Review of Lavender Oil & The Aroma Diffuser Necklace  From RAYANA Stores With Video

Hello people.

Hope you all are doing great! Coming on the topic , as you must have guessed by the title, this post is a review on Lavender oil. Everyone love natural fragrance and  if  it assure appreciable skin and hair benefits too then it will be like  icing on the cake ( soney pey suhaga)😊 . Essential oil serve this purpose very well and that’s why I love it. Lavender  essential oil �..! lavender es has been used for medicinal & religious purposes for many years.      You can also see its review on my You Tube channel-


The packaging of the product was really very good to protect it from any breakage.

  I also received an aroma diffuser necklace with five different colourful pads , a card offering 15℅ discount on the next purchase and a pokemon card😁  ! The oil comes in a glass bottle as plastic bottles react with the ingredients used in making essential oil and It has a dropper style cap which makes it really very convenient to use ( no need to break your nails while opening the lid😊)

Product–  BIOAQUA Lavender Essential Oil Brand Face Skin Care Liquid Anti Wrinkle, Anti Aging Oil -control Moisturizing 10ml + Free UNISEX Aroma Diffuser Necklace.

Price–   INR 520/-

Aroma Diffuser Necklace-

The necklace is really very pretty. I love it😍 ! Changing of color pads is really very easy. Just take out the pendant from the chain,open it ,change the color pad according to your choice and again put it in the chain. Sooo easy😀 !

Now if you want a soothing aroma then drop some oil on the pad and enjoy it.
Contact Details

It is easily available on online. You can get their products by clicking the links given below. There is a wide range of variety of other products too, please just have a look.

Website-  www.rayanastores.PW

You can also ping at-  9563481025



Anurag Roy, 5b, the crescent road,Burnpur,Burdwan,West Bengal,

Pin: 713325

My views-    People who provides a certain soothing sensation , mostly liked by everyone as they have a unique personal touch. I really love Lavander oil because of its antiseptic, anti inflammatory,antifungal,anti depressant,antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Lavander oil is the best essential oil which can be used in aromatherapy. I used it directly on my skin as a disinfectant and it is the only essential oil which can be used directly on the skin without any side effects. It is 100℅ pure and contains no additional substances . I also like the necklace very much. It goes very well with western wear. In short, purchasing of this product is totally worth.

Necklace and me😀


Relieving property.                                 Perplexing/ Excellent.                           Light bendableness.                             Adoptable/Multi skilled.                       Unmingled.                                               Smells amazing.                                        

Cons-                                                                   The  Price is a  little bit high but can be avoided because they offer a sooo beautiful aroma diffuser necklace along with this😊

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7 thoughts on “Review of Lavender Oil & The Aroma Diffuser Necklace  From RAYANA Stores With Video

  1. delphini510 says:

    I am very fond of essential oils and has for years had a little wooden box to hold the little bottles. It gives me pleasure opening and choosing one.
    As to Lavender I have a fond memory of visiting a Lavender and rosemary centre where I also bought some bushes for the garden and a little Lavender bear. So cute and sweet smelling.

    Liked by 1 person

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