Aagman Agro’s Maida /All Purpose Flour Review With Recipe and Video

Hello friends, 

How are you all. Are you tired of  standing   in long queues  in front of banks or ATM’s:'(?? its really a tough time for all but soon we will come out of this phase.  I can’t be with you but my best wishes are always with  you(Needs your wishes too because I am also feeling tired while standing in queues :'(). Now try to forget all your worries and come with me as I am sharing a new recipe with Aagman Agro’s maida/All purpose flour. So just chill and enjoy:)!

Moving on, this product is manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO FOODS, BORIVALI, MUMBAI. 

Price and Quantity –

INR 29 for 500gm

Contact Details-


Customer Care No. : +919821986698

You can also contact their distributor through-

Website for ordering and browsing-


Facebook page-


My Views-

As All purpose flour is in our routine life whether we want to make cake, paratha, naan, bread, samosa, biscuits and puri. The list is unlimited. Varieties of product could be made by using this flour. So the quality should be upto  the mark if we are going to  try any recipes .I prepared many dishes from this product and all are really very delicious and yummy:)! The cake which I prepared was awesome! You can also try it. So from my point of view its a good product. Price is also reasonable and packing is good.You can undoubtedly go with it. 

Recipe of Vegetarian Mawa Cake-

 Mawa cake is something different and unusual from other one. It is really very spongy and taste was awesome 😍! Recipe is easy and simple. I am also going to share its recipe through YouTube video. If you like my video then please subscribe to my channel. 



For method just click the video and see the right procedure. If you like the video then please subscribe to my channel:)!

Enjoy the yummy and spongy 🎂 

I also try moong kachori/marwari kachori/Indian puffed flatbread filled with moong dal  from this product and all one liked it too much. 

Also tried in making bhature😍!

Tasty biscuits made with this product:

Whatever you want to make, you can easily try without doubting about its quality. 
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