Aagman Agro’s Rava Lapsi Review With Video

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing great!! In India, where everone is worried about the currency problem nowadays😱,it seems we all are sitting on a rollercoaster ride, what will happen next is the biggest worry now. To make you stress free and to refresh ,here is a very tasty, healthy and nutritious recipe for all of you.

So now coming to the topic,  If you are following me on Instagram then you would know that I had received some products of AAGMAN AGRO FOOD PRODUCTS. Rava Lapsi/dalia is one of them. Rava Lapsi or dalia is a famous Gujrati sweet dish made from broken wheat(dalia). As dalia doesn’t undergo refining so its very healthy and nutritious.

Moving on, this product is manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO FOODS,BORIVALI,MUMBAI.


Wheat ( No additives and preservatives used)

What the Product Claims-

This product is best to use for nutritious and delicious food like halwa, upma, kheer and porridge  etc. It is prepared from the best quality Wheat grains.

Price and Quantity –

INR 32/- for 500 gm

Contact Details-

Email- aagmanagrofoods@gmail.com

Customer care no. – +919821986698

You can also contact their distributor through



Their is also a webstore for ordering and browsing their product, link is-


Instagram –


My Views-

As I used this product in making many dishes as lapsi halwa, lapsi burfi, khicdi and milk dalia. All recipes which I tried from this one are really tasty. Its grains are truly very fine and are of good quality. It comes in a attractive pack. As dalia is in my daily routine meal. I generally take it in breakfast as it is good for health. All dishes which I prepared are tasty . Very fine and good quality grains add a new flavor in my all dishes. So from my point of view its a good product.


Recipe of lapsi rava halwa and dalia burfi-

Generally you prepare khicdi and porridge . But have you ever tried halwa and burfi from this rava lapsi. If not then I am giving you the recipe of making easy,healthy, nutritious and homemade halwa and  burfi from this Rava lapsi.


Dalia/rava lapsi- 2 cups

Sugar-.2 cups

Water- 4-5 cups

Cashews-2 tbs

Almonds-2 tbs

Coconut-3 tbs

Cardamom – 2tsp

Khoa/mava-2 cups


For method just click the video below and see the exact way of preparing  both halwa and burfi. 

watch the video here – Easy Rava Lapsi recipe



Yummy halwa:mrgreen:

Delicious rava lapsi/dalia burfi😄

I tried moong khicdi with this rava lapsi/dalia by adding different veggies like carrot, peas, corn and potatoes. Believe me, its very yummy ,healthy and nutritious too.

Healthy khicdi:)

  I also tried milk dalia from this rava lapsi. 

All delicacies in one plate😍

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