Review of Mustard&Oregano Flavoured Butter And Chilli Cheese Spread of That Food Co. 

Hey guys!! 

Hope you all are doing great! Well friends, tell me one thing what would you think about to eat when you are in hurry or when you want to cook the  most easiest dish which could be served in breakfast or as a evening snacks😱?? I think the answer is bread or pizza which is even better for busy or beginning cooks😄!  So chill, If you are following me on Instagram then you would know that a few days ago  I had received these two products of That Food Co. 

Moving on, Mustard and oregano flavoured butter and chilli cheese spread are the two amazing products of That Food Co. It is a Mumbai based company.

Price and Quantity –

Chilli  Cheese Spread-INR 239 for 200gm

Mustard and Oregano Flavoured Butter- INR 199 for 200gm

Contact details-

Just click their website-

Their products are also available on Amazon. 

My views- 

Sometimes we are fed up of eating same flavoured dishes on breakfast.You can give a different taste to your dishes while using different products. Generally we all lives in a nuclear family and all are working. So there is not much time to cook something special but while using these spreads you can make something special or different. Every bite of this sandwich offers a burst of flavours abd nothing short of ecstasy!! But be cautious, its only for those who love chilli. 

Chilli Cheese Spread is good and tasty but is little spicy, so if you like spicy or chilly flavour, just go ahead with this one as it will suits you perfectly. Just apply it on bread and bake it. Full of chilli and cheese!!!!

Now if we  talk about Mustard and Oregano flavoured butter then its also a very good replacenent of ordinary breakfast. You can apply it on bread or also on pizza, as I used while making pizza. 

Without doing any hard work you can increase the flavours in your daily routine meal:mrgreen:!!

If you are interested in the full detailing of that food co. products then you can see the full review  in my link given below as I had already reviewed its products in my blog.

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