Review of Curcumin Turmeric From Bagdara Farms With Video & Tips To use Turmeric

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Now , as you must have seen the title, I’m reviewing the Curcumin Turmeric from Bagdara Farms today. My this article will surely be loved by those who are organic freak😊!As you all would know that Turmeric is known for its therapeutic properties and Its numerous health benefits. But the turmeric that we get from the market these days, are they absolutely healthy😱 ? No, they are filled with chemicals and all its nutritional benefits get reduced this way.  Turmeric is not only just a spice but it’s a powerful herb which can fight and potentially reverse any diseases. Curcumin  is the active compound which has many health benefits and healing properties. Curcumin inhibits the molecules known to play a role in inflammation and it neutralizes free radicals. It can cure depression, pain, diabeties , Arthritis and  now it even help in curing cancer.

Here is a video in which I review the product. Just have a look-


Bagdara Farms produces absolutely organic turmeric which has high nutritional value.

Moving on , Curcumin Turmeric is an amazing product of Bagdara farms. Bagdara Farm is located in the beautiful jungles of Bandhavgarh, in the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. They sow & nurture their produce organically by inhibiting the use of any chemicals, pesticides & harmful fertilizers.

Varieties of Turmeric they Produce

There are different varieties of organic turmeric they produce.  Just have a look-

  Packaging-   The packaging of the product which I received was really good. The turmeric is packed in a glass container and the glass container was nicely packed in a cute thermocol box to save it from any breakage. Keeping spices in glass bottle is always best according to ayuerveds and I really love it because I am an ayuerveda lover😀!

Turmeric in thermocol box

So cute and safe packing 😊

Price-  INR 323/- for 60 gm.

How to  place order-  

This product is easily available online. Just click the link and get natural organic product at your doorstep. Link of their website and Facebook is given below and you can easily place your order.

Facebook –


My Views-     I just remember those days when my mom generally used turmeric to cure my wounds when I used to get hurt, but till then I didn’t  know its antibacterial quality but now I myself do the same thing with my kids😊.  Nowadays where nothing is pure and fresh then It has just came as a ray of hope. Its always better to go with the purest version of any product. The only drawback is its price. The price is really high but when I see the packaging and the quality of product (It is organic and pure), then I think Its worth to spend money on this amazing stuff. As it is organic and natural, It retains all the qualities of turmeric which are essential.  Turmeric is a miraculous spice which everyone should include in their daily routine to keep themselves away from many diseases and to get positive effects on the body. I have tried it in various ways.

Golden milk/ liquid gold/ Turmeric tea

It is the most easiest but effective way to use turmeric in your diet. Haldi doodh or Golden milk can beat the everyday tiredness and anxiety. It is also very effective in cold and cough.

How to make Golden milk-


Milk- 1 glass,  turmeric- 2tsp,  black pepper- 1/2 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1/4 tsp, honey /sugar- about 1 tsp

Method-   Veryyyyy easy to make turmeric tea or Golden milk.

Boil milk in a saucepan.

When the milk start boiling mix black pepper,connamon powder and turmeric powder. Stir well. After the milk starts boiling then turn off the gas. Mix sugar or honey only after turning off the gas. Pour in a glass without straining. Wow!! A great remedy for sooooo many diseases is ready.

Effective Face Mask –    It is a very effective home face mask which not only give you a clean, fresh and beautiful skin but also make your skin acne free.


Curd- 1 tbsp, Gram Flour/ Besan- 2 tsp, Honey-1 tsp, Black pepper- 1 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1/2 tsp, Turmeric- 1 tsp.


Mix all the ingredients and apply it on your face for 30 minutes four times in a week. You will definitely get a perfect skin.

Remedy to Cure Cough and Cold-

  A very common disease but an irritating one😬! Here is an easy home remedy to cure cough and cold.


Honey-  1tbsp, Turmeric- 1 tsp, Black pepper-  1 tsp, Cinnamon powder- 1 tsp.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and take it 2-3 times in day . It is a great remedy to cure cough and cold.

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6 thoughts on “Review of Curcumin Turmeric From Bagdara Farms With Video & Tips To use Turmeric

  1. 747always says:

    Couple of questions
    1. Water is a chemical. Has this farm figured out a way to grow food without water?
    2. They dont have any organic certification. Is it correct to call these organic products in that case.
    3. Please see the side effects of consuming too much curcumin. As this farm claims that their turmeric has 5X times the amount of curcumin as compared to regular turmeric, shouldnt a health warning be included.
    4. Their webpage lists many different types of turmeric for different ailments & afflictions. Can you ask them to answer how they process the turmeric to ensure that each type sold by them is actually different. Or are they merely conning people by selling the same product with different lables.
    5. DO they have double blind lab studies and a peer reviewed paper showing that each type of turmeric does what it says.


    • Cradle of Joy says:

      Hello, first of all thanks for reading. They had send their certificate through mail showing It is an organic farm . Without water no crop could be grown , its a universal truth and they have a wide range of other turmeric which are made by adding essential herbs. Thanks and keep in touch!


  2. Bernice says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed this post as I am trying to add more Turmeric to my nutrition given its healing properties with reducing inflammation. I am looking forward to reading your other posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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