Galaji Green Pasta Sauce Review with Recipe

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are doing well! Today Italian food is gaining more popularity after Chinese food. Pasta, which is synonymous with this cuisine,has also become a meal time favourite in Indian homes. Today , I am going to review Galaji Green Pasta Sauce Masala, which I had received a few days back.

Coming on, this product is manufactured and packed by UNNATI  FOOD PRODUCTS, VADODARA, GUJARAT. It has also fssai mark on it. So, no need to worry about its quality:)! Its packaging is also good. As I had received many products from this brand, no package is even bend or torn from any corner. You can see its packaging in the above pic.


Skimmed milk powder,Corn flour,Green chilli,Spinach,Sugar,Cheese powder,Coriander leaves,Salt,Spices,Herbs &Condiments(All in dry powder form)


INR 80/- for 50g



Customer Care No. –

+919978936524, 9723736524


There products are also available on Amazon. You can get this product by clicking the link given below-


You can also get there products from their marketing distributor, contact through-


I have been making pasta as my daughters love it. There is no need to add anything else. You just have to add spinach puree to make it more nutritious and colourful. As every child doesn’t want to eat spinach but  if you add it in puree form, then they will eat it as the texture really changed to look it  sooo colourful😍. It can be prepared under 20-25 minutes and make a great snack for kids or a weekend brunch for a family. It is little bit more spicy, if your kids don’t eat spicy then you can do some variation as I added lemon juice. You just have to open the pasta masala,mix with water and keep it boil for 5 minutes. Then it will be ready to mix in pasta. Its a easy way to make nutritious and something different from usual pasta. So, for me its a nice product for kids but be careful as its a little bit more spicy. If you like spicy then its a great spice or masala for pasta.


There are around 500 types of pasta available that can be served in different sauces to make up myraid dishes. Today I am going to prepare pasta with FUSILLI pasta. This is long, thick,corkscrew-shaped pasta or, ideally speaking,spiral pasta that is normally used in casseroles and salads.


Spinach/Palak- 100g

Pasta- 1 cup

Water- 4 cups

Salt- as per taste

Galaji masala- 1.5tsp


1. Take a pan, boil pasta in water , after boiling drain off to a colander & rinse in cold water.

2. Now after washing  spinach boil it in a little bit of water and after cooling , make the paste in grinder.Side by side take galaji masala and mix it in 1/2 cup of water and keep it on gas burner to boil it only for 4-5 minutes.

3. Now in a pan , if you want to add onion then you can fry it in some oil. Mix pasta,spinach puree,galaji masala and salt in it. Mix well .

Now its ready to serve.

I also served green pasta with normal one. It gives a new look, sooo colourful and unique.

Enjoy and please give your valuable views as they means a lot to me:)

P.S.- This post is sponsored but all views are mine. This is an honest review. All pictures are mine and photographed by me.

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