Sabudana Nimki Recipe With Video

Hi guys,

How have you all been?  Now here in India, everyone is busy for the preprations of Diwali. Some of my friends are busy in making sweets and namkeens at home, isn’t it?  So, I thought  of posting a really different nimki from the usual one. The best part of preparing this nimki is ,no one has taste  this type of nimki  so when you serve this one to your guests then the first question will be, how you prepare this nimki??  You can’t get it from market so a unique type of nimki recipe is for you.

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Sabudana-1 cup

Maida/Refined flour- 2 cups

Salt- as per taste

Red chilli powder- 1 tbs/as per taste

Ajwain/carom- 2 tsp

Water for soaking sabudana-3/4cup

Oil-  For frying


1.  Wash and soak sabudana in a bowl with 3/4 cup of water for 3-4 hours.

2. Now crush it in a mixer grinder by adding little water.

Don’t use more water, no need to make a smooth paste just crush it.

3.  Take a large bowl and put all ingredients along with sabudana. No need to put oil in it. Knead well, use water if required.  Dough will be hard just like puri dough. So be careful while kneading dough.

4. Take a kadahi and pour oil for frying. Now make a ball . Roll ball thinly into a circle. Now cut with a round sharp edge object as sharp lid of any box or by a sharp edge small bowl. Now prick all with a fork or knife.

5. When oil get medium hot, place nimkis in the kadahi. Fry on low-medium flame untill they get golden brown color. Take out the fried nimkis in a plate. Fry oil with the same method.

Your crispy, tasty nimkis are ready to serve. 

P. S. – Always fry nimkis on low flame otherwise they remain uncooked.

 I used small size of sabudana for making nimki.

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