Review of Medhya Products With Video

Hi guys!

How have you all been? Hope you all are doing great! Nowadays where everyone is  fitness freak and very much conscious about their personality and never compromise with impure and unhygenic products then the name of MEDHYA PRODUCTS  is a ray of light which not only give pure and healthy snacks bites but there products are 100℅ natural and sugar free.

I came to know about this product from such a health freaky and medal winning marathon racer who takes one of these healthy bites to remain energetic.

Only then I approached to Medhya’s and they were kind enough to send their product for review:mrgreen:! It is suitable for all age groups. No boundation regarding age and gender.

You can even control your weight by exercise &  adding pure and good products in your diet.

Product Details-  Medhya is the name of a brand which manufactures original natural products. Medhya itself means clean & fresh which amptly suit it. There products are made with finest quality whole ingredients which helps to deal with stress and ailments. I received a combo pack in which five different types of snacks are packed . They are-

1. Moringa Choco Bites

2. Brahmi Bites

3. Almond Fig Bites

4. Amalki Bites

5. Dried & Tangy Amla

Here is a video regarding review of  Medhya’s Products. Link is-


Moringa Choco Bites-

It is a smart snack that helps to naturàlly enhance iron levels and comprehensively support your body. It is the best source of vitamins to effectually metabolise the proteins and is helpful for building muscles.

If you are vegetarian and love  gluten free food like me :mrgreen:then it is amptly suitable for you.

Brahmi Bites- 

 Brahmi in Ayuerveda is known as a brain tonic and it also supports healthy skin,lymph and circulatory functions.

If you are an ayuerveda lover then you will be well aware of BRAHMI , that nourishes the brain and encourages healthy cell generation. It is a good source of omega-3 and the vitamins present in it help to build brain tissue. It also supports the body’s natural healing process and helps in  healthy blood circulation.

So if you want to increase your mental attentiveness and enhance your  mood, then try this one. It is more convenient to take this as it’s very easy to carry and take when needed. It is best suited to everyone’s age group.

Almond Fig Bites- 

 Almonds have a high content of Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant and figs are a good source of fibre & they could aid in weight management.

Its totally a myth that if we want to control weight then we should not take nuts. Moreover including nuts in diet is a healthy way to tackle stress and exhaustion and helps to maintain the calmness of mind.    Pairing of almond and figs is totally perfect because figs are healing fruit  and almond are powerful antioxidants. Those who want to check their weight ,Almond Fig Bites is totally perfect for them. It is 100% natural ,free of added preservatives and sugar.

There is no need to take sugar laden foods. These bites gives energy to the body and provides more than 20% of the recommended minerals, calcium and magnesium.

Amalaki Bites- 

These bites are feel full energy snacks.  The richest source of getting Vitamin C  is taking Amla .

It cures many diseases such as acidity, indigestion and skin disorder. These Amalaki Bites are loaded with richness of amala nutrients. It is the convenient  way of taking right amount of nutrients during exercise and recreation :)!

Everyone should not compromise with their health related issues and food plays a very vital role. We wouldn’t need to think twice before stuffing ourselves with these scrumptious and healthy bites.

Dried And Tangy Amla-

I love eating chatpata amla and as this product is made by Medhya which is famous for its natural ,ayuervedic  and sugar free products so there is no need to worry about its quality. As amla cures acidity, indigestion and skin disorder but taking amla directly is not possible for anyone.

Our urban lifestyle doesn’t permit us to spend too much time on ourselves but to stay healthy we have to search for natural and good products.Medhya’s Amalaki Bites is such a product which you can consume without thinking twice.

Chatpata tangy flavour is really great. As Amla is very much good for health so I want to reap the benefits  of  it with a little bit of  change in it. sweet and furn with a wee bit of  crunchyness . Kids love its flavour and taste. A very nice product with lots of vitamins:) !

Where To Buy-  Just click their websites for browsing their amazing products-

Facebook –

You can also  easily purchase it on Snap Deal-


 Price of Medhya Bite Assortment Box is     425/-  . No shipping charges if the order is above 400/- . 

My Views-  If you are my consistent reader then you would know that I am an Ayuerveda lover and products based on ayuerveda always fascinate me. I always feel an attraction or a curiosity whenever I see any new natural ayuervedic product. I can’t control my fascination regarding this😁! So when I came to know about this from a well talented person then I thought to taste it and if it’s a good product then review it. I am very satisfied after taking it as it is not only suitable for a racer but also for everyone. If you are a housewife and don’t get time to take anything by doing so many work then just take this ,you will get all nutritions which are very much essentisl . If you are working then simply put in your pocket 🙂 or purse and whenever you feel hungry just take it. These bites are economically money saver, healthy and easily available at your door step. Any person who is health conscious can’t ignore it. I strongly recommend all of you to try this product atleast one time.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Medhya Products With Video

  1. Didis Art Design says:

    Dear friend
    We have a social and spiritual project in the north of India: Kirpal Sagar: there we also have a moringa-field with trees – moringa is superfood as well. really great product and use- and helpful for man.
    Wishing you all the best


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