Review of That Food Co. Products

Hi guys,

How have you all been? Now Diwali celebration is over. All are now back to work and daily routine starts as usual😑.I think a homecook job  is really tough as how to make their routine meal tasty and delicious? Isn’t it?? So for those who want to change the taste of their daily meal and add a new flavour in their homecook foods ,here is a solution for them. While surfing,I came across a very new range of products which really impressed me. These are the products of That Food Co. Really impressive and different blend of flavours. Today I am going to review the products of That Food Co. 

Basically,this is a Mumbai based company and their products are easily available in mumbai. They have a wide range of cookies dips, flavoured butters, sauces&pickles.

Let’s check out the information of various products on their website(I really love the  way of information they share:mrgreen:) Just have a look-

About TFC

The products by TFC are unique in their combination of flavors and recipes. The key and most important feature of the products lie in its applicability. Though the flavors seem gourmet at the outset, they have been tweaked to enhance the daily eating experience of consumers.

The TFC team, having been exposed to delectable cuisines, has the perfect blend of novices, experts and in-betweeners to create the right product using obscure and clichéd ingredients on planet earth. TFC aims to be a company that has an ever evolving range of trend setting, unique and progressive products that engages with the consumers on an on-going basis.

Our focus points

Desi-foreign blend – The products are tweaked with a mix of global and local flavors and ingredients to meet the evolving Indian palate, thereby giving us Indians the experience in a form we can get comfortable with

Versatile – Our relishes can be used on many dishes, in almost any food combination you can think of. Instead of offering one particular condiment for a specific type of dish, our products represent food for all occasions. The products have been designed keeping the diverse range of consumer tastes in mind. (Aloo-Gobi with some Peri Peri flavoured Butter, anyone?)

Accessibility – Our products blend common ingredients with otherwise gourmet seeming ingredients and makes a premium offering accessible to an average middle class Indian.

Have you ever heard of mutton pickle, if not then give it a try and enjoy.,just have a look-

Mutton Pickle:)

 My Views

As the taste and flvour of any dish depands upon the masala or spices we use, so we can even make a simple dish to a scrumptious dish. These products  are very much compatible with Indian foods. You can add a new flavour or taste in your all daily routine dishes. So,  for me its a total power combo pack of adding taste in Indian cuisine. So go ahead without thinking it  twice👍.


Veg Products Range –

199-299 INR


249-299 INR


600-1250 INR

Lovely Gift Pack

Contact details-

For seeing their variety of products, just click-

Their products are also available on AMAZON. 

Contact to me through –

For any suggestions, queries or collaboration mail me at-

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