Lauki Barfi Recipe/ Bottle gourd Barfi Recipe With Video

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all will be preparing for Diwali celebration 😊 ! Diwali is a very big festival of Hindus. We can’t relate this great festival with only one religion. This festival is equally important for Sikhs & Jains. My opinion is to celebrate festival without connecting it to any custom or caste. I love Diwali as it is a festival of light. There are so much varieties of sweets generally offered to everyone. As I love cooking & making different types of sweets at home is my hobby. Well, today I am going to share Lauki ki Barfi or Bottle gourd Barfi Recipe. It is very much easy to make this Barfi at home . You can also make it on your fasting day. 

You can see this recipe on my YouTube channel- cradle of joy. 


* Lauki/Bottle gourd- 1 kg

* Sugar- 2 cups

* Green Cardamoms- 4-5

* Ghee- 2 tsp

* Mawa- 250 gm

* Almonds- 8-10

*Cashews- 8-10

* Coconut Powder- 1/4th cup


* First cut almonds & cashews into small pieces, keep aside.

* Make powder of cardamoms.

* Cut Lauki into two halves and peel off its outer layer. Wash it and then cut out its middle part of seeds. Now grate it and squeeze it. Put squeezed part in another bowl.

* Take a nonstick kadahi, pour ghee. Now put cahews and coconut. Roast it well.

* Put squeezed lauki in it and roast it on medium flame. It will take generally 10-12 minutes to be roasted . Stir it well.

* Add sugar and khoya. Keep stirring until all the mixture become dry.

* Greese a tray or a steel plate. Put the mixture in this plate. Smooth it well and press all almonds pieces equally.

* After cooling it, cut the pieces of Barfi and your tasty, health Barfi is ready to serve.

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