Review of French Press Coffee Maker From InstaCuppa With Video

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Coffee☕ is always a stress reliever for me. Drinking coffee is the favourite time of my morning or evening. I don’t understand how can some people not like coffee😄! But do you know what makes a great cup of coffee? If you are a true lover of coffee like me then you can easily understand the difference between filter coffee and instant coffee. We look for smoothness and complexity alongwith the superb top flavour. Many things plays an important role to make an  awesome cup of coffee. I love filter coffee as the taste,flavour & aroma is out of the world and It gives me instant relief and energy. I need to have a cup of coffee everyday now. Coffee lover here😄

I came to know about this amazing French Press Coffee Maker from InstaCuppa. I was very interested & they were kind enough to send it to me. If you are a coffee lover then you would know that the type of filter you use when brewing coffee does matter a lot!

You can see the full review in the video with the method of making perfect filter coffee. Link is-

Packaging-  I must say that packaging of every product from InstaCuppa is superrrr awesome😀!

There is 200% guarantee of breakage free and timely delivery of their product.  You can see their packaging in the photos given above. Hats off🎩🎩 for the super duper packaging and the product.

Qualities-  There are so much qualities , I try to explain some of them which are essential.

1.  Stainless Steel & Rust free frame- 

which helps to keep the glass beaker safe from any breakage.

2.  Borosilicate Glass- 

The glass beaker is of high quality Borosilicate & 100% safe for  the hot water.

3. Smooth plunger mechanism-

 The plunger is very much smooth . You can easily press out grounds with this plunger.

4. Heat Resistant Handle-  The handle is totally heat resistant .

5.  Substantial Capacity-  This French Press capacity is 600ml which is more than enough. You can make about 6 cups of coffee at a time.

6. FDA Approved-  All components are food safe as while brewing coffee never comes into contact with any plastic which is very much essential for health.

6. Superior Filter-  

It contains 3 part superior filter so brewing is perfect. No residue of coffee grounds will be in your cup😊!

Price-  The price of the product is very reasonable. They are also offering some discounts . You can check it out their product online and be a part of happy buyers list.

Contact details-   



There products are easily available on Amazon & Flipkart.

You can purchase this product by the link given below-


My views-  

I have seen many of my coffee lovers friends who are fed up of the residue floating in their cup of coffee. A perfect cup of coffee should be measured by the smoothness and the unimaginable flavour. This coffee filter is perfect for making 6 cups of coffee at a time, which saves a lot of time if you have to serve filter coffee to your family members or friends. Roasted Coffee beans are needed to make a perfect filter coffee. I always used coarse coffee powder made by roasted coffee beans.  Generally my schedule is very much hectic.  I used to have coffee to get rid of the hammering headache and now I’m addicted. So this French Coffee Maker is perfect for me.

I want to give thanks to them for sending such a nice product and I am sure you all would not be disappointed by getting this amazing stuff. Perfect look and wonderful work make it a must buy product. 

Rating- 5/5

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