Sweet Mathri Recipe/Meethi Mathri Recipe/Karvachauth Special Recipe

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great! Festive season is knocking at your door😊! Sweets are the essential part of any festival. We can’t assume any festival without sweets. Today I am going to share the recipe of sweet mathri or meethi mathri. You can prepare it on Dewali, Karvachauth or on any festival. It is always liked by everyone.

You can see this recipe on my You Tube channel- cradle of joy.


1. Maida/Refined flour- 2 cups

2. Ghee for moyen- 1/4th cup

3. Sugar- 1 cup

4. Water- less than half cup

5. Ghee/ oil- For frying


1. Take a big bowl with maida. Add ghee for moyen and mix it well . Then add little water and make a hard dough. Dough shouldn’t be soft.

2. For sugar syrup, take a pan with 1 cup of sugar and add water which should be less than half cup. Let them boil on medium flame. Syrup should be of one thread consistency. It would hardly take 5-7 minutes for preparation on medium flame. When it is cooked, turn off the flame. Let it cool.

3. Take a medium sized ball, roll it with the help of rolling pin. Make a big roti and cut it with the help of a round cutter. Take a kadahi and pour ghee or oil in it. Heat it on low to medium flame.

4. Fry all mathris till it become golden brown. Now put mathris one by one in sugar syrup. Coat it well.

Let it dry, your tasty mathris are ready to serve.

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