Health Tips For Heart♥ Problems

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Today I am  back with some health related tips. Since its a long time when I  had posted any article relating to health remedies. As Cholesterol & BP is the main problem of heart attack. Heart blockage is also a main problem  during these days.  Even I had lost my father due to heart attack:'(I was too young to understand these things that time. But now I could easily understand . That’s why I am going to post this one to alert everyone from this life threatening health issues.  We can save ourselves and others by  using of simple ingridents which are easily available in our kitchen.As  Kitchen is our mini medical store .

Here is an easy home remedy to prevent heart attack and heart blockage. My main motto is to encourage everyone to adopt Ayuervedic medicine to prevent general and sometimes serious health issues.  


Ginger juice-1 cup,Garlic juice-1 cup, Lemon juice-1 cup, Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 cup& Honey-3 cups

Method- Mix Ginger juice, Lemon juice, Garlic juice and Apple Cider Vineger in a big container and boil on medium flame untill it remains around 3 cups. Turn off the gas and let it cool down. After cooling mix honey and store in a glass container. 


3 tsp daily to prevent heart attack and heart blockage.

 It also prevents you from many diseases and increases the immunity power. So anyone can take it to keep himself/herself free from diseases. 

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