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Hi guys, 

How are you all?  Hope you all are doing well!  Today I am going to review beanstalk & leaves, a amazing  product of filter coffee.  I think maximum number of people are those who can’t wake-up without taking tea or coffee😁, isn’t it?  There day starts only after charging themselves  by tea or coffee. I am not a tea addict but I really love to drink coffee. The taste of this filter coffee is really different. 

They have  three varients of filter coffee:  Valvet Dew,  Shotgun and Smooth Operator.  But I am going to review Valvet Dew and Shotgun.  Both are awesome but Shotgun really suits me much better as I don’t like strong aroma but Valvet Dew is now favourite of my hubby as he likes strong aroma of coffee. So,  I think they launch all varients by studying a lot of the taste of people. For making filter coffee you need a percolator as seen in the picture-

Now, let’s see what their website says about their product with my views.

Two hot shots on a run to take over the world! 

And for that we needed lots of coffee (and Tea) but there was a problem. We didn’t know where the coffee was coming from and so our first mission was to look for the source, and so we headed into the jungle, looking for coffee plants whilst fighting tigers. Yes fighting tigers ! After months of fighting it out, we finally came upon something called a ‘coffee estate.

The people who were running these ‘estates’ were really nice and the coffee they offered us was exquisite. After a lot of thinking and a change of heart, we decided instead to get into e-commerce and deliver to the world this elixir of goodness.



Premium Blended Coffee Powder

Wakes you up with a bang only to make you the most efficient sentinel being who has achieved hundred percent efficiency.Basically what we are saying is that you get stuff done.

 Price and Quantity –

INR 335 for 250g

 MY VIEWS- As the decoction of shotgun is not so strong, it really suits me well. I really like the aroma. It’s great!  So just go ahead with this blend without giving any second thought! 


Product discription

Premium Blended Coffee

This blend is engineered to bring out the best in you and makes the world a better place to live in. Helps in putting your angry neighbours, girlfriends and your ex-girlfriend in a good mood.

Contents: Coffee Powder & Chicory 


INR 355 for 250g

MY VIEWS- As the decoction of valvetdew is strong so It’s the favourite of my hubby. So its a good product. I had also taste their third varient, smooth operator.Its aroma is also very good and the favourite of my daughter. So you can go ahead with their products without thinking twice. 

My younger daughter persisted me to serve this amazing coffee in her toy tea set. Just see-

PACKAGING – it comes in a resealable packet which is very convenient to use. You can keep your this packet in your fridge also. Whenever you need just take it out and after using it, keep inside the fridge. You don’t need to change in any container. So, a big thumbsup to them👍!

I always works late at night so its a perfect drink-

Just visit their website :

http://beanstalknleaves. com/

You can also purchase their product by Amazon- Beanstalk&Leaves

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