Til Chikki Recipe/Sesame Brittle Recipe

Hi guys! 

How have you all been??  Everyone likes to eat dishes made from sesame seeds during the winter season. Chikki is also known as gajak or tilkut in some other parts.  Crispy sesame seeds chikki is crispy and delicious .  It takes very little time to prepare. Anyone can prepare it within half an hour. So why are you waiting? Come with me to prepare this easy but tasty chikki:)! Here is also a video of making this awesome chikki, check it out-

Ingredients –   Sesame seeds-1 cup,  Sugar- 1 cup,  Jaggery/gur- 2 small pieces(optional), Ghee-2 tsp,  Cashewnuts-3-4 tbs,  Melon seeds-2 tbs,  Pistachios/pista-1 tbs, Crushed fennel seeds/saunf-2 tbs

Method– Chopped all dry fruits except melon seeds.  Dry roast til/sesame seeds with dry fruits except pista.  Stir well untill it became light brown and a nice aroma start to come. Now take out in a bowl and pour ghee in the same kadahi. Add sugar and gur in it. Stir well until it melts.  Till then grease the rolling pin and rolling board. You can check out the consistency of sugar syrup  while pouring in a water filled small bowl. If it became solid in water then its ready. Turn off the gas and mix til/sesame seeds  into sugar syrup. Mix well and immediately pour the mixture on the rolling board and roll it out thin.  Cut it into small pieces by a knife.  Once the chikki is cool, seperate the pieces and store it into a airtight container. 

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