Mawa Modak Recipe With Video (Without using Mould & Food Color) 

Hello, everyone!

Hope you all are doing great! Modak is the most favorite sweet of Lord Ganesh. Whenever we hear the word Modak then automatically we remember Ganesh ji, isn’t it?? It’s a famous dish of Maharashtra where everyone prepares Modak on Ganesh Utsav to please Him. Different types of modak can be prepared & Mawa Modak is one of them.

Well, today I am going to share the recipe of mawa modak without using any mould & Food color. It  is very easy to make. I tried various types of mawa modak as – Chocolate Modak, Kesar Modak, Coconut Modak & Pink Color Modak (Pinky Modak😊) You can see the full recipe on my YouTube channel,  here is the link-


*  Mawa – 250gm

* Powdered Sugar/ Tagar- 200gm

* Elachi Powder- 2 tsp

* Saffron strands – 7-8

* Coconut Powder- 2 tbs

* Turmeric Powder – 1/2tsp

* Beet juice- 2-3 tsp(For pinky modak)


* Roast khoya in a nonstick kadahi and roast it well until it dried.

* After roasting let it cool well.

* Mix sugar & elachi powder when mawa cool down propmawa .

* For Chocolate Modak-

Separate some mawa from the roasted one ,add chocolate powder and make modak by giving shape.

* For Kesar Modak-

Take some roasted mawa, mix Kesar strands already dip in water &turmeric. Give shape of modak.

*For Coconut Modak-

Add coconut powder in the roasted mawa &sugar mixture. Mix it well & make modak.

* For Pink Color Modak-

Add beet juice in the roasted mawa-sugar mixture . Make modak.

Your tasty modak are ready to serve.

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