Non-Sticky Sabudana Khichdi Recipe With Video

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying Durga Puja or Navratris. Sabudana or sago is also used in fasting. We can make so many dishes from Sabudana. Sabudana Khichdi is one of them. The taste of this khichdi is really great and you can take it as it is a best meal to fill your tummy😀 !

Here is the video of this recipe.


* Sabudana/Sago- 1 cup

* Boiled  Potato- 1

* Peanut-  1/2 cup

* Cumin- 1 tsp

* Black Pepper- 1 tsp

* Rock Salt/Sendha Namak- as per taste

* Lemon- 8-10 drops

* Coriander leaves- 1/4 th cup

* Green chilli-1

* Ghee- 1 tsp


* Wash and soak sabudana for 4-5 hours. The level of water used for soaking should be one level less than the quantity of sabudana.

* Take a nonstick kadahi or pan . Pour ghee, roast peanut till it turns brown. Keep aside.

* Pour 1 tsp of ghee , add cumin and green chilli. Let it splitter. Add boiled potato (cut it into small pieces), let it roast for 2 minutes.

* Add soaked sabudana & peanuts. Mix rock salt, black pepper. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes till it becomes transparent.

* Add coriander leaves and serve.

Enjoy your tasty sabudana khichdi.

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17 thoughts on “Non-Sticky Sabudana Khichdi Recipe With Video

    • Cradle of Joy says:

      Soaking of sabudana in adequate amount of water means water level should be less than the level of sabudana. Soak it for 5-6 hours to get better results. After soaking you will find all sabudana is not sticky.


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