conveniently.

* A cover of a bottle is also given.

* The bottle is made from high quality Tritan plastic which is also BPA free and make it more durable.

*  It is leak proof.


I had not find any demerit except one that  bottle is available in only one color but trust me it is the best suited color I have seen . Anyone can carry it . 

So for me, It is the must buy product for those who want an eye on their health and also for those who want to reduce their weight because this product help you to detox your body since most of these water have natural, mild diuretics like cucumbers or lemons which help you to flush out extra water weight.

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Review of Vitamin Supplements by Super Gummy With Video

Hey guys!

How have you all been? Sorry, for the delay of this post as I was enjoying my holidays and it really prove an energy booster for me😊 as now I am feeling fully energetic and enthusiastic. Generally routine daily  monotonous work make your life dull and boring , same is true in the context of meal. Specially kids mother faces problems when their kids are picky eaters😞 ! Well, today I am going to review Vitamin Supplements from Super Gummy.

Super Gummy is famous for the vitamin Supplements made for kids. Kids are the most beautiful creation of God and mother-kid relationship is divine and unexplainable. Every mother on this earth want their child  be healthy,smart and active . It can only be possible when your kids eat everything but generally kids are  very much choosy and fussy eaters. They generally eat those items whose look and taste are pleasing to them. So they don’t get all nutrients and vitamins which are essential for them.

You can also watch a full review on this video, link is-


Super Gummy make chewable Supplements which make your kids smarter,stronger and happier😊!

Coming on, Super Gummy is manufactured & marketed by Genmedic.

Product- I received four types of products from Super Gummy.

You can see all of them-

Super Gummy’s Iron+ Vitamins-

Everyone knows that Iron is essential for the growth and development of a person and for kids who don’t take iron rich food they should opt for the Iron+vitamins as it helps to build muscle & cognitive functions. 

Super Gummy’s Calcium+ Vitamin D-   

It helps to build strong bones & joints. Your kids will get all round development by taking these chewable Supplements.

Super Gummy’s Multi- Vitamins-

It helps to build total health means all round development of kids be possible by giving these attractive multi-vitamins by a reputed brand.

Super Gummy’s Zinc Vitamins-

It helps to build immunity. At a younger age immunity of children is week that’s why they will suffer many seasonal diseases. To protect your kids from various diseases we have to try our best to increase their immunity level and opting this one is the smarter choice.

Price-   Price is very much reasonable and affordable😊 !

INR 129/-

Contact Details-   For shop or more details please visit-

You can also connect it by Facebook-



The packaging of these vitamin Supplements is really nice. All come in a resealable packet which is very much convenient to use. All gummy bears are separately packed so from the hygiene point of view its very good. You will get 30 gummies in a single pack.  I am totally satisfied by the packaging.

My views-  Being a mother I really aware of this hard fact that kids generally avoid those foods which are full of nutrients and sometimes it really annoying😣 ! Then there arise the question which product can rev up our kids flagging energy with a jolt of vitamins and minerals. We already know vitamins and minerals are good for us but which ones our kids really need and which are suitable for our lovely kids? As kids are growing at lightning speed so required amount of nutrients is essential for them and Super Gummy sales all these supplements   in a cute  gummy teddy bear  shape which children would love to eat. All these nutrients are essential for any child .

The look and taste are pleasing to children so kids generally eat without making any excuses. These gummies are really attractive and taste is also good so its a great choice for you to select these supplements for your kids as these multivitamins are within  your budget.  So for me I really suggest my readers to choose these supplements for their kids.

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Review Of Sattuvita’s Products With Recipe & Video

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing great! Guys, I think the most annoying question in every household is aaj khaney mein kya bana hai😡?Its sooo irritating and I am sure if you are a homemaker then you would certainly face the same situation. Isn’t it?? Well, today  you will be happy that I am going to add one more product in your menu to stress you out somehow😊Today, I am going to review Sattuvita products. Tell me one thing, Have you ever heard of Sattu? No, Okkkkk…..! There is no need to worry at all. I am here to tell you all about😉.  First of all tell me , If you know about the world famous cuisine from Bihar? Yes, you are absolutely right, It’s none other than litti-chokha😉! In litti the stuffing is made of  Sattu. Traditionally Sattu is the powder form of roasted black gram( kala chana in Hindi). In India from Sattu we generally make paratha,kachori, laddoos & litti – chokhas.

You can also see the full review in this video. Link is-


Sattu not only increase the energy level but also an amazing coolant to battle heat stroke and helps in hydrating our body  in summer.

Coming on, If you are following me on Instagram or on any social site then you would know that  I had received six packs from Sattuvita( It’s also a hint to follow or join me at any social site😀)

Generally Sattu is simply the powder form of roasted black grams but Sattu Vita gave a new look of ordinary sattu. A nice flavour and unique taste make it more healthy and tasty. The products which I had received   are  three packs of soups and rest of  drinks .  These drinks  are not only goes well in hot summer days  but also in winter season  too.

Name of three soups are-

Tomato Ginger , Hot and Sour vegetables & Mushroom Onion soup.

Name of three drinks-

Chocolate Drink Mix,  Kesari Mango & Lemon Mint juice Mix.

Price-   The price is reasonable and affordable. You can even get a chance of good deal for the products of sattuvita on amazon.

Contact Details-  There products are easily available. You can order it on Amazon and Big basket means products are simply a click away from your doorstep. I am giving the link of their Facebook and website. Just have a look on their entire range of products.



My views-  I remembered the days when my mom generally said if you eat black grams then you will get the strength like a horse 🐴and after becoming mother, I did the same  to  my kids😀. Frankly speaking, Sattu is eaten at our home regularly as It is more nutritious and healthy but I had not tasted these flavoured sattu before I received it. I generally gave sattu drinks to my kids in summer to protect them from heat stroke. Specially chocolate Mix sattu is liked by my daughter as she is a chocolate freaky and she was also amazed how chocolate is Mix in sattu😀. There all products ,soups and drinks have a unique taste and also well  fitted in our modern life style. As now a days we have a very fast life and don’t have time to cook variety of healthy and nutritious foods. So these are instant healthy cooking products which can be served within 5 minutes. You can  prepare these soups and drinks within 5 minutes.  It is the perfect meal for vegans and vegetarians due to its rich nutrition content. Its a natural source of calcium , iron and fibre. For making drinks here is no need to add sugar as powdered sugar is already mix in it. I also tried to make icecream from these drinks. Yummy and delicious😄 but while making icecream of lemon mint flavour , I found the quantity of sugar is less so you can add sugar according to your taste as these mixes are not for icecream but only for drinks. 

Method of making these soups,drinks and icecream are shown in the video. Just go there and enjoy . Those who are health freaky and want to add a new taste in your routine daily meal it’s a must buy product.  

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