Aagman Agro’s Basmati Rice Review With Recipe And Video

Hi everyone! 

Hope you all are doing great! Today I am going to review an another product of Aagman Agro. It is Basmati Rice. As I lives in Kolkata so rice is an integral part of our daily menu 😝! Variations in dishes can be possible while including rice in menu.

Coming on,this product is manufactured and packed by AAGNAN AGRO FOODS, BORIVALI, MUMBAI. 

Price And Quantity –

INR 120 for 1kg

Contact Details-

Email- aagmanagrofoods@gmail.com

Customer Care No. –


You can also contact their distributor-



Website for ordering and browsing-

My Views-

If you are following me consistently then you would know that I would always like to  give opinion on any product only after using it in various dishes. I always like to innovate new dishes  while using different spices and ingridents. This time I used this product in making two dishes and both were tasty. Rice is long, slender-grained aromatic rice which is the quality of Basmati rice. So from my point of view ,quality is good . I really love the aroma😍 !

Nutritious Vegetable Pulao Recipe-

It is quick, easy and full pot meal. By adding different veggies, you can increase its nutritional value. You had already tried many pulao recipes but have you ever tried it while adding flax  seed powder and nuts ? If not,then please come with me to get a full recipe with video. Very colourful dish which surely would tickle your taste buds. Generally mothers have a problem relating to kids foods because kids are very much fussy about eating. You can add it and it will not effect the flavour in your dish whereas it increases the aroma and taste.  So guys, there is no need to worry about about how to give nutritious diet to your kids as well as other ones. Being a mother I think my this recipe will surely help you:)!


Basmati rice, carrots, french beans, peas, onion- ginger-garlic paste, cumin and coriander powder,  bayleaves, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, roasted flax seed powder, salt, oil, ghee, sugar, roasted cashews and raisins, coriander leaves. 


For the right method of cooking vegetable pulao, just see the video. 

Just see the proper way of cooking pualo:):)

I also prepared Aloo Biryani! It was yummy :)! 


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