Review of Genius Abacus Kids Academy (Washington)

 Hi guys, 

As the strength of a building can be measured by its foundation, same is true in case of measuring the capability of a man. Kids are like wet soil, in which shape we mould them, they will be turn  like that. It’s the duty of parents to develop good habits or good knowledge in their children so that they will be successful in their life. Never waste  time while thinking that your kids are too small, this is the right  age ( From 4- 12) when they can understand different techniques. In general, kids get their first lesson from their home and their parents are there teachers. Only they can nourish good habits or good things in their child. 

Well, my today’s post is for my readers who are from Washington. An academy is going to start in your area in   which Abacus will be taught and Handwriting skill will be developed. The link is-

First of all I want to discuss about Abacus.
Abacus is the most ancient tool used for the purpose of calculation. It is simply a device for helping a human being to calculate by remembering what has been calculated. It is simply a manual aid to calculating that consists of beads or disks that can be moved up & down on a series of sticks or strings within a usually wooden frame. A child could learn difficult mathematical techniques easily  & while playing. 

It’s true that Handwriting is the mirror of anyone’s personality. You can judge anyone’s nature & behaviour by seeing or analysing their writing. We can help our child to improve their writing by learning some techniques. 

Genius Abacus Kids Academy provide such an environment to your kids so that they will learn all things in a easy way. Don’t leave this opportunity. You will easily get all the information and contact details by clicking their link mentioned above.

Admissions are open now. Don’t leave the chance . 

8 thoughts on “Review of Genius Abacus Kids Academy (Washington)

  1. charlypriest says:

    As Anne Frank said, I’m paraphrasing here but something to this effect, that parents can only point the kids in the right direction but at the end of the day that kid will evolve into his own with his own personality and do what he wants.
    A perfect example is me, I went to great schools, great teachers, my parents are great hardworking people, good people and I turned out a screw up.
    Another example is my father, his father died at when he was 14 my grandma didn’t care much for him and he is a succesful men, there is a drive in him that is incredible, his work ethic is incredible, he might not be the typical dad that gives you hugs and says I love you is not in his character but point being he is succesful in his carrer without parents guidance. Although people like my father I will admit are rare. Normally you are right that good parenting skills and guidance when you are young are very important, but parents can’t expect their kids to do what they themselves want them to do in life. Give them some guidance and let them choose their own path, I think.

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    • Cradle of Joy says:

      You are right but I think as a parent if I had to say anything then parents are the only selfless well wishers for any child because they only want to make their child successful. Guidance is the main thing. Your father is a Good gifted man and a rare personality and I really want him to salute .

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