Til Chikki/Til Gur Chikki Recipe/Sesame Brittle Recipe

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to share Til chikki recipe. I know the fact that winter is almost gone but due to unexpected incidences I couldn’t able to write a single word. So forgive me.

Til/ Sesame is very good for health. We can use white sesame or black sesame according to our choice. But right now I had made this chikki by using black sesame.

You can easily see it on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link-


* Black sesame- 2 cups

* Sugar- 1.5 cup

* Jaggery/ Gur- 1/2 cup

* Moongfali/Peanuts- 1 cup

* Cashews- 1/4 th cup

* Melon seeds- 1/4 cup

* Ghee- 2 tsp

* Fennel seeds/ Saunf- 2 tsp


* Take a nonstick Kadahi and dry roast til, cashews, melon seeds & peanuts.

* After roasting, keep aside in a bowl.

* In the same Kadahi, add ghee. Now put sugar & jaggery. Wait until sugar melts. Turn off the flame.

* Grease the rolling pin & board.

* Add til when sugar melts. Mix it well quickly.

* Put all mixture on the rolling board and with the help of rolling pin or a steel bowl , spread evenly and pour saunf or fennel seeds. Cut it accordingly.

Your tasty til chikky is ready to serve.

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