Chilli Paneer Recipe With Video / How to make Chilli Paneer 

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great. Festive season is gone now. Just have to follow daily routine work😊 ! But for a refreshing change you can make this super tasty chilli paneer. It is really delicious and yummy😍! You can serve it with roti, naan or rice. It is very much easy to make this recipe. I am sharing you the very simple and easy recipe. 

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* Paneer- 250 gm

* Cornflour- 4tbs

* Capsicum- 2 medium sized

* Onion- 2 medium sized

* Gatlic- 3-4 cloves

* Coriander Powder- 3 tsp

* Salt- as per taste

* Soya sauce- 2 tsp

* Tomato sauce- 2 tsp

* Vineger- 1/2 tsp

* Black Pepper- 2 tsp

* Oil- as per requirement


* Wash and cut capsicum & paneer into small pieces. Keep aside.

* Make a thin paste of cornflour by adding water, salt and pepper. Fry all paneer pieces in a kadahi. Keep aside.

* Cut onion into thick pieces. Take a kadahi, add oil. Now pour garlic, let it brown,stir it well. Add onion pieces and capsicum . Cook it for 10 minutes.

* Add coriander powder, soya sauce, tomato sauce, vineger, cornflour paste, salt & black pepper. Add water according to the consistency you needed.

* Mix fried paneer pieces. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes. 

Now your tasty chilli paneer is ready to serve .

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