Review Of Sattuvita’s Products With Recipe & Video

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Hope you all are doing great! Guys, I think the most annoying question in every household is aaj khaney mein kya bana hai😡?Its sooo irritating and I am sure if you are a homemaker then you would certainly face the same situation. Isn’t it?? Well, today  you will be happy that I am going to add one more product in your menu to stress you out somehow😊Today, I am going to review Sattuvita products. Tell me one thing, Have you ever heard of Sattu? No, Okkkkk…..! There is no need to worry at all. I am here to tell you all about😉.  First of all tell me , If you know about the world famous cuisine from Bihar? Yes, you are absolutely right, It’s none other than litti-chokha😉! In litti the stuffing is made of  Sattu. Traditionally Sattu is the powder form of roasted black gram( kala chana in Hindi). In India from Sattu we generally make paratha,kachori, laddoos & litti – chokhas.

You can also see the full review in this video. Link is-


Sattu not only increase the energy level but also an amazing coolant to battle heat stroke and helps in hydrating our body  in summer.

Coming on, If you are following me on Instagram or on any social site then you would know that  I had received six packs from Sattuvita( It’s also a hint to follow or join me at any social site😀)

Generally Sattu is simply the powder form of roasted black grams but Sattu Vita gave a new look of ordinary sattu. A nice flavour and unique taste make it more healthy and tasty. The products which I had received   are  three packs of soups and rest of  drinks .  These drinks  are not only goes well in hot summer days  but also in winter season  too.

Name of three soups are-

Tomato Ginger , Hot and Sour vegetables & Mushroom Onion soup.

Name of three drinks-

Chocolate Drink Mix,  Kesari Mango & Lemon Mint juice Mix.

Price-   The price is reasonable and affordable. You can even get a chance of good deal for the products of sattuvita on amazon.

Contact Details-  There products are easily available. You can order it on Amazon and Big basket means products are simply a click away from your doorstep. I am giving the link of their Facebook and website. Just have a look on their entire range of products.



My views-  I remembered the days when my mom generally said if you eat black grams then you will get the strength like a horse 🐴and after becoming mother, I did the same  to  my kids😀. Frankly speaking, Sattu is eaten at our home regularly as It is more nutritious and healthy but I had not tasted these flavoured sattu before I received it. I generally gave sattu drinks to my kids in summer to protect them from heat stroke. Specially chocolate Mix sattu is liked by my daughter as she is a chocolate freaky and she was also amazed how chocolate is Mix in sattu😀. There all products ,soups and drinks have a unique taste and also well  fitted in our modern life style. As now a days we have a very fast life and don’t have time to cook variety of healthy and nutritious foods. So these are instant healthy cooking products which can be served within 5 minutes. You can  prepare these soups and drinks within 5 minutes.  It is the perfect meal for vegans and vegetarians due to its rich nutrition content. Its a natural source of calcium , iron and fibre. For making drinks here is no need to add sugar as powdered sugar is already mix in it. I also tried to make icecream from these drinks. Yummy and delicious😄 but while making icecream of lemon mint flavour , I found the quantity of sugar is less so you can add sugar according to your taste as these mixes are not for icecream but only for drinks. 

Method of making these soups,drinks and icecream are shown in the video. Just go there and enjoy . Those who are health freaky and want to add a new taste in your routine daily meal it’s a must buy product.  

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