Til Mawa laddu Recipe With Video

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great ! I love Winter because of so many new dishes or recipes which we can enjoy in these days😍. Til or sesame seed is one of them. We can make so many varieties as til is very healthy to eat in these days. I had already shared black til laddu and til gajak recipes & you can see the videos on my YouTube channel. Today I am going to share white til mawa laddu which can be prepared very easily at home. Very less ingredients and you can prepare it instantly. Let’s start !

You can see the full recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the link –


*  White sesame seeds/ White til- 250 gm

* Powdered Sugar- 250 gm

* Mawa/ Khoya- 250 gm

* Cashews- 12-15

* Pistachio/Pista- 7-8


* Take a nonstick kadahi and dry roast white sesame or white til on a medium flamed burner, keep stirring. Do not over roast it .

* After roasting keep aside in an another bowl. Take the same kadahi and now roast mawa or khoya. Keep stirring and roast it well till it becomes fully dry.

* Now take a large bowl, mix khoya/mawa, til and sugar. Mix well and add cashews and pistachios. 

* Make laddus and enjoy😊

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