Mawa Peda Recipe With Video (Video in Hindi)

Hello all !

Hope you all are doing great. As the festive season is knocking at your door😊, I am going to share a very simple but tasty sweet recipe, it’s none other than Mawa Peda Recipe/ Khoya peda RecipeRakshabandan , a Great Great festival , a token of a love of a brother & sister👫, is a special festival. Being a sister I can easily understand the feelings of a sister who tie a rakhi on her brother’s hand. Tying a rakhi is only a symbolic representation to express her love towards her brother. She always pray to God for the well being of her brother and in return brother gives an assurance to protect her. I am really lucky to have such a brother in my life who always support me. I am lucky to have the world’s best brother who never expressed his love by words but I can feel his love by seeing his eyes. He is always ready to support me in my all ups and down. No words are enough to express his love. Only want to say,  May God bless you a very happy and long life.Love you bhaiya 😊!

   On this festive occasion, if you want to make a sweet then here is a very simple recipe of making mawa peda . You can make this peda at your home very easily. If you wish to offer a home made sweet dish to your brother then this one is best. Here is a video of mawa peda recipe, just have a look-



* Mawa – 1 cup

*  Powdered Sugar- 1/2 cup

* Elachi Powder/Cardamom Powder- 1tsp

*  Pistachio/ Pista- 2 tsp/ few for decoration


*  Roast mawa/khoya in a nonstick kadahi till it becomes dry. After drying fully, let it cool.

* When mawa becomes fully cool then add powdered sugar/tagar & elachi powder. Mix it well.

* Now make peda and decorate it with pista.

Great your homemade peda is ready to serve . Offer it your brother😊 !

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