Review of Vitamin Supplements by Super Gummy With Video

Hey guys!

How have you all been? Sorry, for the delay of this post as I was enjoying my holidays and it really prove an energy booster for me😊 as now I am feeling fully energetic and enthusiastic. Generally routine daily  monotonous work make your life dull and boring , same is true in the context of meal. Specially kids mother faces problems when their kids are picky eaters😞 ! Well, today I am going to review Vitamin Supplements from Super Gummy.

Super Gummy is famous for the vitamin Supplements made for kids. Kids are the most beautiful creation of God and mother-kid relationship is divine and unexplainable. Every mother on this earth want their child  be healthy,smart and active . It can only be possible when your kids eat everything but generally kids are  very much choosy and fussy eaters. They generally eat those items whose look and taste are pleasing to them. So they don’t get all nutrients and vitamins which are essential for them.

You can also watch a full review on this video, link is-


Super Gummy make chewable Supplements which make your kids smarter,stronger and happier😊!

Coming on, Super Gummy is manufactured & marketed by Genmedic.

Product- I received four types of products from Super Gummy.

You can see all of them-

Super Gummy’s Iron+ Vitamins-

Everyone knows that Iron is essential for the growth and development of a person and for kids who don’t take iron rich food they should opt for the Iron+vitamins as it helps to build muscle & cognitive functions. 

Super Gummy’s Calcium+ Vitamin D-   

It helps to build strong bones & joints. Your kids will get all round development by taking these chewable Supplements.

Super Gummy’s Multi- Vitamins-

It helps to build total health means all round development of kids be possible by giving these attractive multi-vitamins by a reputed brand.

Super Gummy’s Zinc Vitamins-

It helps to build immunity. At a younger age immunity of children is week that’s why they will suffer many seasonal diseases. To protect your kids from various diseases we have to try our best to increase their immunity level and opting this one is the smarter choice.

Price-   Price is very much reasonable and affordable😊 !

INR 129/-

Contact Details-   For shop or more details please visit-

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The packaging of these vitamin Supplements is really nice. All come in a resealable packet which is very much convenient to use. All gummy bears are separately packed so from the hygiene point of view its very good. You will get 30 gummies in a single pack.  I am totally satisfied by the packaging.

My views-  Being a mother I really aware of this hard fact that kids generally avoid those foods which are full of nutrients and sometimes it really annoying😣 ! Then there arise the question which product can rev up our kids flagging energy with a jolt of vitamins and minerals. We already know vitamins and minerals are good for us but which ones our kids really need and which are suitable for our lovely kids? As kids are growing at lightning speed so required amount of nutrients is essential for them and Super Gummy sales all these supplements   in a cute  gummy teddy bear  shape which children would love to eat. All these nutrients are essential for any child .

The look and taste are pleasing to children so kids generally eat without making any excuses. These gummies are really attractive and taste is also good so its a great choice for you to select these supplements for your kids as these multivitamins are within  your budget.  So for me I really suggest my readers to choose these supplements for their kids.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Vitamin Supplements by Super Gummy With Video

  1. shalini says:

    If the taste is good, then there is a lot of sugar in it.. Doctors don’t advise kids to have supplements with sugar in it. As childhood diabetes is on the rise. Kindly be very careful when u give ur kids all such supplements because they are not FDA licensed…
    In the USA gummy bears are a form of candy and sweet stuff… Just be careful. Check the ingredients list. Confirm with your paediatrician before you start these supplements


    • Cradle of Joy says:

      Yes, you are right but in this gummies sugar is much low but of course you are right because for diabetic kids everyone should take care of while giving any supplements. Thanks for reading my post and sharing ideas.

      Liked by 1 person

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