Aloo Lachha Recipe With Video/Aloo Lachha Namkeen/Potato Namkeen

Hello Everyone !

Hope you all are doing great. Aloo or potato is everyone’s favorite. I think aloo is liked by both kids as well as elders. If we talk about namkeen made by aloo then automatically water comes in our mouth!😀 Isn’t it?? Aloo/potato is a very much adjustable vegetable which can be easily added to make any dish tasty. Aloo/potato can also be eaten on fast. So it is a very versatile vegetable which can be used in many dishes.

Today I am going to share a recipe of Aloo Lachha or Falahari aloo lachha . You can take this one on fast and also on normal days.

Here is also a full video of making aloo lachha recipe step by step. Please see it and if you like it then press the thumbs up button and share it. If you want to get the notification for my all new videos then subscribe to my channel- cradle of joy.


* Aloo/Potato- 7-8 medium sized

*Oil- For frying

*Peanut- 1/2 cup

* Salt- as per taste

* Black pepper- 1 tbs


* First take water in a big bowl and grate potatoes in this bowl so that potato will not become dark and the starch of potatoes will be washed out.

* Wash again grated potatoes thoroughly and dry it on a kitchen towel very well.

* Heat oil in a kadahi and fry it on a medium flame. When become brown take it out.

* Fry all grated potatoes in the same manner and also fry peanuts in the same oil.

* Take a big mixing bowl and mix both fried grated potatoes and peanuts. Mix salt and pepper.

Tasty,delicious & Yummy Potato Lachha is ready to serve.

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