Review of Flaxseed Spice Mix : Recipe With Video

Hi everyone! 

How all you are?  Hope you all are doing great!  Today I am going to review Flax Seed Spice Mix.  As you all would be aware of the fact that flax seed is a wonder seed which is full of omega 3 fatty acids. I came across this spice while reading up on kids health. It is not only beneficial for kids but also for men and women. So it is fully power packed seeds which  is equally beneficial for all. 

Moving on,this spice is manufactured by M/s Swanky Foods, Khar, Mumbai, India. 

Price and Quantity –

INR 140/- for 15o gm


Roasted Flaxseeds, Garlic, Kashmiri Chillies, Tamarind, Rock Salt, Cumin Seeds& Asafoetida(Hing)

What the product claims-

 This product is blended with the best quality flaxseeds and spices .This wholesome Flaxseed Spice Mix is made to be added to everyday meals for taste and nutritive goodness. 

 My views-

As the right diet should include different colours in one plate.Diet doesn’t need to be boring and rigid. So you can make a change and increase its nutritional value by adding this spice. As it is in powder form and there is no preservatives. So its very easy to use in salads, dal, sandwiches,curd and also in chapti or paratha. It is an easy source of getting all the vital nutrients and vitamins from natural source. As flax seeds are good for skin, cancer prevention, facilitate weight loss, reduce menopausal symptoms. It also help women with irregular periods and those with extreme symptoms of PMS for ex. headache ,anxiety  and mood swings. So for me its a good product because in our busy schedule we hardly have time to take care of our health so, by including this in our diet we can get all essential vitamins and nutrients, which are necessary for our health. 

 Rating-  5/5

Healthy Salad Recipe/ Diet food-

As nowdays where all are diet conscious then here is a very healthy recipe. Its salad recipe in which I include all germinated dal and other veggies which are very beneficial for everyone. 



For method just click the video and see the exact way of preparing this healthy and nutritious salad:)

I also tried this spice in curd and it gave a totally new flavour and also increased its nutritional value. 

The spice also goes well with paratha and dal-

Enjoy the spice in all your dishes!! 

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