Review of Prakrti Products

Hello people,

How have you all been? So,before I begin I would like to ask you what is the most important thing which you would like to keep in mind while selecting any food item😱? I think the answer is purity or the good quality. Today I will tell you about some products which are really pure. Well, If you have followed me on Instagram then you would know that I had received four products from PrakrtiKitchen needs pack, Kitchen wants pack, Roasted coffee beans and Green tea.

   When  I had first heard this name the only one thing that instantly struck my mind  was that what a unique name it is .Prakrti means nature which itself means pure . To be very honest these all things which I had received are too good and  I am doing the review only  after using it so ,its an honest review from my side:).  

Packaging- The  four products which I had received were nicely packed in a packet and all the spices were again well packed  in a bubble sheet so that they remain safe during transportation.All the products were packed in resealable friendly user packets. So its very convenient to take out the spices from the pack and use it. If you want to keep the spices fresh for a long time then you can store  it in your fridge or you can also read my blog on this topic. Link is-

Where to Purchase-  
These products are easily available on amazon . 

Website Details-   You can not only  easily see all their products on their website but can order it as well. Just click the  link  and  you will get all information about their products-

You can also join their Facebook page –

Green Tea-  

Well, I think there is nothing better than a cup of tea. I even know people who can’t wakeup without a cup of tea. Are you one of them:mrgreen:? Then this is the perfect choice for you. Well, frankly speaking I am not a tea addict or a tea lover but adding green tea in your daily routine is absolutely a great idea as green tea is the healthiest drink in the world. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on our body. Aroma and the flavour  of this brand is also unique. You can add lime juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder to make it more healthy :)!

 Roasted Coffee beans- When I got to know about this brand of coffee beans , I was very interested & they were kind enough to send it to me. Imagine my happiness when I received it :). I find the aroma of the coffee as very  therapeutic.

If you want to get relief from your hectic schedule and want to get rid of hammering headache then nothing is better than  a cup of filter coffee. 

For making coffee you have  to make  powder  of the roasted coffee beans in your food processer . After grinding it you need a filter coffee maker.

The link of the video , how to make filter coffee at home is given below

Kitchen Needs Pack- 
First of all tell me one thing , do you like your food without spices😱? 

The spices which I have got in kitchen needs pack are whole cinnamon, whole cloves,whole black pepper,whole star anise and whole cardamom. As cooking is my passion so I really know that if you want to add a unique flavour and taste in your dishes then, always try to use fresh and good spices. Spices are known as one of the most remarkable ingredients of the Indian cuisine.  These spices are really very fresh and adds the taste in the dishes in which I used it. You can see that I have used these spices in various dishes and they add  flavour in all my dishes. As you know that The way to go to someone’s heart goes through the food you serve☺!

Pua:)( Special dish for holi in Bihar)

As I had received these spices before Holi so I have tried it in various dishes . The above one is the all time favourite sweet dish of my hubby:mrgreen:


Kitchen Wants Pack-

This is the  pack which everyone wants to have in their kitchen :mrgreen:! In this pack you will get whole turmeric, whole nutmeg, whole mace and dried ginger.  Turmeric is not only used as a spice but it has many medicinal  properties. You can make fresh turmeric paste at your home by using this whole turmeric.

Method to make Fresh Turmeric Paste at Home –

   Soak this whole turmeric overnight and  in the morning ,first wash it and cut it  into small pieces  through knife and put all the pieces in the mixer grinder and add some filtered water to make a paste . Then put this paste in a glass bowl and keep it  inside the fridge. Whenever you need turmeric for use, this is the original and fresh turmeric paste. 

You can also see the full review in my video. Link is –

All the spices are very  necessary for making dishes. If you are health conscious and want to include fresh and good spices then just grab it as these spices are very fresh and the aroma is too  refreshing . To use these spices grind them in a mixer grinder and keep the powder in a airtight container and use  it when you need.  Some dishes that l have made by using both the packs-

Punjabi Chhole

Aloo Dum-

Peas Pulao-

If you don’t want a pack of mixed spices and want some specific spices  then you can also order it separately:)! 

Hope you all will like my review. If you have any suggestions then please share it.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Prakrti Products

  1. Gastradamus says:

    The products seems incredible, will have to check these out. The way you use your words to describe each item is as beautiful as your perfect appearance. You are so stunning and we would love to hear your thoughts, please come back to Gastradamus and comment, that way we know what the lovely blogger thinks, hope to see you there perfection


  2. Canuck Carl says:

    Thank you for sharing Kiran. Your photos are incredible. Could almost smell the wonderful aromas. It is interesting reading about the turmeric paste. I’m from Canada, and I saw fresh turmeric root for my very 1st time. The fresh root I did not know how to prepare it if I bought some. We always use dried powder in our recipes.

    Have been reading such wonderful health benefits of both green tea and turmeric lately! 🙂


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