Singhara Atta Halwa Recipe With Video

Hello Friends,

Shravan or Savan is the holiest month to worship Lord Shiva . In this month generally Hindus do fast on Monday to please Lord Shiva . So today, I am going to share a recipe which is totally perfect for   fast. Generally Singhara atta  halwa is made on navratras or on any fast days. Singhara atta is easily available at every grocery shops in India and Indian departmental stores in foreign country. So anyone can give it a try.

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Singhara atta- 1 cup

Sugar- 1 cup

Ghee- 3 tsp

Cashews- 2 tsp(optional)

Raisins- 2 tsp

Water- 3 cups


*  Take a non-stick kadahi . Pour ghee on a medium flamed burner.

*  Add singhara flour and roast until it become dark brown.

* Turn off the flame ,add sugar and mix water.  Add dry fruits & stir it well.

*  Turn on the flame and stir it until it becomes dry like normal halwa.

Now your halwa is ready to serve.

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