Thekua Recipe/Bihari Khasta Thekua Recipe With Video

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Hope you all are doing great! After Diwali🎆🎇, now the time to celebrate Chaath Puja. Chaath puja is basically celebrated in Bihar. It is a very big festival to thank Sun God for showering His blessings for the peaceful and happy life. Thekua is made on this puja. It is compulsory to offer Thekua to God. Today, I am going to share the recipe of Khasta Thekua. Not only on festive days this Thekua can be made on any ordinary day as it is very tasty & yummy. You can keep it for a longer time in a airtight container.

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. Here is the recipe link.


* Wheatflour- 2 cups

* Semolina/suji- 2 tsp

* Sugar- 3/4 th cup

* Green Cardamom- 4-5

* Fennel seeds/ Saunf- 2 tsp

* Ghee- 3 tsp/ 50 gm

* Oil- For frying


* First make powder of cardamoms. Keep aside.

* Take a big bowl. Put flour, mix cardamom powder & fennel seeds or saunf. Add ghee and mix it well with hands.

* When we tight our fist with flour and if it binds then it is ready to add sugar. Add sugar and mix well.

* Add water slowly . Flour should be hard. So take care of adding water. Add water very carefully. It generally required 1/4 th cup of water to bind 2 cups of Flour. We should not make a dough like roti dough. It should be very hard.

* Now keep the dough covered for an hour or two.

* After an hour or two, you will see that the dough is now more moist than before. Now take a little part of flour and make the shape of thekua. You can see it in my video too. In the market design mould is also available. Keep the dough on the design mould and press it well. 

* Now heat the oil in a kadahi on low flamed burner. When oil becomes hot, put 2-3 prepared Thekua in the kadahi. Fry it well. When it becomes brown from both sides, take it out.

Your tasty Thekua is ready to serve.

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