Kavisha’s Usal Misal Review with Recipe

Hi guys,Coming with a famous mouthwatering popular Mumbai street food. Yes, its none other than Misal Pav. It is a common Maharashrian famous dish. Today I am going to review Kavisha’s Usal Misal. Moving on, this product is packed and manufactured by AAGMAN AGRO FOODS, BORIVALI ,MUMBAI.


It is mixture of many pulses as you can see above.

Masala Ingredients- Turmeric,Coriander, Cumin seeds,Blackpepper,Chilli,Clove,Cardamom,Taj-Edible oil,etc.


INR 32/- For 200g


CustomerCare- +919821986698

Email- aagmanagrofoods@gmail.com

Visit them- http://www.kavishagrocery.com

You can also contact their marketing distributor through


    My Views-

     As I spend my childhood in Sonepat,Haryana and married in Kolkata, Usal Misal is not so popular in these regions. But I first tasted it in my friend’s home ,when I was in college. It is something different from usual punjabi and bengali dishes. It is a nutritious dish as some used sprouts Moths,which is healthy. The pack which I received has  a mix of puluses as rajma,chhola,beans, gota moong daal ,black gram etc. All of these are mixed in a unique quantity to make it something different and more nutritious. You have no need to mix all these seperately. It is a ready made pack of all mixed pulses. You just have to open and cook. The quality of pulses is good . So for me its a good product ๐Ÿ‘as you do not have to make labour of mixing so many pulses. 

    Method of making usal- misal-

    This usal- misal is a healthy dish which can be had as breakfast, snack or as a brunch.It is delicious and wholesome meal. For kids also It is a full nutritious diet. I promise you that you cann’t forget the flavour and taste of this Maharashtrian cuisine. I used coconut along with spices, which gives it a coastal taste and flavour. 


    Usal-Misal- 1 cup

    Onion- 2 medium sized

    Red chilli- 1 tsp or as per taste

    Turmeric- 1tsp

    Garam masala- 1/2tsp

    Dessicated coconut- 1/2 cup

    Fennel seeds- 1 tsp

    Tomotoes- 2 medium sized

    Coriander leaves- 1/4 cup(chopped)

    Salt- as per taste


    1. First wash and soak usal for 2 hours. Pressure cook till they are cooked . It generally takes 10-15 minutes. 

    2. Take a kadahi, pour oil or ghee,add sliced onion and fry untill become translucent. Add fennel&coriander seeds to the onion and fry till their aroma starts to spread. Add ginger-garlic &fry for 1-2 minutes. 

    3. Add coconut and mix well ,fry the coconut till brown. Turn off the gas and after cooling ,make a paste in the grinder.

    4. In another pan, heat the 2tbs oil. Add onion and paste. Just fry for 1-2 minutes. Add Turmeric & red chilli poeder. Add coconut paste ,salt and simmer for 15 minutes. 

    Now just serve the delicious usal-misal with pav and lemon slices.I served it with burger bread as I couldn’t get pav bread due to short supply of bread๐Ÿ˜ฃ!

    I also served it with rice. You can also try to serve with roti /Indian flatbread. Believe me it goes very well with rice  and roti also.

    P.S.- This is an honest review of the product. All views are mine and all pictures are photographed by me. 

    I reviewed four products of aagmanfood . Hope you all would like it.

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