Namak Pare/Nimki Recipe

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing great. Since a long time I had not posted any recipe. But today I am going to share very tasty crispy Namak Pare recipe which is very easy to make at home. It is everyone’s favourite. You can store it for a long time. My kids love to eat namakpare very much.

You can see it on my You Tube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link-


* Refined flour /Maida- 500 gms

* Oil- For frying

* Red chilli powder- as per taste

* Carom/ Ajwain – 2 tsp

* Salt- as per taste


1. Take refined flour or maida and add 3 tbs oil as moyen. Flour should be bind in a fist to make it more crispy.

2. Add salt, carom & red chilli powder. Mix it well.

3. Add little water and knead hard flour. It should not be soft. Otherwise namakpare will not be crispy.

4. Now take oil in a kadahi on a medium flame burner. Take a small portion of dough and roll it like a roti . Thickness is more than a roti. Cut in nimki shape. Please see the video for the perfect nimki making.

5. On a medium flame fry all nimkies.

Tasty namakpare is ready to serve.

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