Review of InstaCuppa Fruit Infuser Bottle With Video & Recipe

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great! Summer is on its peek and one needs a variety of fluids to beat the summer heat and drinking plain water does get boring😑everyday, isn’t it ?  Now get your own DIY water!   As nowadays almost everyone is health freaky and that’s why home-made flavoured water is a good way to hydrate the body without pilling on the sugars,chemicals or artificial agents. You can make your own elixier.

Moving on, a few days before  I had received this Fruit Infuser Bottle from Insta Cuppa. It is really awesome. I am going to review it only after using it that’s why I am saying it’s a very nice product of InstaCuppa.

You can see the full review with recipes on my video , Link is-

Packaging-  If we talk about its packaging then its really great. You can see it in the picture and in the video too. It came in a box and bottle was packed again by a bubble sheet to protect it from any damage.

I had received so many products from various brands till now but If you will asked me to give marks then I would certainly like to give double marks as 200/100😀 only for its great packaging. A great thumbs up 👍 !

Qualities-  There are so much qualities , you can also see it on its box.

Tritan, Copolyster material, Full Length Infuser Rod, 1000 ml, Highly Durable and Impact, Resistant, Leak Proof, Custom Anti Sweat Sleeve, Convenient Carrying Handle, Food Grade Plastic Lid, Easy to Clean( hand washing recommended- top rack dishwasher safe) , Eco Friendly- 100℅ , BPA Free, Recyclable, 100% satisfaction, Guaranteed

Contact Details-  This product is easily available on Amazon & Flip kart. No need to go anywhere.



You can easily get your product by clicking this link-


How to Infuse Water-  This bottle is very beautifully designed that allows you to take healthy & nutrient rich fruit Infuser water. There are endless combinations which you can choose according to your taste .

Some combinations are also mentioned on the box. Your options are endless .

I have also shown the various creative ways to infuse your water so that It can also help you to detoxify your body. So now guys, give up your plain water habit.

You can reused the fruits many times before the flavours starts to dissipate. Just choose the way to add fruits as you like, you can even use tea and herbs (as Green tea is almost everyone favorite). Mix it with lime and mint and enjoy the unexplainable aroma of the drink. For getting the full flavour infused fruits for atleat 3-4 hours before drinking.

My views-   I really like it because flavoured water is basically a more appetising way to consume more water, and more water soluble vitamins and minerals.


* The bottle is beautifully designed .

*   Infusing  chamber is a decent size.

*They also give a spring by which you can blunder your shake or protein shake.

* A flip-top lid and well designed drinking spout makes it easy to drink water even when you are driving.

* Easily holding facility which is non-skid. You can carry it very conveniently.

* A cover of a bottle is also given.

* The bottle is made from high quality Tritan plastic which is also BPA free and make it more durable.

*  It is leak proof.


I had not find any demerit except one that  bottle is available in only one color but trust me it is the best suited color I have seen . Anyone can carry it . 

So for me, It is the must buy product for those who want an eye on their health and also for those who want to reduce their weight because this product help you to detox your body since most of these water have natural, mild diuretics like cucumbers or lemons which help you to flush out extra water weight.

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