Review Of Cold Pressed Oil From Indic Wisdom With Video

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How are you all? Well, friends, a very good saying ‘ Diet and good cooking are two pillars’  is absolutely right. If you cook your food daily then you would know the fact that taste & nutrients of your food somehow depends on the quality of oil generally used in cooking. Nowadays where everyone is health conscious and follow a strict balanced diet then don’t ignore the quality of the oil .  There is no need to ask your body for detoxification if we eat healthy while doing proper exercise. Many diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure could be prevented if we stay with simple and natural food habits. Sometimes we consider every good thing in cooking except considering the quality of the oil. Well, today I am going to review Cold Pressed Oil From Indic Wisdom.

Moving on, I had received six products from Indic Wisdom. All are different types of cold Pressed Oil. Nowadays there have been quite other oils that have come under the spotlight and taken up the pride of place in a contemporary kitchen. Cold pressed oil is one of them.

Packaging-  All oils come in a plastic bottle which is very convenient to use.

Price- You can check out their price on their website. Price is a little bit high from the usual refined oils as it is cold pressed and needs special.techniques to extract oil to retain their all properties. You can also see the full review on this video-

What is Cold Pressed Oil-

Cold Pressed oil is the oil which is extracted by using low heat methods.  When we get oil by using low heat then the quantity is less but the quality of the oil we get is flavoured and full of nutritional quality.

Contact Details-

Checkout their website for amazing products-

You can easily get these products by contacting them on this number-


My Views-  If you are my consistent follower then you would know that I am a true lover of Ayurveda. By Ayurveda for the development of body quality of food intake is important than the quantity we take. As anyone’s personality itself reflects his/her food intake. All things matter a lot ,be it cooking/ method of cooking & the things we used while cooking. We can improve immunity even by strictly following a vegan diet. Everyone should keep in mind that oil change when heated- not just the texture,color and taste,but more importantly the nutritional properties.  So, cold pressed oil is best. I am telling you all about the oils I have received-

Edible Flaxseed Oil-   

Flaxseeds oil has a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids & has high nutritional value which helps in digestion. Just keep in mind that it has a low shelf life and can’t be used in high temperature.

Flaxseed oil should be taken raw to maintain its nutritional qualities. You can used in oil dressing or a last minute addition to cooked vegetables or soups.It is advice able to have with yogurt,rice,cottage cheese or skimmed milk to get maximum benefit out of it.

Edible Coconut Oil-

The oil which I have received is 100% pure extract & no preservative used. Generally coconut oil is known for its cosmetic properties and as a hair oil. It is one of the best versatile oil used for both cooking as well as medicinal purposes. It is helpful to increase metabolic rate and suppress appetite. It can be used for many purposes- from deep frying to baking and making sweets and goodies.

Sesame Oil-   In Indian cooking sesame oil has its own popularity since ancient times. It contains high level of Vitamin E ,B6, magnesium, calcium and iron. This oil is good for health.

Using cold pressed oil, you will get all nutrients. It has a nutty flavour which complements all kinds of dishes.

Groundnut Oil-  Groundnut oil is extracted from peanuts and used in cooking and making soaps. Cold pressed peanut oil is a healthy vegetable oil used to roast food.

It reduces cholesterol level, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure , protect the skin,prevent cancer, boost cognitive function & protect heart health.

Safflower Oil-  This oil can be used to Cook food at higher temperature. Most suitable oil to cook food at higher temperature without destroying the beneficial compounds is safflower oil.

It is ideal choice for many recipes as it has a neutral flavour. I found this oil best for cooking.

Mustard Oil-  Mustard oil is obtained from mustard seeds. It has so many health properties like  appetizer, antibacterial, antifungal,hair vitalizer & insect repellant. It is very much beneficial in body massage.

It is used for everything sauteing, deep frying & tempering. It also goes well with western foods.

So using these Cold Pressed Oil in your kitchen for cooking foods is best option to take care of your health. There is also a saying, HEALTH IS WEALTH .  So we should always try to add healthy food items in our grocery list😀.

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