Kadah Prasad/Atte Ka Halwa Recipe With Video

Hello Everyone !

A very hearty welcome to Navratris to all of my readers ! Now the days to welcome Ma Durga ! For Kolkatans (like meπŸ˜€), these are the days of full masti and dhammal. Ma Durga comes with her children once in a year, so these are the special days for everyone to worship Ma Durga. Ma always have a hand on her every child without making any discrimination so this is the time when we should show our love towards her by making so many dishes. Today I am going to share a recipe which is must for every Puja it is none other than Kadah Prasad or Atte ka Halwa.Β 

Here is the link of the video. You can see the full recipe.


* Wheat Flour- 1 cup

* Sugar- 1 cup

* Ghee- 1 cup

* Water- 2.5 cups


* Take a nonstick kadahi, pour ghee and wheat flour or atta.

* Roast it well on low to medium flame until it turns brown.

* Add water and let it dry till it dry.

Your tasty Kadah Prasad is ready .

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