Review of  Lemongrass Tea  From CC Tea,Manipur With Video & Method

Hi everyone!

Hope you have been well !  I think Rainy days☔ should be spent at home with a cup of tea ☕and a good book📕 ! Am I right😊??  Tea gives you divine pleasure and tea has some magical power to keep you active again. I know some people who can’t wakeup without sipping a cup of tea. Tea has the power to cool you when you are too heated, will cheer you when you are depressed and calm you when you are excited.In Asian cooking Lemongrass used as a prevalent herb. Lemongrass is more warming than our average black tea as it is caffeine free and very easy to prepare.

Moving on, I had  received lemongrass tea from CC Tea, Manipur. It is a very reputed brand. They prepare 100% caffeine free tea which has so many health benefits.

Packaging-   The packaging of their product is nice. You can get this tea either in the form of loose tea or also in tea bags.

Anyone can use whatever suited them best. See the above pics👆 . Loose  tea can easily be store in the same plastic box in which they send. It is manufactured & packed by –

The Sui Generis Inc.                                        Kwakeithel Landing Leikai                            Imphal- 795001, Manipur.     

Price-  INR 399/- for 100gm of tea.

If you order tea bags then will get 100 tea bags in one pack.

How to Prepare Lemongrass Tea by using CC Tea-  

To prepare a cup of lemongrass tea by using this CC Tea is so simple and easy. It’s a very quick and healthy way of getting all benefits from a cup of tea. Method is shown in the video. Link is-

Contact Details-  You can easily check their product on the given website-

You can also contact them through their Facebook. Link is-

Benefits of CC Tea –

Refreshing drink-  This is a caffeine free, pure & organic Cymbopogon citratus which has a calming aroma and refresh your mood instantly.

Energy Booster-   This tea has a power to clean or purify action on the entire body system which increases the efficiency of the digestive system and helps in flushing out the toxins which in turn helpful in weight loss.

Rich in Flavonoids & Antioxidants-

It boost the immune system, fight environmental damage and help arrest cellular decay. Many diseases could be kept in bay as risk of cancer,heart problems & the aging process.

Natural remedy- This is one of the most effective all purpose natural remedy. God gifted natural healing power to cure cold and cough, lower high blood pressure, helpful in lowers uric acid level and help to maintain healthy skin and eyes.

My Views-  Lemongrass tea has so many potential health benefits. If you are a healthy food lover and want to get the 100% benefits from a cup of tea then this one is the best choice as Fresh Lemongrass is not available everywhere. You can get the same flavour and aroma and benefits of fresh  Lemongrass if you are using this naturally caffeine free CC Tea . Availability of Fresh lemongrass is not possible every time and storing this tea is very much easy. You can use and store for a long time. You can easily and quickly brews up into a delightful, lemony flavoured tea by using CC Tea. It is very easy to prepare, caffeine free and more warming than your average black tea blend.

Guys, if you wish then you can easily connect to me through-






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