Review of Original Spice Science And The New Creole Seasoning Spice Science

Hi friends! 

How have you all been??  Anyone of you could imagine your food without any spice😱. Unimaginable, is it??  Spices can make your cliche dishes into tempting one. It is fun to be little creative & give a different taste to your dishes by adding different spices. Spices are known as one of the most remarkable ingredients of the Indian cuisine. Today I am not discussing about any Indian spice but reviewing two different products of foreign spice. Spice Science is a brand name in SAN DIEGO in the field of spices. 

Coming on Spice Science is a brand that makes spices& spice blends for anybody in the kitchen,from the home cook to the restaurant chef. 

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My Views-

You can’t imagine cooking without spices. Spices are the very heart of cooking. You can give a new flavour in your dish while using different spices. As I received samples of Original Spice Science and the New Creole Seasoning Spice Science,both are unique. As they say that their spices are so good from meat to vegetables. It enhances and brings out the best in your food.   Its true!

Tasty pasta😄

Yummy masala chicken

I used their spice while making pasta and masala chicken. It goes well with all dishes. You can see that I used Creole seasoning in masala chicken and as well as in rosted chicken legs. Both dishes are yummy and delicious.It is not available in India but  my US readers can easily grab  it because its shipping is available in US  :mrgreen:

 Good seasonings are waiting you,guys! Just go and grab it👍!

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