Ukdiche Modak Recipe Without Using Mould/ Pressure Cooker Ukdiche Modak Recipe With Video

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Hope you all are preparing for Ganesh Puja Celebration.  Happy Ganesh Puja  to all in advance🎇🎆 Ganesh Puja is celebrated in Maharashtra. We prepare many dishes on this big day. Modak is also one of them. There are many types of modak which can be prepared to please Lord Ganesha ! But today I am sharing ukdiche modak recipe which you can prepare in pressure cooker very easily and instantly. So those who are preparing modak at a very first time, even they can easily make it without taking any tension.

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* Rice(soaked for 2hrs)/Rice flour-2 cups

* Fresh grated  coconut- 1.5 cups

* Jaggery- 1 cup

* Almonds- 8-10

* Cashews- 8-10

* Melon seeds- 2 tbs

*Raisins- 10-12

* Green Cardamom Powder- 2tsp

* Ghee- 2 tbs

* Salt- a pinch of


*  Make a smooth paste of rice. If you are taking rice flour then leave this step. Cut all the dry fruits and keep aside.

* Take a nonstick kadahi , pour ghee. Add the smooth paste of rice. Mix salt. Let it dry on medium flame. Keep stirring. When fully dried then turn off the flame.

If you are taking rice flour, as for 2 cups of rice flour add 1.5 cup of water and put flour in a boiling water. Now turn off the flame and cover it for 5 minutes. 

* Take out this mixture in a plate and knead well just like flour. You can add 1-2 tsp of water while kneading this dough. Dough should be smooth. Keep aside but cover it.

* Take another nonstick kadahi. Add a little bit of ghee and put jaggery. Let it melt then add coconut mixture and stir it. When it will be dried then mix all the dry fruits and cardamom powder. Stir it till it becomes fully dried. Turn off the flame and let it cool down.

* For making modak, take a small ball from the rice dough and flat it with your palms after rubbing oil. Fill the coconut filling and make plates of the dough with the help of your finger slowly. Make all the Modak- with the same process. You can see the process in my video.

* Take a pressure cooker and add 1 glass of water. For steaming I had used Idli stand. Grease it well and put all Modak in the idli stand. Now close the cooker lid without putting whistle. Steam it for 8-10 minutes.

* After 8-10 minutes, turn off the flame and take out all Modak- in a plate. First offer it to Lord Ganesha.

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