Home Remedy for Allergies and Skin Problems 

Hi guys,

How are you all?  Hope you all are fine. Have you ever suffered or are suffering from skin problems or allergies. I think most of us have faced this problem . If you are fed up of doing everything to treat your problems and get no relief or don’t want to take more allopathic medicines then you all should try to use this medicine which is totally fully proved and has no side effects .This one is shared by my sister-in-law and I really love it because by taking this I am fully fit. Anyone who has no health issues they can  also try to use this without any doubt because it will keep you away from many diseases automatically. 


Neem leaves-  50 gm

Raw turmeric – 50 gm

Amla powder- 50 gm

Black pepper powder-50 gm


1.   First of all take neem leaves. After washing it keep aside. Take Raw turmeric/ kacchi haldi ,peel off its skin , wash it and cut into small pieces.  Grind both neem leaves and turmeric by adding some water in a mixer grinder. Make a smooth fine paste. Keep aside. Don’t use more water only try to add water which is sufficient for making it a smooth paste. 

2. Then add Amla powder and black pepper powder and mix well.

3.   Now make small balls as shown below in the pic. just like gems or small tablet. Keep it in the sun to dry for 2-3 days. After that keep them in a glass bottle and daily take one ball early in the morning without eating any other thing. 

If you are not willing to do so much task of making this medicine then there is also an alternative too:mrgreen:.  You can take all ingredients in powder form and mix all. Then take 1tbs daily. Wow:)I think its quite easy for those who don’t find neem leaves and raw turmeric. 

P. S. – All pictures and views are mine .

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