Review of Embelle Hair Color Shampoo With Video

Hi guys!

How have you all been? If you guys have been following me on Instagram then you would know that I had received Embelle hair color shampoo for review(Hint for you to go and follow me on Instagram If you don’t already😅) At the first glance, right after reading its name,I actually thought  that it’s a hair color,and then,it said hair color shampoo and I was like what has shampoo got to do with a color😄Then I saw it says that there is no need of any shampoo after using it. How foolish of me😁!

Hair plays an very important role in everyone’s personality. People that are 40,they don’t sit around at talk about grey hair and how it covers their hair. They talk about highlighting :mrgreen:! If you want to color your hair then this hair color is the perfect solution for you. You can easily color your hair and  there is no need to use any shampoo. So simple, within 5 minutes you will be ready with a perfect shade of color you wish! I had received black hair color shampoo; let’s see what this product claims-


Love coloring? Discover a whole new you with the Embelle Instant hair color shampoo. Guaranteed results every single time with Embelle’s proven color formula.

Embelle Hair color shampoo 100% grey coverage Long lasting colorSafe & easy to useProtects, nourishes and repairs hairShiny & resilient hairUsage:- Wet hair with both hands. After washing hair, dry well with a towel. Put on hand gloves to protect the nails. Dispense the required amount of product onto palm and mix it. Recommended to use double dosage of the required shampoo while using for the first time. Apply on hair and massage thoroughly for 3 – 5 min (Natural black) until the foam turns dry. Apply for 5 – 10 minutes for a darker shade. Rinse hair thoroughly with water. There is no further need to shampoo your hair.
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Features & details

Instant Hair Color5 minutes onlyNatural Black 1.0No AmmoniaWith goodness of Bellflower & Ginseng
Product Information Pack of 5
ManufacturerEmbelle Item part 

Important Information

Safety Information: :
Since the shampoo is made from herbal essences avoiding common allergy causing substances such as ammonia, allergy risks are negligible. However, it is important that, similar to using any cosmetic product, an allergy test is done before use. In the rarest of scenarios, the colorant and preservatives used in this product may cause allergies. If in the case of discomfort or itching, wash with plenty of cold water and seek medical help if necessary.

Where to buy-  This product is easily available on Snap deal and amazon. Link is-

Price-  INR
190 for 5 sachets

Rating-  4.5/5

My Views- This hair color shampoo is totally a time saving,money saving and instant hair color shampoo and the best part is you don’t need any other shampoo after color your hair . As there is no one with white hair😁 in my home that’s why I referred it to my mom and she is really happy to use it as it is  very convenient to use and now she doesn’t need to ask anyone to help her to color hair.  Very quick and you just color your hair by using your hands. It not only color evenly on your hair but also just color your hair instantly(only in 5 minute :))

You can also see its review on my YouTube video. Link is-

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