Aagman Agro’s Suji/Semolina Review With Recipe And Video

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all are doing great in this New Year:)! Well, today I am going to review suji/semolina from Aagman Agro Foods. What comes in your mind when you want to make halwa?? 😱 Suji??  Isn’t it?  I really remembered those days when my daughters were toddlers and I usually fed them this gruel made with roasted suji and cooked in milk with adding a little sugar in it. It is the instant nutritious food which I used to give them instead of giving packaged baby food. Sometimes I even add some carrot juice to make it more healthy. So for me its a must essential food item which should always be available in my kitchen. 

This product is manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO, BORIVALI, MUMBAI

Price & Quantity –

INR 32 for 500gm

Consumer Care No. –


Distributor’s Contact Details-

Webstore for ordering and browsing


My Views-  As Semolina/Suji is a must have ingredient in my kitchen and it help me to prepare some instant dishes whenever needed. So it is my favourite product. This Aagman product which I received is roasted. Generally when we purchased Suji ,it is not roasted. The shelf life of suji can be increased by roasting. So you are getting a good product at reasonable price. One of my tip to store suji for a long time is that roast semolina or suji(even if you buy roasted suji) at dry vessel for a while and store it in a dry container. If you store them as you purchase, very soon it will be insect infested.                                       So from my view, it is a good product. 

Recipe of Khasta Suji Kachori-

I tried many dishes from this product. Khasta Suji Kachori or semolina kachori is very much different from other one.  Crispiness of semolina kachori is awesome. It can be served as a tea time snack & it is an easy to make snack. It is a tasty North Indian snack which is made with semolina.

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