Review of Rangat:Home Delivery of Food Products

Hi guys, 

Hope you all are doing great! Today,I am going to review an online retail home delivery  food products service  in Mumbai. As for mumbaikers,  there is no need to search for any online retail shop for food products because I am telling you about a more reliable and prestigious brand of online retail home delivery service, Its none other than RANGAT:HOME DELIVERY  OF FOOD PRODUCTS 

Going to the grocery store is a major time drain. If you lives in Mumbai then have you ever thought about using a grocery delivery service like RANGAT HOME DELIVERY??If not, then give it a try because delivery services are great for all of their products. As online grocery delivery services are popping up everywhere and if you are not taking advantage you’re missing out something. You will get the most bang for your buck if you want to try this  delivery service. 

Being a homemaker, I can easily understand the importance of the quality of food products which we used in while making food for our family. All the food products, be it spices, grains, pulses,dry fruits or oil, should be of unique quality. If you can easily get all these things at your door step  by just log on to their website within a limited period for a few bucks on top of your normal bill amount then for me it is well worth. 

RANGAT HOME DELIVERY  is a premium brand nowadays as they not only offer premium brands of products to their customers but even they offer many more facilities to their customer. Their customer can be a part of their RANGAT PARIVAAR GROUP and participate in their weekly and monthly contests by posting different innovative recipes prepared by using their product item. 

The deliveries above INR 500/- are free in Thane and above INR   1000/-  for Mumbai

Contact Details-

RANGAT_Home Delivery Of Food Products-




For more assistance you can call or ping  on Sweet cell  9870001040

You can select  the  product categories  on their website(Just click and see all products, really love their products which they offer:))

As I had already reviewed many products on my blog as Galaji spices and Aagman agro food products. All are great. You can even see the reviews and recipes of different products of Rangat Foods  on my previous blogs. 

Courtesy Saumill Thakkar

There are many more products which I reviewed on my blog. Its not possible to share all in one blog.  You can see their recipes as well. All the products which I used are of good quality. So for me, you can go through it without any doubt👍👍

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