Kavisha’s Popcorn Review with Recipe

Hi Guys, 

How are you all? Hope you all are doing well! Today I am going to review a product which is everyone’s favourite :)Yes, Its  Popcorn ! It is rightly said that Popcorn is the treat that cann’t be beat😍! So, you can also prepare it when you are willing to fresh anyone’s mood. 


Moving on, If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I had received a few samples of AAGMAN AGRO FOODS. Popcorn is one of them. I had received two samples of popcorn, SALTY POPCORN AND CHEESE POPCORN . Both are the favourites of everyone. Kavisha’s salty popcorn and Kavisha’s cheese popcorn are manufactured and packed by AAGMAN AGRO FOODS, Borivali, Mumbai. You don’t have to worry about its quality as It has  fssai mark on it. 



Dry corn and Masala ingredients are Iodized salt and turmeric powder.

Dry corn and Masala ingredients are milk powder, cheese powder, maitodextorse,sugar,salt,black salt,desxtirse,white pepper,ajwain,chilli powder,kashmiri,capsicum, added cheese flavour etc.


INR 40 of 150gm.


INR 50 of 150gm.

Contact details- 

Email id – aagmanagrofoods@gmail.com         http://www.kavishagrocery.com                  Customer Care Cell- + 91 9821986698.                                           For their products you can also contact their distributor through- 


My views- 

As I had already used many brands of popcorn, but this one is different as It comes in a hard bound cardbord box which is easy to open and corn inside it is in a plastic packet in which you can also find salt. While making it you just have to add oil. I am also going to share its method of preparation. So ,no need to worry:'(! Its easy to make and is liked by all. Its not only a movie interval passtime:mrgreen: , but also a great pocket pinch😬,when you buy it while seeing a movie. Only then you can realize that what is the importance of popcorn because no movie can be completed without  purchasing popcorn for your kids:)!As compared to that its very cheap.These can also be microwaved. But I prefer to make it in pressure cooker. 

Method of preparation-

As you all know that popcorn is a type of corn from the kernel and puffs up when heated. The only problem of making it is that not only do you want as many kernels as possible to pop,but you also want to keep the kernels from burning at the bottom of the cooker/pan. So here’s the exact procedure of making popcorn-
Cooking time- 10 minutes.                Ingredients-                                            Oil- 3tbs.                                                   Corn- 1/3 cup.                                           Butter-1 tbs.                                           Salt- as given&as per taste.                 Method-                                                   Heat the oil in a cooker on medium high heat.                                                   First you have to put only 2-3 popcorn kernel into the oil.   Put salt in it.  When they starting pop then add the rest ones ,all in an  even layer. Corn should not be put over each other.Cover it and remove the cooker from heat for only 1/2 minutes.                           

 After that,return the cooker to the same heat. This method equalize the heat so that your corn pop at about the same time.                              Soon, popcorn begin popping at all once,gently shake the cooker by moving it back and forth over the burner.                                                          Within 2-3 minutes your corns are ready to serve.                                          

P.S.- If you add salt to the oil in the cooker before popping then the salt will be well distributed throughout the popcorn.                                              For buttery flavour add 1tbs of melted butter over the popcorn at last while making and mixed well.  

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